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  1. I wish Nintendo would announce New Super Mario World for the DS. 'Cause I miss that yellow cape ;(
  2. Heroes games are just their DQ spinoffs, I think. There are two that I know of so far: Dragon Quest Heroes: Monster Joker and Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. Also, let's not forget the adorable .
  3. Considering they brought their other DQ spinoff (Rocket Slime) to the US, I don't see why this would be any differnt. There's some footage of the game here
  4. I think it's a Pokémon-style game where you collect monsters.
  5. Great news. Turnbased strategy games are so well-suited for handhelds.
  6. Gameplay have shipped my GC copy
  7. I can't say I've played a lot of great new games this year. Only SotC, We <3 Katamari and New SMB spring to mind, but the latter two were slightly disappointhing in the end. I haven't played Twilight princess yet (waiting for the GC release).
  8. I hope action-oriented doesn't mean real-time combat though.
  9. This is very odd, as I'm currently playing DQVIII and was just thinking yesterday, after spending 2 hours clearing a dungeon, how nice it'd be to have the game on a handheld 'cause it'd probably be much more enjoyable with a sleep mode.
  10. There's also that Chocobo game coming. Dunno if it's an RPG.
  11. drkbfhmmr

    Far Cry

    I usually found the best tactic to just snipe the enemy from afar when outside, then run away, go prone near a bush or something and wait for them to come to you. It's pretty hard regardless, though. And impossible towards the end.
  12. I've never bought a console at launch and the wii is no exception. I guess I might've been tempted if TP had been an exclusive, though. As it is I'm probably not getting one until Mario Galaxy is out.
  13. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow deserves another mention. Best game on the system by a country mile IMO.
  14. I've never paid them anything and had no problem getting a key. Their newsletter also said the beta's open to all users now.
  15. You can get a key from Fileplanet here.
  16. Excellent stuff. The best bit was when
  17. I've just read that 1UP review and have absolutely no clue why he gave it a 10/10. Maybe he should've spent less time describing all the negative stuff.
  18. Me too. There are no other launch games for the Wii that I'd even consider buying the console for, so why bother when it's out for the 'Cube as well. It's the same game so we get to see and do* the same stuff. *yeah, the input is different, but Link's actions aren't.
  19. Seriously? I might make this my next DS purchase seeing as Phantom Hourglass is apparently not out until next year (according to Play-asia at least).
  20. Doing it early 2007 seems more sensible to me as well. I doubt I'll have finished Twilight Princess before the end of the year.
  21. This is very true. I used to be a Nintendo fanboy, then Amiga and PC fanboy. Looking back on all the crap I bought and played instead of the classics I dismissed because they were on the 'wrong' platform makes me sad.
  22. Just noticed this is coming out in the UK October 13th at the amazingly low RRP of £15. And Play is doing it for £10. If it doesn't sell truckloads at that price, I'll be very sad indeed.
  23. VG+ say September 19th. Edit: no, October 2nd actually. I was looking at the wrong game page.
  24. No way! To me, scores like these indicate a pretty shit taste in games:
  25. I'm definitely getting Contact, Cardfigthers Clash DS, Portrait of Ruin, Twilight Princess and Phantaom Hourglass (unless it's being delayed, as rumoured). Maybe Medieval 2: Total War, Company of Heroes, MGS3: Substance and the new Splinter Cell, as well. Edit: and anything for the Wii that turns out to be amazing. Probably not Red Steel.
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