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  1. Simplest way if you don't want to bother with emulators is http://www.oolite.org/ an open source version of Elite. Great version, had me studiously writing down all my trades just like I did when I originally played it on my spectrum aged 12.
  2. I'd say Elite, I've been picking it up on whatever system I can find it on. Although saying that I ended up with the following after buying several large boxes full of tapes from a boot sale a while back: 41 copies of 'Laser Lord' for the Spectrum
  3. I've recently re-fired up Minecraft after discovering Tekkit. Is there any chance of being white listed for the latest re-incarnation and being pointed to its location? Huh Huh? pretty please?
  4. Wonderful. I was initially annoyed when I read there was a reset, but then I got thinking, I haven't played on the server for months and a new start would be refreshing. So I'm looking forward to starting anew. Now where did I put my pickaxe?
  5. RLLMUK Community forum, how come I have completely missed you for so long? Do you have some kind of fitted stealth technology?
  6. I don't know, I have a Minecraft break for a few days and it bloody snows!
  7. I seem to be just getting "The server responded with an invalid server key"
  8. That'll look nice. Leave em there for a few years and they'll pop up on 'Grand Designs' with some property developer from New New Muk wanting to 'fuse' a bloody great glass cube on the side.
  9. Aye, I'd like to keep the hovel as a holiday home and Tai Chi retreat. The river/lake in Old New Muk is being left isn't it? Or are we going to need to start a Dale Farm style protest? Can we see the scheduled plans for old new muk re-development? If there is simply a HINT of a phone mast you'll find me chained to the nearest giant mushroom. Come on everybody "We shall overcome, We shall overcome"
  10. I have the same problem, can't play through the work proxy. But to tell you the truth if MC was playable at work I know I wouldn't have a job by now. FAR to addictive.
  11. My gaff is the sand castle just on the edge of the desert, a little way from the big dirt mob farm and the sunken bamboo garden.
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