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  1. What's this about driving assistance? I've played for an hour or so but haven't noticed anything of the sort.
  2. Yay! It's by Wayforward. Can't wait to see it in motion.
  3. They're handing out beta keys right now at eurogamer if anyone wants in.
  4. Best NDS Game Chrono Trigger Bangai-O Spirits Space Invaders Extreme Best PC Game Left 4 Dead World of Goo Best Wii Game Super Smash Bros. Brawl Mario Kart Wii Toki Tori Best Online Experience Left 4 Dead Mario Kart Wii Best Indie Game World of Goo Audiosurf Trials 2 Best Developer 2D Boy Hall of Shame Wii christmas line-up Most Wanted Game Of 2009 Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2 Starcraft II Wii Sports Resort Best Overall Game of the Year Left 4 Dead Chrono Trigger Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  5. Ninja Cop 2, a new 2D Metroid (or Metroid 2 remake) and a new Mario platformer.
  6. This Castlevania is fucking hard. That or I'm just getting too old and slow.
  7. I love this game, even moreso now that the US version is out and I've gotten into creating my own levels. It has to be one of the best level editors I've seen. So easy and fast to create ultimate carnage. It's odd that I didn't really like it much when I first played, but it has slowly become one of my all-time favourites.
  8. I used to buy lots of games at full price at launch, but it just pissed me off to much to see the price drop so quickly aftewards. So now I only buy ninty 1st party games at full price as they rarely seem to get much cheaper.
  9. Spoilers next time please. Although it doesn't matter, actually. I doubt I'm ever going to go back and finish episode 1 anyway (I think I've probably only played it for two hours, but it seemed like ten), and episode 2 will just stay on my harddrive forever, completely unplayed. A shame, because I loved the original back in 2004.
  10. This is pretty damn fun so far. Not played the first, but this is the first time ever I can say I'm really enjoying a rhythm game. Is it made by the WarioWare guys? It's got a similar style and feel to it.
  11. I'm no expert at these games, but the beginner mode seems pretty easy in this, certainly easier than Metal Slug 3 which was the last I played in the series. You even start with the heavy machine gun instead of the pistol. And Bangai-O Spirits! With those three, it really has been a great year for sidescrolling action on the DS.
  12. Another one here who's never played a Guitar Hero. Mainly due to the price, really. The Diablo III announcement also made me realize I've never played any of those either, oddly, as I was very much into PC RPGs when II was released. And Rez and Nights due to not owning a Sega console since the MegaDrive.
  13. I'll be there. And I'll add you.
  14. Just had my first online matches today against randoms, was insanely laggy. I hope it's not like that all the time. But anyway, I'm itching to fight some rllmukers. My code is: 2793-2183-2835 I'll write a list of the most the recent posters and add you folks later today. If you can add me back, that'd be great: mats: 3265-6516-7603 velos: 2406-6588-7669 neom: 3136 8032 9338 McSpeed: 1762-4117-2771 Straps: 5412-9648-3881 Redsquirrel: 3609 2567 5180 Saif: 2191-7389-2917 Scratch: 0774-4031-3256 GGSolid: 1375-8642-6331
  15. System requirements?
  16. It always seems to take a while before you can see people on your list, even if they added you. I've also added you btw.
  17. Very surprising news this, considering Wario Land's handheld history. I hope this is a sign that more 2D games will make their way to the Wii (new Metroid please).
  18. Is the teaser up anywhere else? My browser doesn't seem to like Gamevideos.
  19. He uses a mushroom to avoid it after dropping his banana skins, actually (check the info box).
  20. Yes, I'm loving it. The music and the graphics are Played it for almost four hours straight today. Can't remember the last time I spent that much time with a puzzle game. I know they're quite different, but I reckon this is better than LostWinds. I'm at the last world now, and the game just keeps throwing new stuff at you while consistently ramping up the challenge. The last couple of levels have seemed pretty much impossible at first, but then for each restart I got a little further, and finally figuring it all out was incredibly satisfying. No other game makes me feel as smart as this. And I haven't even touched the hard levels yet.
  21. That's exactly it, the sedated feel of the game reminds me so much of Knytt, while the controls feel like a cross between Okami and DS Kirby. Played two hours so far, enjoying it a lot. Some would say it's too easy, but I would say it's not too hard. Just a very relaxing game to play. I never get stuck, and it's always satisfying solving a puzzle/navigating the environment with a new ability. It's the only Wii Ware game I've got so far. I've also considered buying Toki Tori after reading Wii Ware World's review, they described it as a mix of Lemmings and Lost Vikings. Has anyone here played it yet?
  22. Is this a compilation of all the PC episodes?
  23. Have to admit I gave up using the wheel pretty quickly (2% usage all in all by now), always ended up losing by a spectacular margin in online races. Haven't had a go at the competition yet, not sure if I dare
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