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    So should I play this on hard from the first time?
  2. lem


    Ok that's it. I'm buying Fear 2.
  3. Put the difficulty on easy. You should really give it a chance. It's one hell of a rollercoaster!
  4. lem

    Metro 2033

    So no limbs fly off enemies when you shoot them? IS there some kind of hit detection in any way? I hate it when games use shooting mechanics that are old. I mean Killzone 2 with its hit detection system is almost 1,5 years old and games still get released that use shooting and hit detection stuff that is way older than that :| I guess most weapons don't have recoil or kickback too?
  5. Hm. Just played the first hour of the game. First: there's a lot of grain that wasn't in the demo :S. The acting is well... ehm.. a little 'off'? It all seems a little fake, corny and funny when it shouldn't be funny. I think the acting, voice-overs etc of Uncharted 2 spoiled us..
  6. Yeah I know, I'm gonna play the demo for real later tonight, but the quick run I made through the city all I could think was that the graphics looked really rough :|
  7. Looks incredible. I really think the atmosphere is going to be something special. I hope it can bring back Silent Hill & RE4 vibes back.
  8. Mine does the same. I get into the game and after 5 secs my PS3 locks up ffs
  9. Also why would I pay extra for 100 hz and all that jazz when I'm gonna be turning it off anyway?
  10. Have a small room so 32 inch is max for me. I don't think there's a good plasma tv out there at 32 inch.
  11. I went by reviews and users comments on forums. What else could I have done? The 5500V is not for sale anymore in stores in Belgium. They only sell the newest 100hz TV's here and those are horrible when it comes to input lag according to reports so my only option was to go for an older TV model..
  12. I'm incredibly anal about such things. Also input lag, finally caved in and ordered a new HD Telly, the Sony Bravia 5500V. Supposedly one of the best when it comes to having no input lag but I'm still not totally convinced.
  13. Hmm but surely if your TV's native res is 1080p and the PS3 forces it to run at 720p it will look less nice because you're forcing the TV to run at a resolution which is not its Native res?
  14. When you have a 1080p tv but play a game that only supports 720P, does the PS3 force your telly to run in 720p or is it only the PS3 that will output to 720 and the tv upscales to 1080p?
  15. Quite excited for this Always loved Shenmue so there's a big chance I will totally love Yakuza, right?
  16. Do you need to have played Yakuza 1 & 2 to understand the plot of 3?
  17. This was the last time I watch a movie in 3D. It kills the colours, makes textures blurry etc etc. Anyone else feel the same?
  18. And again only released on PC! Why don't they release it on the 360 or PS3? They are losing out on so much money it's unreal with all the piracy that goes on in the PC scene..
  19. Are you kidding me? Sensitivity on 10?!
  20. Atmosphere looks fantastic from this video.
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