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  1. Picked up in the humble bundle as well. It's great. I haven't played a Total War game since Shogun 2 but don't feel it ever really clicked with me. Last one I was properly hooked on was the original Medieval TW! I'm playing as the Dwarves as well - it's really cool how different they seem to be compared to the other faction (Greenskins) I've encountered so far. At first it seemed to me the Dwarves were overpowered since I was crushing the Greenskins fairly easily in the early battles, but then I realized I couldn't recruit any cavalry, or spearmen for that matter!? So Greenskins might be easy to break due to their low morale but I lost a battle recently because their cavalry just completely surrounded me, and I didn't have any units fast enough to hunt down their archers. So battles seem a bit more tactical than Shogun where I couldn't really tell the difference between faction units and always used similar tactics. Also it does not seem the game has naval battles? Which is good because I thought those were pretty tedious. Liking the strategic map stuff as well, seems a bit stripped down with less tedious micromanaging. Less armies is a good thing too - each battle matters more - and it's fun how the Dwarves have a big book to keep note of every grudge against other factions. Looking forward to trying the other factions and see how they play out. I know basically nothing about Warhammer and haven't read much about this game so it's full of fun little details I didn't see coming.
  2. I'm generally rubbish/mediocre at games and don't put much of an effort into them - with FPS and RTS games in particular it just seems like I can't react fast enough, so knowing the maps, mechanics etc. better than others doesn't necessarily help me much. I guess the game I'm best at currently is Rocket League Hoops mode. I'm not a particularly good player at the standard modes but for some reason the hoops mode just clicked with me after a while, and at this point I frequently find myself dominating matches (though I'm sure that has more to do with a lot of (otherwise good) players just not playing that mode very often, hence getting their asses kicked by the more experienced hoops players). My biggest gaming achievement in recent years though was just simply finishing Spelunky - one of the hardest games I ever got through.
  3. I'd recommend getting both or you're missing out on some of the best story content the game has to offer. Hearts of Stone is superb!
  4. Game of the Year 1. Rocket League "Someone made a game about playing football with cars, and I thought that game looked pretty silly - something I'd try for a few hours perhaps, and then never touch again. But after playing it for 300 hours or so, I think it might actually be the best game I have ever played. It's wonderfully simple to grasp how to play, but the skill ceiling is endlessly high. Normally that would put me off completely, but in Rocket League's case, failing is often as fun as succeeding, and as you learn from your mistakes, you see yourself slowly becoming better, and eventually you are pulling off stuff you once marveled at when other players did it. Simply put, the game never fails to entertain and amaze me, not least because I often surprise myself in terms of what I am able to do, but also because I can always laugh at myself when I fuck up. Rocket League is the game I've played and enjoyed far more than any other in 2016, and an easy pick as my GOTY." 2. DOOM "The only thing wrong with this game is that it's not called DOOM 4. I couldn't have imagined a better sequel to my favourite 90s FPS games. The gameplay is fast and furious and forces you to be on the move constantly, the weapons are amazing (the Super Shotgun being the best one, of course), the enemies are varied and move around the environment constantly to pursue you, the level design is great, the secrets are fun to find, and overall this is just an utterly superb singleplayer campaign from id software who should once again be considered the masters of the genre." 3. Titanfall 2 "I can't recall having played a better paced campaign since... the first Portal, maybe? The game is short, for sure, but not a minute is wasted. There's some great ideas and gameplay gimmicks in here that other games would have built their entire campaigns around, but Titanfall 2 confidently catapults you from one exciting scenario to the next before repetition sets in. The multiplayer is great, too - it's nice to have a properly fast-paced multiplayer FPS with wall-running and mechs. My only real complaint here is the completely unnecessary grind that seems to make it into pretty much every multiplayer FPS." 4. Stardew Valley "I always liked the concept of both Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, but could never get into them as I felt they either put too much pressure on you to do certain things within a time limit (in the case of Harvest Moon) or had too much aimless wandering and not enough goals to work towards (in the case of Animal Crossing - which also had that thing where time in-game passes in realtime... fucking awful idea if you ask me). Though it is obviously more inspired by Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley feels like the perfect middle ground between these two: There's loads to do, but you're never put under pressure to do one specific thing. I cannot think of a more pleasant, relaxing game to play. It's the perfect antidote when you get stressed out by the more challenging or competitive games out there." 