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    Everything on my wishlist is on sale, and pretty much everything else that is remotely interesting to me. It's more than I have time for really, I'll have to try to be picky
  2. Total: 83,88€ Wow, I have completely forgot to keep track of this though it seemed like such a good idea at the start of the year. But I have ended up breaking my own promise of not buying games I never play (from GOG, again). I will try to round up everything I've bought since: Xbox 360 S 250 GB - 200€ 2100 MS points - 21€ Skyrim - 50€ 2 Halos - 24€ Crackdown - 8.5€ Banjo Kazooie's Nuts and Bolts - 9.3€ Deathsmiles Deluxe - 10.2€ Total for Xbox: 323€ For PS3: Deus Ex 3 - 18€ Mass Effect 2 - 13,5€ Dirt 2 - 10€ Red Faction Guerilla - 7€ Little Big Planet 2 - 27€ MGS4 - 10€ Valkyria Chronicles - 17€ Vanquish - 17€ Super Street Fighter IV - 17€ Total for PS3: 136.5€ PC: HOMM2 - 4.5€ Rollercoaster Tycoon - 4.5€ Blood - 2.2€ Caesar 3 - 3€ Lords of the Realm 1+2 - 2.2€ Gabriel Knight 1 - 2.2€ Gabriel Knight 2 - 2.2€ The Longest Journey - 3€ The Witcher Enhanced Edition - 3.7€ Zork: Grand Inquisitor - 2.7€ Riven - 2.2€ Tex Murphy Under a Killing Moon - 3.7€ Tex Murphy The Pandora Directive - 3.7€ Humble Bundle 3 - 9€ Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle - 3.7€ Humble Voxatron Bundle - 4.5€ Indie Royale Bundle - 5€ (I think - can't find my email receipt) Total for PC: 63.8€ Total for everything: 607.18€ ~ £521.5 Conclusion: Start clearing some of that backlog before whipping out your credit card again.
  3. I really wish there were a 'call horse' command or something similiar. Often I find myself getting off if I need to sneak up on someone or just scout a bit ahead to see if it's safe. Then sometimes when I run back to my horse, it has fled and I need to look for it. Plus, a satchel on the horse to stash loot.
  4. Anyone know if there's an ETA on patch 1.3?
  5. Having a warrior-type with me in dungeons completely messed up my stealth attempts. It was a sad day when he died because he was one of the only khajiit I'd met, but it made the dungeons/caves more fun again. I like to succesfully sneak up on enemies and stab them in their backs, or (as dood suggests) lure them away with an arrow. What I have found a follower to be useful for, so far, is when you're riding around in the wilderness it can get a bit annoying if you have to get off the horse for every encounter with a pack of wolves etc. The follower can take care of those.
  6. I have only had 1 freeze that required a system restart so far after 95 hours (on a fairly new 360), but what I have experienced consistently is that there are more short freezes (like 1-2 seconds) and a bit more framerate issues in general than in the beginning. Does clearing your cache remove the patch? I'm still on 1.1 and don't want to update to 1.2.
  7. There's at least one thing I like about the update: They didn't change it back to this. The dashboard that made me allergic to the colour green.
  8. This is probably it. I don't like the whole thing. They took a perfectly fine dashboard and marketplace where I could get to where I wanted in seconds and made it more cumbersome like the PS3 one. Not that it doesn't work for what it's supposed to do, it's just more fiddly.
  9. drkbfhmmr


    GOG is giving away Empire Earth Gold for free on Monday, and there's a big christmas sale starting at the same time. Nice way to get people to visit your site during a sale I hope that includes the Crusader games. Always wanted to play those! Also,there's a Witcher 2 sale tomorrow (40 % off, bundled with the first one).
  10. Is Clash of Heroes a basic HD upgrade of the DS game or is it expanded upon in any way? Just asking cause I already played it on DS.
