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    Pro Evolution 5

    Anyone else have have their monitor go black/standby mode at times when a freekick has been awarded? ALT+F4 or CTRL-ALT-DEL don't work, reboot is the only way out.
  2. Maybe not really appropriate, but I loved the part in Half Life 2 where you get to play some volleyball with the big robot Dog. Made me chuckle anyway
  3. Cool. So, what about the ending(s)? Is there just one ending in the game, or are there other endings to be seen by playing the game differently.
  4. How different will these outcomes be though? Can we expect major changes in the storyline or ending?
  5. Isn't that part scripted though? I replayed that scene 3 times or so and the AI did it everytime. Also, it seemed a bit illogical when the enemy did it. Could have just shot me while hiding in the dark, instead of hitting a deck and crawling up to me
  6. Anyone else finding the slow mo is not as satisfying as it should be? I don't like the shader they use when you go into slow mo, it's a bit too blurry. Max Payne handles it much much better IMHO but that may also have something to with the fact that slow mo is better suited for 3rd person stuff.
  7. Yep I know , reading both of those reviews and see other positive remarks regarding the game on the forum is what persuaded me to go ahead and buy it.
  8. Forza - I've got around 10 races left before I hit 100% in Career mode. I'm not having fun though, the last races in Forza are such a chore. Can't wait until i'm done with this. Psi-Ops - Received this today from Play for 10£. Played it for a bit and it looks promising!
  9. I was very dissapointed with the last boss in God Of War as well. I thought it wasn't epic enough. They could at least, have added a nice and long QTE sequence at the end to top it off. But no, all we got was a lame and frustrating Tekken imitation battle. Such a shame.
  10. Yes they're still worth playing after Ninja Gaiden. Expect to be a tad underwhelmed though as all the Onimusha's feel a little dated & 'simple' compared to Ninja Gaiden.
  11. While DMC 1 & 3, God Of War and the Onimusha's were all good and very much worth playing, there can be only one. And that one for me, is Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox. I can't wait for Ninja Gaiden 2!
  12. Cyhwuhx, how fast is the PAL God Of War release compared to Ninja Gaiden? I remember playing that shoddy 50 hrtz PAL release of Devil May Cry right after completing Ninja Gaiden, it was horrible. I kept asking myself where the button was to turn off the slow motion bullit-time feature
  13. I live in Ostend, West-Vlaanderen. Whereabouts do you live?
  14. Most new games retail in Belgium for a price between 60 and 65 euro's. Thank god for a creditcard and play.com
  15. It's out here in Belgium as well. Retailing at a price of 65 euros or 45£ I really really want to play this game but at that price i'll pass and wait another 2 weeks so I can order it at play.com Could the reason for the delay to the bigger European countries be that Sony needed more time for mass production?
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