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  1. It matters a great deal to me. After playing WInd Waker, it annoyed me that I couldn't control the camera manually in Ocarina of Time. I might go for the GC version if the Wii one offers no proper alternative.
  2. But shurely in the GC version you can use the c-stick to pan the camera around. How would you do that in the Wii version?
  3. This looks so much fun. Like a modern version of Zombies ate my Neighbours
  4. I remember an article about the 360 in a local newspaper where they referred to it as "Nintendo's new Xbox 360".
  5. There's one thing I'm worried about regarding the Wii version: how are you supposed to control the camera while moving around?
  6. It sounds like fun. But I wish it goes multiplatform so I won't have to sell my mum to be able to play it. It actually seems odd to me that Ubisoft are suddenly doing TWO new-gen exclusives (this and Red Steel) when they usually release their games for every single platform.
  7. This is now confirmed as a launch title: http://www.gamesarefun.com/news.php?newsid=6423 With this and Twilight Princess, could it be the best launch ever?
  8. Did you miss these? Pokémon® Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Sept. 18, 2006 Pokémon® Ranger Q4 2006 edit: plenty of screens, info and trailers for upcoming DS games here: http://e3src.nintendo.com/
  9. All of these shall be mine before the end of the year. I hope I get the time to play them all
  10. It looks absolutely spectacular. I just hope that Mario being in space means there won't be any Bottomless Pits of Death. It's the only thing I really hate about platformers.
  11. A new trailer is up now on IGN as well: http://media.ds.ign.com/media/774/774649/vids_1.html The boomerang looks fun.
  12. Jesus fucking christ, that has to be the most boring pre-E3 conference ever.
  13. God of War, definitely. I was disappointed by the other games mentioned, except Project Zero II but it's so fucking creepy that I'm afraid to even play it.
  14. It looks like one of those Diablo clones for PC. Dungeon Something.
  15. I'm really happy about Ubi making this coz stabbing people from behind is definitely the most fun you can have with a knife/dagger, and there aren't enough games around allowing you to do so. I'd love to do that stabbing motion with the wiimote.
  16. It's not because it's a Mario game, though. He is obviously Nintendo's biggest sell-out with all his crappy party and sports games. So of course we're all glad that they're finally releasing a new game where Mario gets to do what he does better than anyone else: 2D platforming.
  17. What's this Brave Story game? Looks like an adventure game judging from the screens.
  18. Well, it's a sequel to SMB/SMW, so I can't say I was expecting (or hoping) it to play any different than a traditional Mario platformer. To be honest, I'm glad they haven't shoehorned some pointless stylus-controls in there just for the sake of it like Konami did with the otherwise brilliant Dawn of Sorrow. AFAIK, they've put all the stylus-based minigames from Mario 64 DS in there as extras, though.
  19. Oh no. Those screens make it look even more bland than BS3. I bet there'll be plenty of stealth to ruin the game once again
  20. Woah, first-person melee combat that actually looks like it could be fun. And the physics! It's not confirmed for Wii though, is it?
  21. Fallout 3. I know we're probably getting Bethesda's FPS version of it at some point, but all I wanted was a Fallout game from Black Isle (R.I.P.).
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