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  1. Adding a tablespoon of acid like vinegar or lemon juice will help as well. If you don't have a particularly good cut of meat, 3 hours is the minimum & longer is nearly always better.
  2. http://www.seriouseats.com/tags/The%20Vegan%20Experience for a meat-lover going vegan for a month. Some things looked ok.
  3. gafgalash


    http://www.seriouseats.com/2011/03/the-food-lab-more-tips-for-perfect-steaks.html Trust mr. Lopez-Alt. Read the links in the first paragraph as well.
  4. Just found out about Brecht Even's books. THey hardly seem for children though. The acquarel drawings look amazing. One of them has been published in English as well. Now to find a place to buy it...
  5. The Zigzag Kid by David Grossman might fit your requirements. They're also making a movie based on the book, starring Isabella Rossellini. Beckman's Crusade in Jeans might be worth a look as well, though the translation is supposedly not very good.
  6. Very detailed animation. It will be pretty if nothing else. Some minor issues though. First, the face on Tintin didn't feel 100 % right. I guess that has more to do with my expectation of what he should look like (slightly less boyish by this book) than the actual quality. Next, I found the trailer little too action-focused for the material. The trailer hinted at nearly the action sequences I would expect based on the three albums, bar a few fistfights: I was hoping the trailer would also give a hint of what the rest of the movie will have to rely on: Haddock jokes, the feeling of discovery, a bit of the mystery, etc. Not the stuff of trailers, I know, but the movie will depend on getting these right as well.
  7. Hope I'm not too late then (procrastinator that I am). Again, coming up with twenty was difficult -- watching a full TV series is a real commitment and I’ve wasted so much time on things I don’t like enough now to put in. Little explanation because I started too late. Simpsons. Monty Python. QI. Futurama. Seinfeld. Blackadder. Office UK. Scrubs. South Park. MASH. Allo Allo. Family Guy Friends. Coupling Frasier Fawlty Towers Simpsons. Brilliant first seasons, hilarious and charming at the same time. Haven’t watched it for years now, so I have no problem giving it a high place. Monty Python. Deliciously surreal and so many classics. QI. Fry and Davies make for a good team, clever jokes, and heaps of trivia. Futurama. Parody and scifi, great combination. Seinfeld. Probably the only show that could have gone on forever. Kramer’s movements on their own should give this a high notation. Blackadder. All of it. Except for the first season.Atkinson is at his cynical best, and Laurie and Fry are the filler, should say something about its greatness. Office UK. excels in cringeworthy awkwardness Scrubs. Became a little overdependent on slapstick, but started of as a good mix of drama and surreal jokes. Friends. Can’t watch it anymore, for some reason the jokes don’t feel like someone would actually say, but I used to love it. Chandler’s has some great lines.
  8. Only 16, I decided against putting sports (televised, not for television), too many Dutch things (bit meaningless here), and all of Attenborough's (one program, sort of) stuff in. Blue Planet Life in the Undergrowth First Life. Louis Theroux Weird Weekends. Mythbusters Horizon. Power of nightmares. Pandora’s box. Terry Jones’ medieval life. Tour de France. James May’s Toy Stories. Keuringsdienst Van Waarde Stephen Fry and the Gutenberg Press. Top Gear. Planet Earth. Blue Planet Life in the Undergrowth First Life. Seeing as the Attenboroughs get split up, I’ll do the same. I love them all but have selected the ones that introduced the strangest worlds. Chimps and the like are very nice of course, but I knew them. Some of the things from these series were nothing short of amazing. Louis Theroux Weird Weekends. His best, combining laughs, amazement, and some thoughts about what make people tick. Battlefield. Reasonably accurate documentaries on the crucial battles of WWII. Moved at a pleasantly slow pace without repeating itself and didn’t skimp on the details. Mythbusters, despite the fitting of 20 minutes in a 40 minutes show, as well as the many dodgy myths, I do really like the scientific approach to the thing. See them this debate: Horizon. Consistently decent science programme, deserves some credits. Power of nightmares. Curtis makes good, provocative arguments. Pandora’s box. Watch this one here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/adamcurtis/2011/03/a_is_for_atom.html Terry Jones’ medieval life. Has some decent medieval history by looking at stereotypes against actual medieval society. Terry’s narration is great. Somewhat cheap visuals though. Tour de France. I watch this religiously, and not only for the sports part. Summer begin when a brightly coloured mass moves through the French countryside and the Dutch commentators are chatting about chateaux (usually when interesting things are happening in the race). The meandering is interrupted by great drama, such as in the 2003 Armstrong v. Ullrich battle. James May’s Toy Stories. Nostalgia meets a passionate presenter. Keuringsdienst Van Waarde, Dutch show that tests dodgy food claims (“authentic” and the like). Witty and very informative. Stephen Fry and the Gutenberg Press. History, printing, and typography are all interests (work) of mine. Top Gear. It used to be thoroughly entertaining. Planet Earth. Also gets a mention for the sheer prettiness of it all.
