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  1. The scoring was broken as far as I could tell. As a 16k Speccy owner, this was a big disappointment after Jetpac. Shitzoids.
  2. Easily 1,000 hours and counting on Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas across PS3, PC and now Xbox One X.
  3. Saw that the other day. Good price and made in the UK. If it was a bit bigger you could put four Frequency Central Devices in it for four note polyphony. Use an external MIDI to CV box...
  4. KMR Audio are selling the Happy Ending Kit for £99 delivered. That’s where I got mine.
  5. You’ll only regret it. Do you have a Prophet 5 tucked away for the same price?
  6. I'll add my vote to these, as I've read them and agree with the recommendations: Catch 22 - Joseph Heller (nayson, Scribblor, Danster, JDubYes) The Crow Road - Iain Banks (Geekette, Danster, ZOK) Chickenhawk - Robert Mason (lolly)
  7. You are teetering at the top of a slippery slope My Eurorack journey continues in a rather silent fashion. There is activity but nothing that makes noises as I'm still building modules. Finished a VCF and half way through the Spring Reverb build.
  8. The Neutron is a good choice to try out modular's patching flexibility without spending a fortune... In other more money than sense news, my little PSU works though I got the polarity of the -12V and +12V indicator LEDs wrong. I've also finished my ADSR and that passes basic tests as does the Mixer module. And Thonk have released the Brunswick £99+delivery DIY semi-modular synth! https://www.thonk.co.uk/shop/fss-brunswick/
  9. Thanks. When I get the Power adaptor for the little PSU I can see how well my more complex active builds have gone
  10. A couple of pictures of my "rack" and SDIY builds so far. In the glass dish, to the top right of the rack, is a +/- 12V DC PSUs I assembled yesterday. I built the Music Thing Modular Graphic EQ at a workshop hosted by the designer, Tom Whitwell, at Thonk Towers in Brighton. My first module. The passive multiple (the 4x4x4) was my next build, followed by the MIDI Expander for one of the Distings. The two empty panels are, left to right, AI Synthesis OTA VCF (Korg MS-20 like apparently) and a Looping ADSR. The ADSR is the two partially assembled PCBs (and various baggies) next to the assembled module, which is an AI Synthesis Mixer. Next to the soldering station is a Thonk triple attenuator. I soldered the headers on the wrong side so I'm waiting for some header strips and many other components for a couple of partial kits; a Clock module and an LFO module. I've also ordered the PCB for a modern clone of the Boss DR-55 Dr. Rhythm drum machine. Oh, and a Music Thing Spring Reverb as Thonk were having a sale... Plenty to keep me busy as the evenings draw in!
  11. The SP808 looks interesting apart from the Zip disk aspect - I'm sure someone has a mod to use a flash card or similar. I'm looking at old rack synth modules now I feel more confident about soldering. The idea being I can replace any old dodgy looking capacitors and have some idea of troubleshooting.
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