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  1. Bloody 'eck, that's a bit of a bargain. I dropped £40 on my arcade stick. I wish I could find a decent stick for my 360 that didn't cost an arm and a leg. If anyone's up for some games, let me know, my Wii friend code is 1407 2667 1760 9712. It'd be great if we could get a regular night organised. Tatsunoko Tuesdays anyone?
  2. If anyone's still interested in playing this, I'd love to get some bouts in.
  3. Ta much. I did do a search but it turned up no results. I probably misspelled Tatsunoko. Cheers, Nate Dogg. Alright, move along folks, nothing to see here.
  4. Hello everyone, I've been registered on here for a long long time but haven't really been about for an equally long time. I'm trying to find some people who regularly play MvC3 online who wouldn't mind dealing with a relative noob for a while. (I've played a lot of arcade mode and some online but my current Xbox friends list don't seem that interested in the game any more.) My gamertag is Blue5wirl (note the five), I'll try and clear some space in my friends list this evening. Cheers much.
  5. Righto, it's been possibly years since I've even logged into this place, so apologies if there's already a thread for this. I'm interested in drumming up some people who want to play Tatsunoko Vs Capcom on the good ol' Wii online. I totally forgot to make a note of my Wii friend code this morning, but I'll grab it if people are interested. Cheers much.
  6. I played the demo pod in my local gamestation, and I have to say I was impressed. Seems they've learned the lessons from AoD and stuck with proper TR gameplay. And graphically, it was damn impressive, especially as it was on PS2. It only took 5 years, but I may finally have to buy a PS2!
  7. There's no way in hell that thing is an official Nintendo product. And if it is, Nintendo make baby Jesus cry.
  8. Traded in my GBA to buy a copy of Metal Slug Advance for my brother's birthday when I was beyond skint last year.
  9. Worth a purchase? I'm off to Canada soon, planning on expanding my DS collection while the games are cheap. (Mmmm, 2.2 dollars to the pound.... *drool*_
  10. Not being WoW player, I can't really comment, but as far as I can tell he has missed the point in places. (Although a lot makes sense, like the player never being wrong in an MMO, assuming of course he isn't just hacking the shit out of the game.) It is after all, the World of Warcraft. The Warcraft games were about armies. So playing in the World of Warcraft must be about being in an army, hence the 40 man raid loot bonuses. Also, it's a roleplaying game; you get 'better' with time. If he wants a purely skill based game, then he should go play an online FPS. In RPGs you play a character, and like I get better at Street Fighter the more I play it, your character gets 'better' at WoW the more you play it.
  11. The sad thing is that I'm a 23 year old male, and that advert made me want to buy Super Princess Peach. Help me.
  12. I loved ED:SR, and MGS:TTS was greatness incarnate, so I'm looking forward to this. Those guys know how to make a good game. Now if only I could get the damn videos to work... :\
  13. Damn, it's for Windows. Any news on a Mac OS X version? It being open source'll help, I spose.
  14. ← Yeah, the man's a nutbag. I can't believe he insisted that VGcats sent the first email, even after VGcats sent Jack Thompson's original email back to him. Damn, I can't find the VGcats strip where a young Jack Thompson is raped by PacMan...
  15. It's sold out on play.com. Amazon.co.uk lists 'Wings' and 'Wings Advance'. Is there a difference?
  16. You must have had an interesting child hood. Ever told it to someone in a suit while you lie on a long leather sofa?
  17. I hear the Penny Arcade guys donated $10, 000 in his name after he refused. Apparently he was rather ticked off about this and tried to sue them. Or something. Man's insane. Sadly, Popo, Jack Thompson is real. Try and find the emails he sent to VG Cats. (vgcats.com)
  18. Damn, Windows only. Didn't someone already make Jack Thompson's game, as a GTA mod?
  19. Indiana Jones movies scared the living bejezus out of me when I was tod, but I love them now. He'll be okay. Just get your story straight. The little bastard put it on when you were out of the room. Snorted.
  20. I smell cash in. I loved Friends, all 10 seasons (although it probably shouldn't have been on for that long). But this is just one step too far, especially after the travesty that is Joey. That show just makes me want to cry. But I spose we should have seen this coming, I mean, how many spin offs and reunion shows of Happy Days did they make? This is just the tip of the ice berg, trust me. There'll be more.
  21. http://www.awbunker.com/paperwork.shtml (Blatantly stolen from boing boing.)
  22. This is either the stupidest or cleverest post ever. I want to lean to the latter, but you never know. Either way; I don't have my Xbox chipped because I can't afford it. Same for widescreen tellies and surround sound. I could get 'em, I suppose, but I'd rather eat. I buy the limited edition version of games I'm really interested in, so most of them in the end. I don't usually preorder, but that's because, again, I don't really have the cash for new games. Will do when I do, if you see what I mean. Still, I think I can tell a good game from bad.
  23. Would it be usuable as a regular PC, albeit underspecced? Perhaps some sort of cool ass server?
  24. Seeing as Halo 3 is about the only reason for me to buy an Xbox 360, I'm kinda narked that I have to wait till 2007. Fuck that shit, I want it now. I don't think there's any reason that the Halo movie will suck by default, but you know it's going to. Still, I loved Alien Vs Predator, and that was awful. (I just mentally ignore any scene with a human in it.)
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