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    Mafia 2

    That's simply not true. The scenery when you leave your house in Mafia 2 and end up on the streets can be compared to the ranch in RDR. There's also a load of things happening on screen in RDR, sure no cars, but there's the dynamic weather, NPC's, horses, etc
  2. lem

    Mafia 2

    Look at Red Dead Redemption then which is also an open ended game. It looks 100x better than Mafia 2 on the Xbox 360. Why?
  3. lem

    Mafia 2

    no shit. That's not the point though. Mafia 2 could have looked SO MUCH better on the consoles if the devs had put more effort in it.
  4. lem

    Mafia 2

    Don't say this. Look at Uncharted 2 on the PS3, or Red Dead on the Xbox 360. Both look STUNNING on the consoles. Mafia 2 is just not very well optimized for console i'm afraid. The devs could have done much, much better.
  5. lem

    Mafia 2

    Ouch, the PS3 version is very rough graphically. It's quite nice indoors, but outdoors... . Jaggyfest, lower quality textures. Not too impressed. I've seen people say that this game really shows that consoles are starting to show their age and that the PC has really taken over now but I disagree. Imo, this game is just not really optimized well for consoles. Look at what Uncharted 2 on the PS3 does, or hell even Red Dead Redemption on the 360. Both games are so crisp, sharp, high res textures etc. IF devs really put a lot of effort in the graphics department of their game on a console then some really stunning stuff can be achieved.
  6. lem

    Mafia 2

    Nice post. Never really liked the GTA games because the tone of the game is very cartoony, tongue in cheek, humor stuff etc. Can't properly get immersed in the game because of this. I prefer the more serious tone of Mafia.
  7. Dag Napoleon. Hoe gaatie

  8. Metal Gear Solid 4 Uncharted 1 & 2 Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma Killzone 2 God Of War 3
  9. The first 5 hours were awesome. The rest, not so awesome
  10. 12 hours in, just got to Mexico and very bored. Not gonna bother anymore with sidequests and just do the main missions to finish this as quickly as possible. I was proper impressed by the game for the first hours though, but my hype for this went downhill quite rapidly. Think it's because of the 'sandbox' structure of the game, never been a fan.
  11. Great game the SNES one. Never beat it though. Just looked for some vids of the game on Youtube, the sprite graphics are so good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Igk02yl8b-k
  12. It's just motion blur. Excited for this, just hope they sort out the difficulty, MS2 was a little unfair at times.
  13. I've watched all Lost episodes up until midway season 3, then stopped because of time constrains. Would like to resume watching again, however I feel like I've forgot some of the plot bits, which site would you guys recommend me where I can read about the plot of season 1 2 3 with no spoilers for the rest of the seasons? Cheers!
  14. The engine for this is really really amazing. But the game itself... Hm I'm a little disappointed. The shooting is is so simple and never really evolves. Poltergeist projectiles in a 2010 game? Ffs. The enemies are not scary and look the same throughout the whole game. The story and atmosphere is not engaging enough to warrant for such simple gameplay, like for example in Silent Hill 2.
  15. autoaim on or off? What's everyone using?
  16. That is true in a sense. Atmosphere and mood is mostly created by sound effects & lightning. Also I think most of the game takes place at night and in dark spaces so I doubt we'll notice the lowered resolution a lot.
  17. Oops, apparently the game is only running at 540p . There's a a big rage thread about this over at GAF. Have to say i'm quite disappointed about this too. The game has been in development for more than 5 years and is running on a console that is at the end of its cycle and still they can't get it to run on a true HD resolution. Hmmm...
  18. Voice acting is horrible. But the rest looks awesome. Very much looking forward to this!
  19. Wow that looks awesome. Also getting RE4 vibes when he's getting attacked by those villagers in the trailer.
  20. lem


    How do the guns feel and handle? Do they feel heavy and is there lots of recoil and other 'life-like' stuff like in KillZone2? I don't like it when I play a shooter and the recoil and handling you get from shooting a gun feels like you're shooting a toys gun ;|.
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