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  1. Really enjoying this now after I started experimenting more with mixing the different weapons. It's much more fun (and easier) when you don't have to rely on reflecting and batting bullets back at enemies.
  2. LostWinds got a pretty glowing 9/10 review at Eurogamer. Definitely getting that the 20th. I read somewhere that there'll be a new game released on WiiWare every week. That must mean there's a shitload of games in the works right now that we've never heard of, right? Can't wait to see what original stuff the indie devs can come up with. I'm sick of seeing PS2 ports at full price. Maybe someone will make use of the reversed wiimote/sensors motion tracking.
  3. Completely agree about the Mother Brain fight being shit, but the stealth section was pulled off much better than I was expecting. Also, finally getting your über-powered suit back in the end and kicking the shit out of all those space pirates was a fantastic way to end the game. Probably still my favourite Metroid, this.
  4. drkbfhmmr

    Boom Blox!

    Will be getting this soonish, doesn't look that exciting from videos, but a couple of glowing reviews + this thread have persuaded me. Is it possible to download/upload user-created levels, though?
  5. Finally, someone who agrees with me. I don't think the combat is that bad. Just a bit fiddly. It's the style of the game that I can't stand. The music is absolutely terrible.
  6. Each stage is like a puzzle where you figure out the best way to eradicate and dodge shitloads of enemies/bullets/rockets coming your way. Sometimes the action takes place in small, open spaces meaning the battle is over within seconds, other times you spend several minutes traveling through maze-like stages (there's one inspired by pac-man, for example). It seems crucial that you select the right weapons before each stage. Which is probably why I'm not having much succes with the japanese version, as I have absolutely no clue what I've chosen until the stage has started. That, and it would probably have helped me had I played the original. So far I'm only able to survive using a baseball bat for smahing projectiles back towards enemies in addition to a shield-like thing. The lightsaber seems more fun, though, but ultimately I'm just defenseless/too rubbish to not die instantly without that bat. I don't like it that much yet, but (partly from reading the EG review) I'm getting the feeling it could be amazing once you get really good at it.
  7. Gametrailers have put up their top 10 Mario Kart tracks: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/33542.html Can't really agree with them at all. Way too many N64 tracks.
  8. OK, the online mode is completely fucked now. I joined a worldwide race a couple of minutes ago, managed to get a win, and then, during the second lap of the second race, the race just ended abruptly, and I was declared winner while in 6th place!
  9. I'm pretty sure you can't see friends who've added you until you've been online at the same time.
  10. So does that twilight hack also work if I updated my wii recently?
  11. drkbfhmmr


    When will open beta begin? I want to play it
  12. Agreed. I wish there were more GBA tracks. Bowser Castle 3 is just great. My favourite track in MK Wii, I reckon.
  13. Once I got hit by a blue shell seconds before the finish while I was in 3rd. The two ahead of me had crossed the line.
  14. Anyone playing tonight? Feel free to add me
  15. Added b00dles, Carly, supermonkey and oli, so I have everyone in here on my friends list, I think. I'm so damn Kasual I haven't even played Mario Kart (or any other game) all week. I'll be online tonight though.
  16. I've added all of you. Code in sig. See you around for some Kasual Karting!
  17. I love ninjas. Will have to try this out. Still yearning for a Ninja Cop 2 on the DS.
  18. Aren't there two DK Mountain tracks? The new one with all the annoying snow and the one from Double Dash, which I really like. I must say that it baffles me a bit why they chose Yoshi Falls, Desert Hills, Peach Gardens and Delfino Square from the DS version. They are good tracks (except for Yoshi Falls, perhaps), but some others with lots of jumps like Wario Stadium and Cheep Cheep Beach were much better suited for the tricks.
  19. Added the bottom 29 from the list + ilpostino. Add me if you want: 4554-0211-1974
  20. It looks quite enchanting. Seems to play a bit like the DS Kirby.
  21. What really impresses me about this is that the action is still as fast and fluid as in the Xbox original. On the other hand, the combat system feels very limited in comparison, and all those prerendered backgrounds are so familiar it makes me wonder if they're screenshots taken from NG, and most of the enemies and bosses are the same, but much easier to kill. Despite all the recycling, though, I do like it quite a lot. Certainly the best stylus-controlled game since Zelda.
  22. The hidden ones are the best. I wish there had been more of those and less annoying purple coin collecting.
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