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  1. Any news at what time locally this will be released tonight ??
  2. how are people already playing this?
  3. On the Mafia pictures, the non modded ones look way better. The new ones are all blury and gloomy.
  4. lem

    STALKER: Clear Sky

    Why haven't they still ported both Stalkers to console? Surely they're shooting themselves in the foot by only releasing it on PC with all the piracy? Don't understand it tbh
  5. Wow, i'm enjoying the demo. What view are you people playing with? I like the 3rd person more, but I guess the hardened flight sim buffs use in in cockpit one? I just don't like the sense of speed in the cockpit :/
  6. At least they will still continue with the game engine of it eh. Best fighting gameplay/mechanics ever. Totally pisses over DMC. But yes, the lack of gore will be bad at first.
  7. That's all a little disappointing, no? What do you gaiden fans think about this move?
  8. I don't like mindless violence btw. But the over the top violence in the original Gaiden 2 just suited the game so very well, it emphasied the fact that you were this super badass ninja who'd fuck everyone up. Know what i mean, RIGHT?
  9. blue/purlple mist only on monsters or also on human Ninja's? will you still see the decapited limbs fly off when you use a special move? what about the oblirations? god i sound like a sadist
  10. So what's the status on the gore? Did they remove it completely or let it in, albeit toned down?
  11. Can't wait for this. Ninja Gaiden 2 is my favorite game, EVER.
  12. Replaying FFVII on the PS3. It's still awesome, it has NOT aged at ALL. Fucking brilliant.
  13. How bad/good is the PS3 at handling the PSX scaling you guys reckon? Am I missing out by playing this on the PS3 instead of the PSP?
  14. Just downloaded it off PSN and played a bit on the PS3. Damn it's still soo good. The character models look a bit harsh, but the environments which are pre-rendered hold up amazingly well IMO. You really see this was one of the first triple A games with a big budget, it's all very ambitious, it oozes good production values. Music is still stunning as well. Can't wait to start a proper playthrough!
  15. How does the PS3 handle PS1 upscaling? Very keen on replaying FFVII on the PS3 but rather not want it to look like on big pixelated mess.
  16. Ditto. It's the exploring part which I'm looking forward the most to. Just soaking up the atmosphere (which Remedy are good at creating).
  17. It's pretty good. The way the story is told is suberb imo. I'm just having some 'previous-gen' vibes after playing it. It just doesn't do anything special and the graphics are awful.
  18. Yes to this post. I read the Gamespot review and was sold, still remember the day I bought the Gamecube and RE Remake on release and hooked it up to the tv for the first time. Magical times
  19. Is the remastered Escape From Butcher Bay available from the start? edit: ffs the achievements for this are rubbish, too much multiplayer ones
  20. Nice, loving her 'At The Lake' theme drawings too. Loads and loads of atmosphere.
  21. word! one of the best games ever. A true classic.
  22. lem

    Ninja Gaiden 2

    Can't wait for Gaiden 2 Sigma!
  23. lem

    FIFA 09

    What formations do you guys like to use?
  24. lem

    FIFA 09

    Thanks to both that youtube channel is very helpfull!
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