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  1. OpenEmu is the easiest starting point, apart from needing to obtain BIOS files for certain systems, if I remember correctly. I have a late 2012 Mac Mini with quad i7 and it supports 10.15 which is handy as OpenEmu needs 10.14.4 at a minimum. It supports up to PS1, Saturn and GameCube. From what I remember, emulation was pretty good for 16-bit systems. Not tried Saturn or Gamecube. I think PS1 was generally better than N64 though it has been a while since I last used it.
  2. The name rings a bell, so it’s a buy for me! Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Yes, it is a separate item. Should be linked from the page I referenced. Anyway, they are found here. Edited to add, there is a wire to solder to power the screen, plus some other wires for brightness controls etc. A bit fiddly but not too fiddly if you have some soldering experience.
  4. You can buy a larger IPS screen and suitable case from Funny Playing directly https://funnyplaying.com/collections/product/products/gbc-retro-pixel-ips-lcd-kit-1?variant=39377989075005 The clear orange shell I have is pretty good. Each half doesn't flex much when twisted. I used the existing IR cover and controls from my old GBC, and they seemed to work well. Use the supplied sticker on the back of the screen to avoid shorting something out, as I did. Need to get some replacement diodes. makho and Macho Nacho, and others, have product overview and installation videos on YouTube.
  5. I can believe that. Based on professional experience, it is likely that the channel utilisation of 2.4GHz channels where you live is too high for a good user experience when using real-time interactive applications such as video game streaming.
  6. “Great… They even come in Christmas cards!”
  7. New forum as Atari-forum has been down for a while now - https://misterfpga.org/ I have the DE-10 and a couple of extra boards - just need the motivation!
  8. I had this issue when setting up my new Switch last week. I manually entered DNS servers in the settings - and The Switch seems happy to pick up IP and default router / gateway via DHCP.
  9. I’ve always liked the intro to Wipeout 3 [Special Edition]. Still get the ‘feels’ even 20 years later.
  10. The scoring was broken as far as I could tell. As a 16k Speccy owner, this was a big disappointment after Jetpac. Shitzoids.
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