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  1. About to leave Skytown. The bosses have been so utterly unexciting and sometimes a bit longwinded. Generally, I think the game is really lacking something. Can't quite put my finger on it, but I just feel like I'm doing what the game wants me to, rather than getting the sense of exploration I'd expect from a Metroid game.
  2. Not the worst game ever, but it's pretty fucking terrible.
  3. So, when exactly does the story get good? I just finished chapter 9 thinking it's been pretty terrible so far. Too much like Fire Emblem, maybe worse. Good thing the game is otherwise so damn near flawless.
  4. I think you're right. But then again, I'd rather have five great games that are completely different rather than twenty great FPS'es that all look/play almost the same.
  5. Just wait till you get to the Dreadnaught purple coins.
  6. Why do I get 20 lives from mail toad when playing as Luigi rather than the 5 I got first time through?
  7. Let's see... CV: Portrait of Ruin SMW (umpteenth playthrough) RE4 (third) Okami Super Mario Sunshine Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Devil May Cry 3 Ninja Gaiden Viewtiful Joe Ninja Cop Phantom Hourglass Portal Contra 4 Super Mario Galaxy
  8. This. I also want a Ninja Cop sequel for the DS.
  9. Just got 120 myself. Luigi's purple coins is not that hard, really.
  10. A NES with Super Mario Bros. Or maybe SMB3. Can't remember if that was a christmas present.
  11. Feels great, doesn't it? I bought 3 new games in 2007 (Okami, Orange Box, Mario Galaxy) and didn't even go nuts in the bargain bins like I used to.
  12. Now at 110 stars, I think the challenge later in the game is largely artificial, specifically with the time limits and purple coins. I never enjoyed collecting the 8 red coins in Mario 64 and Sunshine. It was not challenging or fun getting them, just frustrating if you happened to fall to your death before getting the last. But at least it was just 8. Why they had to make it 100 now is beyond me. Other than that, best game ever.
  13. I only use it to continually jump on Luigi.
  14. Do you think there's any chance the original will appear on virtual console?
  15. I got Super Mario Galaxy and a Wii this monday. First game I've bought in about two months. Looks like it'll be at least another two months before I buy a game 'cause it's so good that everything else will seem too rubbish, I reckon.
  16. Is it possible to break the order of star collecting as in Mario 64, or are you restricted to find the one you choose before each level like in Sunshine?
  17. Metal Slug 7 is on its way for the DS. http://ds.ign.com/articles/821/821984p1.html
  18. This is just so damn fun. And hard. After hundreds of deaths, I completed the city stage earlier today with a "You'll never see the ending on easy mode!". Currently unable to get any further than stage 2 on normal. Damn those falling boulders =(
  19. Resident Evil 4 (GC) Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) Metroid Prime (GC) Metroid Zero Mission (GBA) Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (GC) Halo (Xbox) Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat (GC) Okami (PS2) Metal Gear Solid 3: Subistence (PS2) Deus Ex (PC)
  20. Amazing. Seeing Mario in that bee suit brings back fond memories of discovering the frog suit and other hilarious power-ups in SMB3. I really hope they delay it to make sure it's the best game ever.
  21. 1. Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES/GBA) 2. Super Mario World (SNES/GBA) 3. Resident Evil 4 (GCN/PS2) 4. Civilization II (PC) 5. Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) 6. Metroid Zero Mission (GBA) 7. Metroid Prime (GCN) 8. Halo (Xbox) 9. Pirates! (Amiga) 10. Outlaws (PC)
  22. Great news, if true. Minish Cap was released here months earlier as well IIRC.
  23. I only played Subsistence, but found the beginning pretty boring as well. It gets a lot better once you get the AK47.
  24. I didn't really like Metroid prime the first time I played it. I remember being massively frustrated as I was killed over and over again by Thardus. It wasn't until earlier this year, after completing Twilight Princess, that I decided to go back and start over. I had completely forgotten just how atmospheric the game is. The music, the architecture, the way you gradually piece together parts of Chozo Lore, the feeling of you being there alone - save for the smaller lifeforms crawling/flying around - while still knowing that a motherfucking huge boss is waiting for you around a corner somewhere. The puzzles seemed so intuitive and satisfying to solve (unlike every single Zelda game, I never had to go to gamefaqs) and the morph ball used to much better effect here than it ever was in Super Metroid. In fact, I think I prefer Prime to Super Metroid. I don't know why I had so much trouble beating Thardus the first time around as he went down pretty quickly, and I beat the other bosses as well in my first or second attempt. Well, except I just reached the final boss couple of weeks ago, died a heroic death and haven't gone back yet because of Okami. I also need to play the sequel which is still in wrapping.
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