5. The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine "CD Projekt Red brings back the classic expansion pack that actually, you know, expands significantly on the main game rather than the barebones DLC packs that are predominant today. Blood and Wine might not bring much new to the table in terms of mechanics, but Touissant is a wonderful - and massive - new area to explore, and in terms of quests and content in general, the expansion is basically of the same high standard you'd expect after playing the main game and Hearts of Stone." 6. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided "This might have a pretty disjointed structure if you follow the main story (which I found confusing and boring), and it has some of the most unlikeable characters of any game in recent memory. But the level design is absolutely stellar. Prague certainly surpasses the hub worlds in Human Revolution with its intricate design, filled with hidden routes and ways to get around that you'd easily miss if you don't explore the environment, and some pretty great side missions. The individual levels in the main story are of a generally high quality, too, and on the whole I'd say this is the Deus Ex game I've enjoyed the most since the original." 7. Tyranny "I'm not actually far enough into Tyranny to properly evaluate it, but what I have played is promising enough that I'm putting it in my top 10. I really like the premise of being a kind of fantasy version of Judge Dredd who works for an evil cunt that has taken over the world. The idea has been executed quite well with the focus being on choices that affect your reputation with characters and factions who each have their unique world views and perspectives on how you should do your job, rather than generic good/evil/neutral choices. The game might lack the exploration of larger areas that Pillars of Eternity had, but on the other hand, this allows for a more focused game that gets you to the best bits fairly quickly without a lot of downtime in between. Looking forward to playing it some more." 8. Total War: Warhammer "This is one of my favourite strategy games of the last few years, which is quite a bit of a surprise to me since I know virtually nothing about Warhammer, had little interest in playing the game, and always thought the various historical periods that each Total War was based on was a big part of the appeal of these games. But the Warhammer setting proves to be one of the best things to happen to the series: The difference between factions is the main thing that makes it so great, whether it's the unit variety (which makes battles more tactically interesting than previously) or the unique ways each faction plays on the strategic map. In addition to that, the game has been nicely streamlined, cutting some of the tedious stuff from previous entries (like naval battles, and there is generally less micro management on the strategic map - less time is wasted, and each decision matters more). The end result is possibly the best Total War yet." 9. Shadow Complex Remastered "I guess I had forgotten how great Shadow Complex is, because I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did when playing through it again. I feel it's one of the only metroidvania games that really gets what's great about these types of games. Specifically, the level design in Shadow Complex is 100 times better than what I've seen in other indie metroidvanias, and some of the upgrades you get, like the foam gun, are ridiculously fun to use and make it easier to progress in a non-linear fashion. The only thing it's really lacking is a decent art style and a more atmospheric world, but I do enjoy the sillyness of the storyline. Plus, I like the way enemies go flying when you punch them in the groin." 10. