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  1. That was last year, wasn't it?
  2. Ah, but how do you show an artificial speed cap in the pretty CG pictures that the average ITV news watcher understands?
  3. Agreed, but I think the point I was trying to make is that if existing technologies stand in the way of newer, more profitable lines, then Sony might favour stepping on the old. Of course, this all depends on whether BC affects sales of new games. By the looks of things, MS certainly thinks so.
  4. Quite. That's a pretty hilarious comparison though. The sheeny sheen sheens of Oblivion versus the muddy waters of Zelda. I'll take Okami thanks.
  5. So's the cap on PSP mem stick transfer speeds, but you don't see Sony rushing to fix it.
  6. It does amaze me that everything has to be so black and white with you people. It's either broken, or perfect. Shit, or amazing. Fanboy or gamer. You know what I like? I like that Zelda is amazing and substantial. It has to last a while. I like that Wii Sports and Play are easily understood by non-game playing types and that they find them enjoyable. I like that I'm enjoying Bowling, Golf, Tennis and to a lesser extent, the Pong and Pool games on Play. I like that people are just simply messing about with their Wii, either just wasting time creating Mii or exploiting the loopholes for homebrew. I like that Nintendo has got the controller so right, as per usual. What I and pretty much everyone who grew up in the 8 bit era doesn't like: The same old shit. Which is why we like Wii, I presume. Oh, stone the fucking numpties...
  7. Who knew that we'd end up with a Playstation that does it all worse than the competition? I mean, the motion sensing and online flaws were a dead cert, but worse BC than a 360? Jimminy.
  8. Has everyone got Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett?
  9. Looks like you're in the wrong thread chum. Might I suggest you try the 'Future Of Wii' thread. There must be one of those about. Oooh, controversial, very boring and very wrong.
  10. And with good reason. Some of you seem to be missing the point on an almost biblical scale. This is not a bad launch. This is an amazing launch. Wii is on everyone's lips if you'll pardon the phrase. It's on every bulletin, gadget page and parents mind across the land. It's in 50,000 people's homes already. It's creating nervous rumblings among its competitors. Not only that, but it also plays host to what could be the greatest Zelda game of all time. It has that link to those precious 'core gamers' because, ironically, it has Link, and it's created a stir in the public conscious. I mean, what the fuck more do want exactly?
  11. It's threads like these that make me wish all of you were dead.
  12. I never had a Big Trak either. Reason: It cost too much. Anyone see the parallels?
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