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  1. New forum as Atari-forum has been down for a while now - https://misterfpga.org/ I have the DE-10 and a couple of extra boards - just need the motivation!
  2. I had this issue when setting up my new Switch last week. I manually entered DNS servers in the settings - and The Switch seems happy to pick up IP and default router / gateway via DHCP.
  3. I’ve always liked the intro to Wipeout 3 [Special Edition]. Still get the ‘feels’ even 20 years later.
  4. The scoring was broken as far as I could tell. As a 16k Speccy owner, this was a big disappointment after Jetpac. Shitzoids.
  5. Easily 1,000 hours and counting on Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas across PS3, PC and now Xbox One X.
  6. Saw that the other day. Good price and made in the UK. If it was a bit bigger you could put four Frequency Central Devices in it for four note polyphony. Use an external MIDI to CV box...
  7. KMR Audio are selling the Happy Ending Kit for £99 delivered. That’s where I got mine.
  8. You’ll only regret it. Do you have a Prophet 5 tucked away for the same price?
  9. I'll add my vote to these, as I've read them and agree with the recommendations: Catch 22 - Joseph Heller (nayson, Scribblor, Danster, JDubYes) The Crow Road - Iain Banks (Geekette, Danster, ZOK) Chickenhawk - Robert Mason (lolly)
  10. You are teetering at the top of a slippery slope My Eurorack journey continues in a rather silent fashion. There is activity but nothing that makes noises as I'm still building modules. Finished a VCF and half way through the Spring Reverb build.
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