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (PC) "This was my first time playing Dragon's Dogma (other than a demo on 360). I liked the combat a lot (especially when playing the rogue/archer type classes) and thought the pawn system was a breath of fresh air when it comes to RPG party mechanics, even if it could get a bit frustrating at times when the pawns did stupid things like pick up a useless rock or whatever. I was properly addicted to the game for a while but did eventually grow a bit tired of it - I feel the game world was perhaps a bit sparse in terms of unique locations as eventually I just felt I was trudging through the same areas and fighting the same enemies over and over. Still, the game deserves major credit for the unique mechanics it introduced as well as the combat, which is much better than what we see in the majority of RPG's." 11. Enter the Gungeon "One of the more enjoyable roguelikes I've played. It takes the basic structure of The Binding of Isaac, but adds combat that is actually good, making it a far superior game. It's tough as nails, but it's fun finding all kinds of insanely powerful weapons and just unleash hell while trying to dodge bullets. Where the game falters a bit is in terms of pacing, as I feel there is a bit too much traipsing back and forth between empty rooms to make sure you've searched everywhere and found every chest possible on the current floor. The game would've benefitted from putting a bit more pressure on the player (like the time limit in Spelunky, or the way levels are pure combat arenas in Nuclear Throne, meaning you are never safe until the level is finished since enemies can hunt you down whereever you are), but still, Enter the Gungeon is very enjoyable as it is." 12. XCOM 2 13. Overwatch 14. Enderal: Shards of the Order 15. Grim Dawn 16. Oxenfree 17. Devil Daggers 18. Pac-Man 256 Soundtrack of the Year S1. Stardew Valley "Love this soundtrack with its simple, but varied and memorable tunes that made me feel quite nostalgic at times. It's yet another impressive aspect of Stardew Valley's development: Usually when you hear of these one-man projects, they got someone else to do the art and/or music. Not in this case - Eric Barone did everything himself, including this rather wonderful soundtrack." S2. Enderal: Shards of the Order "Very impressive stuff. Some of the tracks reminded me of the music in Morrowind, but Enderal's music definitely has a style of its own. I like that it's generally more subdued than the bombastic soundtracks you get in many RPG's." S3. DOOM "The music in DOOM will blast your ears off. It fits the intensity and brutality of the gameplay perfectly. Something you might not notice when playing, but is worth looking up, is how It adapts to the rhythm of the gameplay." Visuals of the Year V1. The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine "Witcher 3 is still one of the best-looking games out there, and Toussaint, with its more vibrant colours, delivers a visually nice contrast to Velen and Skellige." V2. DOOM "The visuals in DOOM are overall superb, but special mention goes to the animations. Ripping a demon's face in half has never looked better!" V3. Rocket League "I didn't play a lot of visually dazzling games in 2016, so I'm just going to put my favourite game in here. It's not Witcher 3 levels of technical and artistic wizardry I guess, but it does look quite nice for a game that doesn't have much going on visually other than cars chasing a giant ball." Writing of the Year W1. The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine "Not quite as compelling as Hearts of Stone and the best bits of the main game, but the writing and storytelling in this expansion is still head and shoulders above most games out there." W2. Tyranny "As you'd expect from Obsidian, this is a pretty well-written game with an interesting world and characters, and the lore is presented in a convenient way (basically by hovering your mouse pointer over key words during dialogues) that doesn't bog down the pacing of the story with too much lenghty exposition." W3. Oxenfree "A compelling ghost story, but what's particularly impressive here is how well the dialogue is written and the way it flows naturally by letting you interrupt the other characters." Great year for gaming overall. I only wish I had played the new Hitman as it looks pretty amazing and everyone seems to like it, so it would probably have made it onto my list.
  5. They are developing their own game, Terra Invicta. http://www.pavonisinteractive.com/games.htm
  6. I've noticed that the previous freebies from Codemasters (Dirt 3, Grid) have disappeared from the Steam store. Another case of licensing issues as with Outrun on XBLA/PSN? Anyway, pretty nice to get them for free before they were gone.
  7. The maps are now procedurally generated.
  8. XCOM 2 is in the next humble monthly bundle, so $12 for that and a bunch of other games. Also, free Mass Effect 2 on Origin!
  9. Rocket League. Last year I thought football with cars looked stupid. This year I tried it on steam during a free weekend and now it's my favourite game
  10. As if the base game wasn't impressive enough in scope, there's an expansion coming in 2017 with 10-20 hours of extra content. Apparently it's stuff they had to cut for the initial release. http://forum.sureai.net/viewtopic.php?f=136&t=11821
  11. There's a demo for Resident Evil 7 on Steam now. http://store.steampowered.com/app/530620/
  12. I really enjoyed the demo of this - gameplaywise it seemed easier but no less enjoyable than Commandos, and in a very appealing setting. Will get it when it's a bit cheaper.
