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  1. Heads come off according to NEOGAF forum. Americans get it today already, we have to wait until tomorrow. Anyone else going to buy it of the USA psn store?
  2. Heavy Rain was not developped by Rockstar...
  3. lem

    L.A Noire

    I don't like this game anymore. The interviewing is so random. People who gain nothing by lying and don't look like lying at all are most of the times lying. It's silly and random. And the searching for clues sections are boring .
  4. lem

    Killzone 3

    The slow 'weighty' feeling is gone. It feels more like CoD now, but plays better than CoD and is much more dynamic. Gunplay and sounds are very meaty. Enjoying this game a lot for the moment!
  5. Anyone else experiencing audio problems? When I go from the 3rd person camera view to the cockpit view I can hear popping and cracking coming out of my speakers. Same happens when i'm near an online player who's got a mic enabled. Also will get the popping and cracking sound randomly when driving around. I don't think its my equipment as I only have this problem in TDU..
  6. lem

    Killzone 3

    Did you complete KZ2? Story and characters are indeed not special in any kind of way, but I like the gameplay in KZ. Gunplay is very meaty and the AI is quite dynamic. Feels totally different than CoD which is sooo 'on rails' as so to speak.
  7. lem

    Killzone 3

    I thought you would be more supportive towards Guerilla Studio's, seeing they are from the Netherlands and all
  8. pre-order confirmed
  9. Looking very good. The first Motorstorm still 'has' it, the graphics, now almost 2-3 years after its release are still very impressive. Rushy, any words on the difficulty? I seem to remember Motorstorm 2 having some annoying difficulty spikes toward the mid / end.
  10. lem

    Dead Space 2

    I beat the first Dead Space, but have not watched any of the 2 animated movies. Should I watch these before starting Dead Space 2?
  11. Are you sure? Just did a quick google and that revealed that the game has been released for PS3 in Asia under the name 'Red Seeds' and has an English language option...
  12. Any chance of this coming out for the PS3? I've got an Xbox 360 but it's on its way out (RROD plenty lately) and I'd rather not buy any new games for it.
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