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  1. I couldn't beat the last boss either. Don't think I had enough mushrooms
  2. I agree that Julius mode rux, but with no proper healing I'm really having trouble beating some of the bosses. Am I just weak?
  3. I'm worried about the multiplayer being hyped so much as well. If the single player is not up to scratch, I will definitely not be buying it.
  4. Currently have Cube, PS2, Xbox and DS. Planning on getting a Dreamcast at some point and a Revolution once it's out. And maybe a PSP.
  5. drkbfhmmr


    Boss battles need to be short or at least not require you to repeat the same attack pattern over and over again. Otherwise I tend to hate them.
  6. drkbfhmmr

    The Ds

    I use it mostly in the evening, before going to bed. I sleep a lot better after some zombie-slashing in DoS or a quick blast of Meteos. A bit too bulky to carry around in the pocket, unfortunately.
  7. Sorry, this is not my own idea, but there's a new MMORPG out there that tries to do away with traditional MMORPG hacking and slashing, focusing entirely on politics, crafting, maintenance, science and such, while still maintaining a focus unlike something like Second Life. The idea is that you're all on an enclosed human colony in space, trying to survive and deal with the dangers from the planet outside. It's things such as diseases, though, as there's no combat at all in the game. Anyway, the beta is starting feb 1st, and there's still time to sign up here. Really looking forward to it myself.
  8. Will there be splitscreen co-op?
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