  13. It's very cheap in one of the current humble bundles (24 hours left): https://www.humblebundle.com/nicks-staff-picks-bundle
  14. It should work. I played Mass Effect 1 on Steam and imported my save for 2 on Origin with no issues.
  15. Dirt 3 Complete Edition is free at humblebundle.com for the next 2 days! https://www.humblebundle.com/store/dirt-3-complete-edition-free-game?utm_source=Twitter&utm_campaign=Humble_Store_Tweets&utm_medium=Link
  16. So, the game's out tomorrow then. A fitting time to release a title with the tagline "evil already won" given the current political situation in the US! The cheapest place to get it seems to be CDKeys as usual.
  17. drkbfhmmr

    Dishonored 2

    The DLC campaign is even better than the main game imo.
  18. 2004 was quite nice! Outrun 2 Metal Gear Solid 3 Half-Life 2 Halo 2 Far Cry GTA San Andreas Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines Knights of the Old Republic 2 World of Warcraft Metroid Zero Mission Metroid Prime 2 Ninja Gaiden Unreal Tournament 2004 Rallisport Challenge 2 Chronicles of Riddick Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Thief 3 Doom 3 Tales of Symphonia Pikmin 2 Burnout 3 Gradius V Fable Warhammer 40K Dawn of War Star Wars Battlefront Katamari Damacy Rome: Total War Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call
  19. Metroid Prime. This game was a pretty big challenge for me at the time as I came into it having barely played anything but Civilization, FIFA and Football Manager for years. I was floored by the detailed, amazing world, but the controls left me completely baffled and I couldn't even beat one of the early bosses (think it was the big guy made of rocks). A few years later I came back, now slightly better at games, having beaten games such as Ninja Gaiden and Halo on heroic, and managed to reach the final boss, thinking to myself this was way easier than I remembered. But when I reached the final boss I gave up in frustration. It wasn't so much the boss itself as the platforming section before it that drove me nuts (and of course the save point had to be placed before that). It's one of my favourite games but I just couldn't finish it and decided to watch the ending on youtube.
  20. Humble monthly spare keys available for Styx: Master of Shadows Broforce Both excellent - PM if you want a key for one of them. The next bundle has Dragon's Dogma as the early unlock, bargain for $12!
  21. Broken Age key https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=2V?T?BBHk2vbt6Y3 (?? = recent ARPG by the developers of Titan Quest)
  22. 1980 1. The Empire Strikes Back 2. The Shining 3. Ordinary People 1981 1. Raiders of the Lost Ark 2. Das Boot 3. Time Bandits 1982 1. Blade Runner 2. The Thing 3. First Blood 1983 1. Return of the Jedi 2. A Christmas Story 3. 1984 1. The Terminator 2. Temple of Doom 3. Ghostbusters 1985 1. Brazil 2. Back to the Future 3. Commando 1986 1. Aliens 2. Stand By Me 3. Platoon 1987 1. Evil Dead 2 2. Robocop 3. Predator 1988 1. Grave of the Fireflies 2. Die Hard 3. Midnight Run 1989 1. The Last Crusade 2. Dead Poets Society 3. The Abyss
  23. drkbfhmmr


    GOG Connect is back with another batch of games you can redeem on your GOG account if you have them on Steam. Full list below. AI War: Fleet Command Anno 1404 Gold Hotline Miami Shadow Warrior (2013) Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Cossacks Anthology Dex Hot Tin Roof: The Cat that Wore a Fedora The Last Federation Olli Olli Teslagrad Van Helsing: Final Cut The Masterplan Two Worlds Epic Edition X: Gold X Rebirth Ziggurat
  24. The latest humble bundle seems pretty good. PWYW Devil Daggers Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 Runestone Keeper BTA (currently $4.94) Prison Architect Punch Club Stronghold Crusader 2 $9.99 Miscreated (early access)
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