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  1. This is just what I've seen this morning: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Crime Magacasgar Harry Poter and the Gobelt of Fire
  2. Eurogamer review is up
  3. Yup, absolutely terrible. The preview makes the game sound promising though.
  4. Holy shit, it looks like the most amazing thing ever. It's going to be three painful weeks of waiting. Should probably finish Mario World again in the meantime.
  5. I think it would be nice if they made Kratos a bit more acrobatic in the sequel. I always wanted to do wall-jumps in GoW.
  6. Like other people in this thread, I played it mostly for the exploration. Surely one of the most beatiful and expansive game worlds ever. I was very disappointed with the limitations in character customisation, however, and as mentioned the quests were horrible.
  7. Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island for all your platforming needs.
  8. Is this a budget title in the UK and Europe like Sniper Elite? I just read that it'll retail at $30 in the US. Gameplay says RRP is £40, while Play says £30. confused.gif
  9. So the whip returns yet again. Now, if they'd just use it for something else than just combat - like swinging across gaps, Super Castlevania IV-style - I'll be very happy indeed.
  10. drkbfhmmr


    It was called Amerzone. http://www.mobygames.com/search/quick?q=am...&p=-1&search=Go
  11. Good to hear some positive impressions! One thing I'm curious about, how's the enemy AI compared to Sniper ELite?
  12. drkbfhmmr


    It looks amazing. I just hope it has better puzzles than Syberia. In any case, it'll most definitely be nice to play a traditional, slow-paced point and clicker instead of the QTE and stealth-infested crap we've been seeing lately.
  13. First review scores are in. Play Magazine: 6/10 Gamereactor (Scandinavian mag): 3/10
  14. Telling people they're dead inside is hardly the best way to discuss, is it?
  15. Those 'dead inside' comments that sometimes occur on these boards are really aggravating. Can't you just accept that some people don't like your favourite game?
  16. I don't like Ouendan either. I'm sure the spinning disc sections are responsible for that curved scratch on my touch screen.
  17. I bought this a while ago as well. Haven't got past episode 4 yet as I got stuck and haven't bothered playing it since. It's my first game in the series and I've really enjoyed the stealth and platforming when playing as Sly. However, I don't like playing as other characters. It feels very restrictive when you can no longer grab onto pipes etc. like Sly can. I don't see the need for all those minigames and rubbish boss fights either. I might pick up the first or second game in the series, though, if there's less filler and more stealth and platforming to them (?).
  18. drkbfhmmr


    Apparently it has now been reviewed in Famitsu and received a 39/40 score.
  19. Sounds pretty much like the first one then.
  20. Took me over 20 hours to complete, I think. The last case goes on for a while. And yes, you can press a button instead of using the mic.
  21. Project Rub/Feel the Magic was originally called I Would Die For You in Japan.
  22. Really? No borders or what?
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