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  1. Just stumbled across some gameplay vids. Not the best quality, but it looks sweet nonetheless
  2. It looks great. I'm just worried if there's room for all their beatiful FMV sequences on such a tiny cartridge.
  3. I don't see Starfox in that list. Has it been delayed?
  4. If this is another Jedi Knight sequel developed by Raven, it'll definitely be shit.
  5. WarioWare, GTA, Katamari or Monkey Ball.
  6. I've had this game since launch but didn't complete it until a couple of weeks ago when I finally decided to slog through the somewhat dull first half of the game. Then it suddenly became AMAZING for a while, then a bit boring again and ended with what I thought was a pretty shitty I thought the twist halfway through the game was great and it was more fun and less predictable afterwards, but it could've benefitted a lot from having less bounties to collect before getting to the good parts.
  7. What about Beneath a Steel Sky. Great cyberpunk adventure, and it's even freeware by now. http://www.revolution.co.uk/_display.php?id=16
  8. Glad to see this coming for a handheld. The freeware version for PC is quite fun.
  9. Anyone know if there's a PC demo coming soon?
  10. I've been using that blue shell a bit after finishing the game. It seems you're invincible when standing still and ducking or sliding across the ground. So far I've only found one secret exit that it was needed for, though. Same with the mega shroom. Overall I think they did the same mistake as with SMB3 and went with too many new powerups that ends up being horribly underutilised.
  11. I agree. I find OoT to be a bit overrated. I never bothered to complete the game despite having owned it since launch and having started over from scratch several times. There are some fantastic moments in there (sneaking into the castle, acquiring the Master Sword, and of course riding Epona on Hyrule Field for the first time ) but also some really shit bits such as the forest in the beginning and a couple of tedious dungeons later on that kept me from going on (but at least I made it past the water temple). I actually never played Majora's Mask afterwards. Should probably get around to it.
  12. drkbfhmmr


    Thanks for the link, didn't know about this.
  13. Lego Star Wars, Metal Slug 3, Street Fighter Anniversary Collection and Soul Calibur II have provided me with the bestest offline multiplayer fun on the Xbox. Oh, and Halo.
  14. Just read this rather interesting preview, which gives away some info about the plot. Personally I'm quite disappointed if this is really the direction they're taking the game.
  15. I usually only play turn-based strategy, but holy shit, this game looks incredible. The scale is amazing - much, much more going on than the small skirmishes in your typical RTS, and the battles seem so dynamic. I just hope it'll run on my ageing rig.
  16. Right now I only want the Wii version because the fishing looks so much fun with the remote. I think I'll be more comfortable playing the rest of the game with the GC pad, so I hope they put the option in there for different control methods.
  17. Project H.A.M.M.E.R Ugly smash 'em up featuring hordes of identical robots, it would seem.
  18. Looks like the HL2 Garry's mod turned into a collecting game. Could be fun, I guess.
  19. Definitely Super Mario Galaxy as the game of the show for me. I'm still a little worried it'll let me down like Sunshine, but for now the Nintendo fanboy inside me screams "Mario FTW!!!" when seeing him run and jump around in space. Was also impressed with what I've seen of Lost Planet, Dead Rising and most importantly Spore (you got to check out this vid of Robin Williams playing it). There were many other games unveiled that I'm very excited about, but haven't actually seen any footage of from the show floor, including Yoshi's Island 2 and Hotel Dusk.
  20. It matters a great deal to me. After playing WInd Waker, it annoyed me that I couldn't control the camera manually in Ocarina of Time. I might go for the GC version if the Wii one offers no proper alternative.
  21. But shurely in the GC version you can use the c-stick to pan the camera around. How would you do that in the Wii version?
  22. This looks so much fun. Like a modern version of Zombies ate my Neighbours
  23. I remember an article about the 360 in a local newspaper where they referred to it as "Nintendo's new Xbox 360".
  24. There's one thing I'm worried about regarding the Wii version: how are you supposed to control the camera while moving around?
  25. It sounds like fun. But I wish it goes multiplatform so I won't have to sell my mum to be able to play it. It actually seems odd to me that Ubisoft are suddenly doing TWO new-gen exclusives (this and Red Steel) when they usually release their games for every single platform.
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