  9. Dexter’s lab. Sesame Street/Bert & Ernie/Muppets. Transformers. Alfred Jodocus Kwak. Sym-bionic titan Two stupid dogs. Rembo & Rembo. Duck tales. Ren & Stimpy. Cow & chicken. Spongebob. Animaniacs. Johnny Bravo. Samurai pizza cats. Thunderbirds. X-men. Dragonball-Z. Exosquad. Looney Tunes. Tom & Jerry. Dexter’s lab. Watched some episodes recently, and they don’t have a bad ten seconds in them. Fresh concept, great voices, charming animation. Sesame Street/Bert & Ernie/Muppets. I like Bert and Ernie and the Muppet characters best in Sesame Street and placed it under Sesame Street to get it up there. I don’t think there ever was a separate Muppet show in the Netherlands, so they’ll have to go here. Part of the appeal of B&E are their Dutch voice actors. Transformers. Soundwave talked like that and robots turned into bigger robots by standing on top of each other. Pretty appealing stuff for a seven-year-old. Alfred Jodocus Kwak. Dutch-Japanese-German show about a duck, raised by a mole who defended democracy against a crow (actually a blackbird) who started his own Nazi party, covering 20 (bird) years, from chick to duck, in a two season show. Needless to say, most of this passed me by as a kid, but full points are scored for the ambition. The animation is pretty good by Dutch standards and the opening song is brilliant: Sym-bionic titan, only 18 episodes. Gives a smile in every episode, always fresh and surprising, and splendid animation. Shame to see it go. Should also really watch Samurai Jack, which I’ve completely missed. Two stupid dogs. I just love silly cartoons and that applies for a few choices below as well. Rembo & Rembo. I think Dutch children’s TV is pretty good and I could fill a good part of my list with it (Purno de Purno, De Daltons, Klokhuis, Mariken, Minoes come to mind as well), but for the sake of recognisability, I wanted to limit myself to two. This one has absurdism about used hairdryers, upside-down-nails, euphemisms for condom, and purposely losing at strip poker, all on the world’s only DVD with shuffle function. Duck tales. I’m a huge Carl Barks fan and though this does not come close to his comic genius, it was nice to see his stories on TV. Ren & Stimpy. Felt almost subversive and is still a joy to watch. Cow & chicken. Another Cartoon Network show, probably because it is at the sweet spot of receptive age and ability to remember. They really did some great original cartoons at the end of the nineties though. Wonderful silliness here. Spongebob. The underwater physics jokes are just one example of this show’s appeal. One of the few purposely annoying characters that can me make laugh. Animaniacs. Johnny Bravo. Samurai pizza cats. Thunderbirds. Toys at grandparents nostalgia. Looking back though , it felt a little slow for a children’s show X-men. Either this one or Spiderman for 90’s Marvel cartoons, and I like this one better because it is slightly darker. Not having read a singly comic, the overarching storylines were engrossed me. Dragonball-Z. I was way too old for this and it got pretty bad as the episodes progressed. But I still loved almost every second of it. Exosquad. My obscure choice. Genetically engineered übermenschen with two opposable thumbs per hand rebel against their human masters and duke it out in mini-mechs. Also, space pirates. Loved the believable universe (terraforming etc.) Looney Tunes. So familiar they almost didn’t make it, but as I thought about it, iconic was the better word. Tom & Jerry. See Looney tunes, hasn’t aged a bit either. It was very easy to come up with 30–40 shows worth mentioning, but all the more difficult to order them. This is probably down to the list being largely driven by nostalgia – it is more about memories than quality. There’s also a difficult distinction between this and the humour list. Here I’ve gone with an <10 minutes and whether or not I thought they’d make the comedy list.
