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  1. Light armor has the obvious advantage of being lighter so you can carry more, I would go for it if you're the sneaky and/or long-range type of adventurer. There's so much loot in this game, and I believe light armor is less noisy when doing sneak attempts. If you're very up-close and personal, maybe it'd be an issue using light over heavy, but it's really up to you, I mean you will improve either the light or heavy armor skill, whichever one you choose to focus on. Also check which perks you can get for each, maybe you'll find one to have more advantages that suit your playstyle. You could also combine light and heavy, I guess, but you would level each skill slower then. I don't think you can ask followers to equip specific weapon types, it seems like they just equip the best melee weapon or bow that you give them, depending on the situation.
  2. Let's see... can't do this by month as I haven't kept track, but I think I can remember pretty much everything I've finished in 2011 Super Mario World Super Mario Bros. 3 Master of Orion 2 Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction and Crack in Time Resistance Killzone 2 Uncharted Uncharted 2 Bioshock 2 Assassin's Creed 2 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Dead Space Mass Effect 2 Zork: Grand Inquisitor Super Street Fighter IV Afterburner Climax Super Stardust HD Bastion Portal 2 Deathsmiles Halo 3 Halo Reach Fallout 3 Bulletstorm Modern Warfare 2 Red Dead Redemption Gemini Rue A big improvement over last year where I managed to finish a whopping two games (SMG2 and Uncharted 2 - now that was a lot easier to keep track of). Games that I've almost finished (at the final boss/level or close to it), and have kind of abandoned, but might return to: Vanquish, Dead Nation, Little Big Planet 2, MGS4, Gabriel Knight, Under a Killing Moon Games that I'm still playing and will almost certainly finish: Skyrim, Deus Ex HR, Outland and Renegade Ops The game I'll never finish because I'm fucking useless: Radiant Silvergun
  3. Can't wait till they show off the PS4, and another Riiiiiiiiiidge Racer!
  4. Game of the Year Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Never been a fan of the series before, but I am now. The first 50 hours or so are the best I've had with a game in years, and 110+ hours into it I still want to see every last detail of this amazing world, including any hilarious bugs. The many random things and events that you stumble upon make for an extremely engaging, player-focused experience that feels like it just happens by chance - rather than by design - as you go along, no matter which way you go. And to think that it is possible to make such natural-looking environments in such an expansive game, it makes any exploration effort worth your while: there is always the beautiful view of the scenery to be found. Just don't stand there looking for too long or a Frost Troll will eat you! Portal 2 - What can I say, it easily lives up to the first one with masterful writing and puzzle design once again, now elaborated upon in even more intricately designed areas where you really have to think outside the box. One of Valve's very best games, and that's no small feat. It also gets the award for best ending in 2011. Bastion - I was hooked on it from beginning till end, all thanks to the wonderful narration which elevates this gorgeous action RPG to something quite special indeed, a real standout in a genre that I love. And let's not forget the fantastic music, that one song in particular. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - It certainly lives up to the original, despite some frustrations that I've had with it. It succeeds at doing what the original did so well: giving you a multitude of options in both level design and tools at your disposal, which makes for a dynamic, always engaging gameplay experience based around your choices. Bulletstorm - Not much to say other than: "Dicktit!" Most Wanted Game of 2012 The Last Guardian - If it's even released next year Journey - Beautiful, but will it play as well as it looks? Monaco - Hitman meets Gauntlet with 4 player co-op? Yes please! Bioshock Infinite - I love me some Bioshock, and the change of setting seems to make for some interesting gameplay-changes. Mass Effect 3 - Can't wait to continue my glorious space adventures with Shepard, and see how my actions from ME2 carry over. Hall of Shame Hackers - All of them, those fucking cunts. Microsoft - For putting the blame on the many users that have been hacked, rather than acknowledge there is a security issue on their end, and also for that terrible dashboard update. Sony - Mainly for taking so fucking long to let people know the PSN had been hacked. Duke Nukem Forever - Sorry to remind you of this travesty. Bethesda - For releasing such a shoddy PS3 version of Skyrim, and for having the nerve to say that it runs on a new engine when it really doesn't. Best PC Game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Portal 2 Bastion Deus Ex: Human Revolution Bulletstorm Best PS3 Game Mass Effect 2 - Not released on PS3 until this year, and it was my first time playing it. Wonderful, wonderful game. Portal 2 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Bulletstorm Little Big Planet 2 - I could not get into the whole creation aspect, but I thought the story mode was very creative and fun. There's a few really good user-made levels out there as well, in a sea of horrible ones. Best Xbox 360 Game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Portal 2 Bastion Deus Ex: Human Revolution Bulletstorm Best Download-only Game Bastion Renegade Ops - Lots and lots of explosive fun. Not sure if putting time limits on the main objectives was a good idea, but the game rocks nonetheless, particularly in the co-op mode. As close as you can get to a modern day Desert Strike - with one million times the explosions. Jamestown - An excellent shmup that has an easy to understand combo system and is structured nicely by forcing you to up the difficulty gradually as you replay the missions to progress further. The game also sports the most awesome style and setting (a 17th century British colony on Mars, of all places) of any game in 2011. Outland - Another exceedingly well-produced game from Housemarque, perhaps not as open as you'd expect from a Metroid-style game, but it certainly offers a nice challenge with the Ikaruga-style damage system, not to mention some gorgeous visuals. Gemini Rue - A well-made, very atmospheric little adventure game reminiscent of Beneath a Steel Sky. There's a 'message' to be found at the end, but it is awkwardly forced upon you and is really quite banal, which taints what is otherwise a decent story-line. With that said, it just felt great to play a proper adventure game in 2011 that looked like a classic straight out of the mid-nineties.
