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  1. RIP Miiverse. Bit of info for some of the affected games from the Miiverse discontinuation FAQ:
  2. It'll be a glorious day when the textures are done for all chapters. What they've achieved so far is amazing and puts Capcom's own updated textures to shame.
  3. That's an incredible trailer. For whatever reason I'd assumed the game was stuck in development hell, so it's great to see it's coming out so soon, and it's looking way more polished than last time I saw it. Had a look at the developer's youtube channel and found a trailer for a level that looks like it could be great fun, and something a bit different from your typical Mario esque level (reminded me more of something that could've been in Psychonauts).
  4. The Capcom Rising bundle seems pretty good. $1 DmC Devil May Cry Strider Umbrella Corps BTA (currently $6.44) Dead Rising 2 Off the Record Resident Evil HD Resident Evil 0 HD Resident Evil 6 Umbrella Corps DLC $12 Dead Rising 2 Dead Rising 3 I've got spare codes for Strider and DmC if anyone wants one of these?
  5. Bought the full season and played through all of the main + bonus missions and one elusive contract. I absolutely love the game but going through the list of previous elusive targets, it's sad to see so many unique targets I'll never get to take down. The one I finished was certainly more interesting than the escalation contracts. I get the point of it is to raise the tension by giving you just one shot, which I'm fine with, but the time limited availability of each is just a shame really.
  6. Sounds like it might be the latter if Variety's source is to be believed:
  7. Ah, so only the tutorial part then.Still, nice to get to try it out, for whatever reason I skipped it last year despite loving Blood Money and having replayed that game over and over again.
  8. IO made the first episode tutorial area of Hitman 2016 free today on all platforms (it's supposed to be on the steam store now though there appears to be an issue currently where the download option doesn't show). The Denuvo DRM was apparently removed from the PC version as well.
  9. drkbfhmmr


    They were fairly quick when addressing the damage being tied to framerate issue, beta patch is up
  10. Wasn't even interested at all in Hydro Thunder and Guwange before this sale, but bought them after seeing the recommendations here. Both have surpassed my expectations thus far - Hydro Thunder in particular is just a ridiculously fun arcade game. Got Shadows of the Damned, Splosion Man and de Blob 2 to play as well. Feels like a minor renaissance for my 360, which had hardly been used at all for the last few years prior to this
  11. Just a heads up, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is free on steam for a limited time. Just click Install on the store page (don't have to actually install it) and it's yours forever.
  12. There's Maldita Castilla, one of the best freeware platformers available and very similar to Ghouls n Goblins as well. There's also a paid version of the game on Steam that expands on the freeware version.
  13. If nothing else Dropshot looks visually vey cool. In general I'm very impressed with the work they've done adding new stuff to the game, especially considering it's free. The rumble mode is a bit crap, but I'm a big fan of the hoops mode. I play it probably 90% of the time and it's what makes the game truly exceptional for me.
  14. I was thinking the same thing so I'll definitely be trying out Splatoon (just ordered it today), Mario Maker and MK8 sooner rather than later. Even if the servers stay up longer than the Wii servers did (iirc they were forced to close them prematurely because the Gamespy service shut down and they couldn't patch in another online infrastructre), I imagine a lot of players are probably going to migrate from the Wii U to the Switch versions of Splatoon and MK8 when they come out.
  15. Oh man, I love picking up a console late in its life and just cherry picking the best games. I hadn't paid much attention to games like Splatoon, DKC Tropical Freeze and Wonderful 101, but they all look brilliant, and then there are the big hits of course like SMW3D, Mario Maker, MK8 and Bayonetta 2. I think I'll just ignore the rest of the 2017 releases and play all these games I missed before picking up a Switch with SM Odyssey sometime next year perhaps.
  16. I just bought one today preowned to play Zelda BOTW, but got New SMB U and Nintendoland with it as well. Didn't even try Zelda yet as I'm afraid I'll get sucked into it and spend the the whole night playing, but had a quick go at New SMB to make sure the bluray drive wasn't broken, and there's one thing I was wondering: Is it possible at all to turn off the gamepad screen while playing or get it to display something else than the exact same I'm seeing on the TV screen. I find it a little distracting when playing on the TV as I can't help but notice the gamepad screen most of the time.
  17. 8 bit NES (only system I owned) 16 bit/32 bit Amiga 1200 with no hdd (oh god the disk swapping... still loved it though) PC (most used overall... eventually with a voodoo 3d gfx card! holy shit this was the real gamechanger) No bits Xbox (probably the most used here due to multiplatform titles, but this was the first time in my life I could afford buying all the big games and consoles that came out, so I played a fuckton of stuff on each system) PC Gamecube Nintendo DS Gameboy Micro PS2 Last gen PC (most used overall no doubt... I didn't own a lot of games for each of the consoles, whereas this was when I started amassing a massive steam library) Wii PS3 Xbox 360 This gen Just a PC so far Edit: and now a Wiii U for those sweet Nintendo games
  18. drkbfhmmr


    Eschalon: Book 1 is free on GOG right now. https://www.gog.com/game/eschalon_book_i
  19. Reviews are up on some of the big sites now Eurogamer - recommended RPS - recommended PC Gamer - 89/100 PCGamesN - 9/10 Sixthaxis - 5/10 - says console version is broken So tempting to start this today, it sounds like the kind of game I had hoped for, but I want to finish Tyranny first.
  20. Also you can turn the question marks off on the map, problem solved
  21. What I did was just play a few AI matches first to try out each character.
  22. Heh, sounds like the same problems I've had: I keep thinking about it when I'm not playing it - though for me loading times were improved and became tolerable after I lowered the textures from ultra to high.
  23. Played a bit more yesterday and am starting to see why people say it's more difficult than the previous ones. Enemy AI seems quite aggressive on the strategy map. I hold six settlements as the dwarves but only have two armies (one full, one with 12/20), whereas the greenskins wiped out my neighbouring ally completely and seem to have at least ten settlements and constantly surround me atm with 4-5 big armies! Would train another Lord but don't really have the income to support anything but a really tiny extra army right now. Anyway, it's a good game, and I like that's it's more challenging than I'm used to with the series, and has a bit of a learning curve. I think I might have been too slow to conquer territory early on, so I guess maybe I'll start over as I can't really defend properly atm.
  24. That's true. I was looking at the building browser and can get the building to get Gyrocopters soon.
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