  11. Please tell me more about this. I always assumed poison was just for applying to your weapons. Does it work a bit like putting a grenade in someone's pocket in Fallout 3? (I don't expect anything to explode, of course.) If so, I think I'm going to start using that pickpocket skill a lot more
  12. Ah, that makes sense. I guess I could start using two-handed weapons at some point, or something like pickpocket, it's still only in the 20's. Or the different kinds of magic that's not destruction and restoration. Have barely used those. I'm glad to hear the cap is so high - that's a hell of a lot of perks to choose from still.
  13. I do think I have a pretty broad range of skill usage. My sneak is at around 85 I think, but I don't think I have any other that is above 60 yet. I've got a lot in the 40-60 range. Like you I have also used some skills a lot that I didn't expect to at first, like enchanting and alchemy. So if I understand you correctly, 50 is the level cap, but you can continue to level each skill to 100 after you reach it. In that case I'm in no hurry with the leveling, as I want the game to continue to give me choices (i.e. perks) for as long as possible. I think I might get bored with my character when he reaches the cap.
  14. How do you people level so fast? I've played around 95 hours now with my argonian assassin-type and he's only level 31. Maybe I spend too much time just looking at the scenery.
  15. I think there are more important things to do when developing a game of this size, like deciding what kind of cheese to put in there.
  16. Went to kill a bandit leader on the far west side of Riften yesterday, but when I got to his camp, no one was there. Then I heard someone yelling not too far away, I zoomed in with my bow and saw some fellow running around on the grassy hill nearby. Well who might that be, I wondered ... then someone (not me) hit him in the face with an arrow and the 'Completed: Kill the bandit leader' notification popped up. I then went to properly thank the imperial soldiers who had done all the hard work for me robbed me of the pleasure of killing another low-life scum by stabbing them all to death
  17. I met him outside of Riften, he was a mercenary protecting a group of Khajit traders, I believe. He had a misc quest, and after completing it he offered to join me. I forget his name, but I'll check in a minute. Edit: It's this guy: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Kharjo
  18. Ah ok, thanks for that information. Now I'm off to check if my stuff is still to be found in those chests, and move it to my house One thing that annoys me greatly about chests/other containers is that you can't sort the items in there by category. So you have to scroll through such a long fucking list to see if you've stored that particular kind of potion or whatever you're looking for.
  19. The first horse I had got itself killed almost immediately during a tough fight against bandits. It did save my life in that fight, though, so it was worth it. Second one just mysteriously vanished after I did a quest that involved stealing a horse (that I didn't keep afterwards, though, so I don't see why my own horse vanished). Now on my third horse and I hope it doesn't just suddenly get dragon-swiped or something, because I really enjoy riding around with my khajit companion trying to keep up while I enjoy the scenery. But I agree it's kind of a bummer you can't at least shoot arrows from horseback. My companion can whack low-level beasts easily, but I have to get off for tougher encounters. Breaks the flow. You should at the very least be able to name it and feed it with carrots.
  20. But why not just store stuff everywhere else for free - it won't ever disappear, will it? I did buy a house in Whiterun, but prior to that I just chucked a lot of items into a drawer at the companions, then later I did the same at the mage college and the thieves guild. Doesn't seem like there is any benefit to storing it at your house as opposed to these places, but please correct me if I'm wrong.
  21. What I've started doing is simply say no when random people ask you to deliver some shitty sword to the other part of the map. Also saves inventory space. (I hate that you can't remove quest items, really annoying.)
  22. Damn, such a shame about this 1.2 patch. I guess I'm lucky I didn't turn on the Xbox before checking the internet, didn't even know the patch would be here today. I guess I will play it offline from now, until we have a verified, not-gamebreaking patch.
  23. Hmmm. I aleady have it on PC and the old Xbox. Do I need it again? Is this HD release not basically like the PC version, or did it not support widescreen originally?
  24. What the heck, that sounds like one of the worst bugs (if it's a bug and doesn't return to normal).
  25. Have played 75+ hours and only now do I realize that you can zoom the camera in and out in third-person mode They did make it a bit tricky, though, having you hold down the right stick while zooming with the left.
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