  5. It reminds me a lot of Return Fire and Desert/Jungle Strike. With a million times the explosions. Just so much fun
  6. Lol, I got that one too, although there were only one clone of him. Stumbled upon a similar bug around Winterhold when I came across a horse halfway buried like poor Louis, although it was its rear end sticking out of the ground instead. I noticed it looked suspiciously like the rear end of my own horse, which I was riding at the very same time. Seems like there is some cloning business going on in Skyrim
  7. My Hall of Shame vote will go to those fucking HACKERS! That's the only category I'm sure of
  8. I'm worse though, I'm sure. Backloggery.com tells me I've got 100 uncompleted games and I think I've only added about 1/4 of the games I own. So yeah, should probably not have to buy any new games in 2012, but who am I kidding
  9. The three games that I have high hopes for currently are: The Last Guardian. Because it's a Team Ico game. Let's see if it's even released next year, though. Journey from the Flower developers, an absolutely stunning-looking game. No idea how it plays exactly, probably very much about exploration ... we'll see:) And Monaco on the PC, which sounds like a top-down version of Hitman with 4 player co-op. I think this might be the real indie standout of 2012.
  10. Yeah. Just as I had bought 2100 points in anticipation of some great deals on arcade games, turns out we might just get some stupid DLC that I've no interest in Ah well I'll just save it for another time, unless a hacker uses my points first.
  11. I find this to be plenty frustrating on the medium setting tbh, especially some of the hacking. Why do we have to have hacking 'mini games' in everything, I fucking hate it. I don't remember the original Deus Ex having such an elaborately designed piece of shit hacking system, but it's been a while since I played it. Anyway, this game is great otherwise, really enjoying it. Smacking people in the face is the best part.
  12. This interview at least gives me some confidence that they're getting their inspiration from the right game in the series: I have not played this remake myself yet, but I played through the first few levels of the original version a couple of months ago, and it was still as much fun as I remember. I hope these 343 guys can really pull off a similar kind of 'under-designed' FPS
  13. Wow, Bastion has really surprised me with how great it is. I thought it was going to be some kind of artsy wank, but it's just a very simple and hugely enjoyable hacking and slashing game with terrific narration, not to mention it is one of the most gorgeous downloadable game I've seen. Top stuff
  14. What? Is it not 1200 points normally?
  15. Yeah, that's pretty much what I was going to post. So my most anticipated games to play in 2012 are probably Dark Souls and Batman Arkham City (And Last Guardian, if it's released.)
  16. Oooh I got to have Renegade Ops and maybe Bastion. Where's the cheapest place for instantly-delievered points right now
  17. Hmmm. I guess I will try and pick this perk again and see if I can figure out doing what you guys are suggesting
  18. I didn't like the slow-mo perk, really. It just made the zooming in animation so slow, which wasn't ideal for me as I use it all the time, not just for firing arrows, but also when checking out what's in the distance. Sure, it can be hard hitting moving targets sometimes (especially dragons), but with practice also comes the great satisfaction of feeling like an expert marksman.
  19. The more powerful version only goes for some of the shouts doesn't it? - i.e. the upgradeable ones like unrelenting force.
  20. Sequel to Ninja Cop for XBLA and PSN will be announced by Konami. Everyone will love it, it sells in the millions and wins every game of the year award without exception. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action will be the best strategy game of the year. Only a minority of old fans will complain about everything that's not exactly the same as the original. Bethesda will announce Fallout 4, to be released in 2013, co-developed by Obsidian who does the script-writing while Bethesda does the world-building. Valve announces Hat Support for Counter-Strike: Source. Many hardcore fans die from having a seizure during the announcement, others become suicide bombers plotting to get into Valve headquarters. Reggie quits his job after the Wii U launch.
  21. I assume 1.3 on the consoles is similar to the PC patch, in regards to what gameplay-related issues it fixes. It seems to be a very minor patch, mainly just to fix what was wrong with 1.2.
  22. Well according to this it's been submitted but still awaiting approval from MS and Sony.
  23. How hard is Radiant Silvergun compared to Ikaruga? I don't think I ever got further than the second, or was it the third, level in that game on the gamecube. I will check out Bangai-O as I loved the DS game.
  24. Creep up behind someone and attack while staying hidden (though power attacks don't seem to work for this). You can get a special killing animation if it's a one-hit kill (be sure to have some of those sneaking perks for extra backstab damage).
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