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  1. aw fook, actually turning into a pretty decent line up. Looking at the download site throws up some clashes though (if the running time is similar for each stage) Dream Theater and Maiden, Napalm Death and Mastodon/Lamb of God
  2. Napalm Death playing Liverpool in June, fucking yay!
  3. Couldn't they just have gone to an upper level instead of taking the motorway instead? And thanks for all the recommendations, have to pick some of those up now.
  4. Thought last nights episode was very enjoyable. One thing struck me was how come it was raining if they were in a sealed under-city? Also for someone who has had Dr Who completely pass them by but want to get into the whole story arcs etc. whats a good book to start with? Wiki kind of mentions that they are seperate to the TV shows so im a bit confused.
  5. Anyone here have guilty pleasures they don't like admitting to listening to on a regular basis? Mine have to be Mudvayne. The look was very, very nu-metal and of the times, and the lyrics reek of 'woe is me'. But jeez their bass player is pure fucking gold. I could listen to him all day.
  6. No, thats pretty helpful. I think i'll go and track down Reject the sickness now.
  7. I've never really paid attention to the metalcore genre but I did catch some 'To The Fallen Hero' and was mightily impressed by it. Just been onto their myspace page. Wow! they play solo's! Going to have to investigate this further.
  8. Been listening to Motorheads most recent effort. Its pretty damn good. Theres even a ballad that is much better than it should be. Plus Lemmy sounds like Johnny Cash for the first couple of sentences.
  9. yeah, I didn't realise until my friend pointed it out. My eyes were bloodshot all day yesterday too. Also discovered i've got a massive bruise on my back when I fell over in the middle of the pit (big thanks to the chap that hauled me off my back )
  10. Saw Gwar on Friday, haven't had so much fun at a gig in ages Battling with the Pope! and Lucifer himself Train journey home was interesting. The food dye they used messed my contacts up and I lost one in the pit.
  11. Rwake are awesome, not heard the new one but can heartily recommend Hell Is A Door To The Sun and If you walk before you crawl you crawl before you die. Dozer are fun, saw them supporting Mastodon ages back at Manchester, they did a really long instrumental that was mindblowing. Got the impression from their albums that they are definately more of a live album than a studio one.
  12. I love the one in the middle of the forest built purely from reclaimed materials mostly).
  13. Cult of Luna easily surpassed Bleeding Through. Also Dying Fetus absolutely destroyed Nile when I saw them, although Nile had some technical problems with some samples.
  14. High on Fire were fantastic when they last played Liverpool. Made such a racket
  15. Are there any good sites that list metal tours? Quite fancy Municipal Waste in May. Can't decide if I shoud see Mortiis (again).
  16. Is it wrong that i'm off to see GWAR play in Liverpool in March?
  17. Funnier than it should have been. Thought the Westwood skits were very funny.
  18. Wolf's Creek scared the bejesus out of me. 1 hour of build up then...
  19. The Early Days tour (first 4 albums) Iron Maiden Rock Am Ring Some great tracks, Revelations, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Wrathchild etc etc
  20. How many versions of the sunn/boris album is there? grr
  21. Not heard of 90% of these albums (runs off to isohunt) Charlotte Gainsbourg - thumbs up. How did this slip under the radar? Air and Cocker.
  22. Only tend to drink cider or ale these days but when I venture to lager I stick to Cobra (said in Irwins voice). aah Fruli, the great Ship and Mitre in Liverpool have that on tap. Can only manage one as its like having a big dessert. Lovely though.
  23. Where are you seeing them? Got my tickets for the MEN arena, can't wait
  24. all this talk of gigs makes me realise how shit it is living outside Chester. And I bloody hate travelling to Manchester on my lonesome.
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