  10. If no data on a debut has surfaced yet, do yourself a favour and DL it. Feels like one of those things that'll be hard to get a hold of at a later date. And let's face it: the ratings/DVD sales won't hurt the chances of a renewal. This. In the days I had CN, they didn't seem IP crazy. What's changed? And why not just make some toys if you're so desparate? I think Titan may have been a bit expensive to make. Also, Sony's animation record is not exactly inspiring.
  11. Maybe here? Short video of Thom Yorke's mix at Low End Theory, LA.
  12. Mine is a very American list. British drama never clicked with me and most Dutch stuff should be avoided. It also includes some nostalgia from adolescence. I’m keeping the children’s section a bit younger. The Wire Band of Brothers. Sopranos. OZ. Buffy. Twin Peaks Dexter Breaking Bad. Mad Men. Conspiracy. Dr. Who. ER. X-files. Quantum Leap. The West Wing. Angel. Boardwalk Empire. The Shield. The Wire. Should require no explanation, but since that is what everyone says, a few words nonetheless. Beyond the brilliant dialogues, clashes between large characters, and an analysis of the institutions of a decaying city, the best thing about this show might be the subtle, long term build up and the endless little (brilliant) details. That’s something that could only really work in a television series. Gets even better the second time you watch it. Band of Brothers. I got an idea of how it must have been, something very few other WWII stories did. Sopranos. OZ. Really feels like a disturbing place. Buffy. Someone else already said it best: balanced characters. Dialogues felt really fresh at the time as well. Later seasons ruined it a bit, but that holds for so many entries. Twin Peaks, despite the second season going nowhere fast. As long as there was murder plot to pace it, the little touches were lovely. Great soundtrack as well and wonderfully bizarre. Dexter, largely on s1 merits only. The opening murder of the show sets the tone. Fascinating character, with some decent cliff hangers and whodunnits to keep you interested. Shame the later seasons all seem to want to keep Dexter the same, removed a lot of the excitement for me. Breaking Bad. Just read the thread on its brilliance. Mad Men. Always beautifully made, subtle, and pleasant watching, occasionally brilliant. Conspiracy. Didn’t think of it as a TV drama until I saw it in LC’s list. Agree with what he says, though I didn’t think it quite as unsettling as he did, maybe I was too familiar with the story. Great performances, all feel evil, like Nazi’s, but not in a simple way. Dr. Who. Lowing Moffat’s reboot especially ER. I have something of a medical background and this is pretty much the only hospital drama I like. The balance is good, none of the clichéd heroism or emotions you usually, just brilliant characters in a tense environment. X-files. Lot of nostalgia here. Saw some reruns of the later seasons, and they didn’t hold up well, especially the longer story arc ones. Still, there were fantastic early episodes, especially the horror ones. Had a thing for Scully as well. Quantum Leap. another nostalgia entry. from the few fragments I’ve seen this one holds up more than others. really deserves some reruns (or a DVD purchase). The West Wing. Angel. Buffy fan, so this needs a mention. Like Buffy, likeable, balanced characters. Liked the darkish first season best. Got a bit weird after that. Boardwalk Empire. Despite the occasional lack of subtlety and a slow start, S1 shows great promise. The Shield. Loving it, but haven’t progressed beyond S1, so it needs some more time to rise through the ranks. And I stopped here. Maybe one or two more will come to me in the next few days, but I doubt it. I thought of myself as more of TV than a movie man, but I reckon I could have more easily made the film top 20s for ’70-’10. Must be the large amounts of time it costs to watch a series. And just to say: I’m liking this thread for the same reason the film top 20s: there’s a lot to discover. Some shows deserve another watching, others I should definitely watch. For instance, I should really give Six Feet Under and Serial Experiments a second chance. And I must have seen a lot of Heimat in my youth with my parents (they go on and on about it and we only had one TV), but none of it stuck. Seems epic. The Kingdom seems wonderful as well.
  13. Sure. Good reason to finally remember all those children's shows.
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    Recommend it as well. It's getting a lot of playtime the last month or so. Which is why I'm thankful for this news. Previous tour was mostly dodgy venues, preventing me from going. I hope she'll add some dates soon (and announce this one...).
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