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  1. When I saw the first river in this game, I just jumped in and catched all the fish bare-handed. No need for a mini game I do agree, though, that with this amazing game world, it's hard not to want even more stuff to do there. But let's just wait for the mods, shall we.
  2. Not sure if there's been a link to this yet, but I will post it anyway: Is Skyrim Teaching Your Children How to Perform “Rim Jobs” and Other Homo Erotic Sex Maneuvers? Here's some quotes:
  3. Odd thing happened today. I had slain a dragon near the river outside of Windhelm. When I later returned, its skeleton was floating around in the water near the other side of the river. I can't help but imagine that those stupid guards had nothing better to do and just decided to drag it off the road
  4. Lydia died fairly early on for me because she was somehow stuck in a trap with fire coming out of the walls. She just stood there being flamed to death (took ages before she was finally done for, though). I haven't hired a new companion since. I think for a sneaky type like me, it's best to work alone:)
  5. Played over 50 hours of this and it still seems like I've barely started exploring the massive world. Only been to two of the big cities (first Whiterun, then suddenly ended up in Markath). It seems no matter where I decide to go, there's always so many new locations to discover along the way. Often I just stop completely and stare at the beautiful scenery for a while. And even when I have the option to use it, I most often decide to not use the fast travel because the journey from place to place is what I enjoy the most in this game. Even if it is the same route I've taken before, if I veer slightly off it, chances are I will discover something new. Now I'm standing outside of Windhelm, wondering if there's not about fifty new quests awaiting inside. I think this game is gonna last me a good while yet
  6. Ohhh Pinball FX2 packs just as I was wondering when they'd be on sale!
  7. Seems like mammoths don't like water: I accidently angered two of them, or maybe it was my companion, and they pursued us a while until I jumped into a small pond, turned around to see where they were and then realized that they just couldn't get to where I was. It's ridiculous because the water was only knee-deep, but I managed to take down both of those bastards with probably around fifty arrows
  8. I highly recommend this one, it has an absolutely awesome game mode where you play football with planes and a ball that is basically the sticky bomb from TF2 (except it doesn't explode). Trying to get close enough to the enemy goal to take a shot while being pursued by the entire enemy team and every missile they can fire at you never got old for me. I played it quite obsessively last year racking up something like 40 hours, it may well be my favourite online game on PC actually.
  9. January sale coming up on PSN from 19th January till 2nd February. http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2011/01/17/heads-up-game-store-update-scee-january-sale-2011/
  10. Do you use heavy armour? Because I noticed that the set of heavy armour I picked up in the tower of Latria, level 1, made me noticably slower (I started the game with the wizard outfit, the royal dude with the magic arrow and rare ring) and I think it said somewhere in the description that it made by stamina regenerate slower. In any case, it seemed too cumbersome, so I just stick to the assassin outfit I found in the same level. Being able to dodge and get your stamina back quickly seems more important than defense stats to me. Btw that level was scary as hell, and frankly the one that comes after it even moreso, and it's bastard hard as well (it didn't help that my +5 scimitar broke ). I might have to take Kevvy Metal's advice and do the first level in every place first.
  11. Check out Pixeljunk Shooter, it's even awesomer than Joe Danger (but really short) and there's a demo.
  12. Yes, but from what I've read it seems they have ditched classes (meaning every skill helps level up your character rather than just the ones that apply to the specific class), and they've added perks in the style of Fallout 3 instead.
  13. Bought way too many cheap, never played Steam and GOG games last year (but at least they were cheap). 2011 will be different, I promise! January: Pixeljunk Shooter (PSN) 3,99€ Fat Princess (PSN) 4,99€ Fallout 3 (PS3) 13€ Dead Space (PS3) 7,9€ Bioshock 2 (PS3) 12,7€ February: Just Cause 2 (PS3) 16€ March: Super Stardust HD Complete (PSN)10€ Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3)6,8€ Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction (PS3)8,5€ Total: 83,88€
  14. drkbfhmmr


    Much more RPG'ing than action. Loads of dialogue to read, it's really what the game is all about, and I'm pretty sure you I've got most of my XP in the game through dialogue options. It is not boring to read, though, as it is probably the most well-written game I'ver ever played.
  15. Is the co-op in this any good, and how exactly does it work? Do DK and Diddy handle differently? Is it better/worse than New SMB?
  16. What's so bad about it? I got the stuff I wanted beforehand (Meat Boy and Amnesia), and the rest I already had from last year's sale and all those weekend deals. Plus, there's still a couple of days left.
  17. Joe Danger is also half price in the current sale, and the demo is pretty lengthy and gives a good impression of all the different types of levels in the game.
  18. Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Uncharted 2. I'm pretty sure that's it :/ I did almost finish Fallout (the first), but lost my save when I had to reformat. I'll finish Planescape Torment any day now, though. Any day!
  19. Yep, "Hitman with dolls" was exactly what I was thinking when I saw the walkthrough (apart from "when can I buy this?").
  20. Tank Battles is a quite fun twin-stick shooter with multiplayer, and for the current price you can't really go wrong. more people should buy it because most of the time I can find not a single server online
  21. It looks pretty awesome! Edit: whoops, shoulda been in the wiiware thread
  22. Contra Rebirth coming to WiiWare! And out on JAP WiiWare next week already, according to that news article. Edit: too slow.
  23. I just got past that boss you mentioned (assuming it's the one who breaks the cage you're in). Beat him first time, seemed pretty straightforward: wait for him to charge, sprint away, hit the fucker a couple of times with the club. But at the next chapter I am really really stuck, because, yes, the combat seems kinda broken. For me it's the lock-on system that just doesn't work properly: if I want to switch from lock-on back to free-look, it often just switches to another target, and in this particular fight the enemies are just overwhelming me too fast, cornering me, before I can face the right direction and sprint into a more advantageous position. I hope it gets better, but so far I've just found it increasingly annoying the more I've played (less than an hour!), much like Dark Messiah of Might & Magic. Except that was a better game, probably.
  24. Couldn't find it at the airport myself until I stumbled upon this map.
  25. What's this about driving assistance? I've played for an hour or so but haven't noticed anything of the sort.
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