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  1. Ah ok. It's because the .NFO file stated it was a Region A film. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to downloading films and stuff.
  2. Is it possible to stream a downloaded region A Blu-ray to a region B PS3?
  3. Seee, you just don't like Gaiden because it's ''too hard''. It's not hard. It takes a few hours to understand the game mechanics and once you get really good the game is like the most rewarding thing ever.
  4. Sorry I apologize.
  5. Played the demo for 10 mins then turned it off. I don't think I'll ever 'get' DMC type of games. I prefer the Gaiden gameplay. I've seen Meh calling people much worse names than that and he's still on the board.
  6. Thank you. Finally a constructive reply. There still are good people on this board.
  7. Sorry but Ninja Gaiden eats DMC for breakfast. There is just no comparision. It's not because DMC has endless of styles and combo's that it is better than Gaiden.
  8. Thanks for that constructive reply, cunt.
  9. IS this like DMC where the focus of the game lies in Stylish fighting? I've always found DMC very hollow compared to the more raw fighting style of Ninja Gaiden so I'll probably be disappointed in Bayonetta if it follows the same genre of DMC I also didn't like the fact that in DMC3 there were like 3404000350435034034 styles to choose from. It's just too much!
  10. Can't find the PS3 demo, where is it?
  11. for those who've played Uncharted 2, does playing Assasins creed 2 right after hurt the eyes or is it still nice and decent gfx wise?
  12. It's just that I've played a game called Uncharted 2.
  13. Graphics will look dated by the time it comes out probably
  14. the ps2 version looks better on those comparision vids
  15. FFS why isn't it possible to put the sprint button on R3 and keep shooting on R1? If you switch sprinting from L3 to R3 it forces you to shoot with L1 instead of R1 anyone else think this is a stupid decision by IW? I use the default controls and having to push the stick you use to walk forward in order to start a sprint is NOT natural and i'm sure it's not good for the health of the stick too..
  16. Gfx look really dated after playing Uncharted and Killzone
  17. Anyone else find the graphics look seriously washed out on the PS3 version? Sound seperation is also bad. And why can't I put sprint on R3 without having the shoot controls be changed too, GRRR
  18. Should I get this on 360 or PS3? Tempted to go for the PS3 version because that one has free online play but i'm worried not enough ppl will be playing online... Uncharted has only 10000 ppl playing on peak moments...
  19. lem

    God of War 3

    Could I join the demo que list please. Will paypal a few quids.
  20. After playing through Killzone 2 the shooting mechanics in Left 4 Dead seem really dated and simple. Sorry. There's almost no recoil, no weight, no kickback. There's nothing. You're shooting stuff and the guns stay almost completely still.
  21. Ffs it's 2009 and the game's shooting mechanics are on par with Wolvenstein 3D from 1969.
  22. The gun physics, recoil, feeling is so 1999. There is no weight to the shooting at all. Totally put me off playing and I turned the game off after 10 minutes.
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