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  1. Just bought Terrorizer issue, listening to the free death metal history CD. Anyone read and looked at the top 40 DM albums yet?
  2. cocked that up didn't I Meant to link to this:
  3. cool, i'll check out that Old Man Gloom, sounds interesting. I'm familiar with Khanate, although not listened to the last release, which you've just prompted me to do so. thanks
  4. Just listened to Today Is The Day - In The Eyes of God. Forgotten how great this album/band is, really brutal stuff. and with titles like: The Russian Child Porn Ballet and The Cold Harshness Of Being Wrong Throughout Your Entire Life, whats not to like. Can anyone recommend other bands in this vein, loose song structures, harsh/vox vocals? thanks
  5. They said 'Fucking', its just not right.
  6. LaParka


    I'm enjoying Eureka seveN at the moment. Up to episode 11 in one day. Hoping some of the back story is going to told soon though - its a bit annoying not know why they are fighting the Federation etc.
  7. Stewart Lee was indeed hilariously funny, especially since NOTHING was happening
  8. Fair enough. I change my recommendation to Blue Cheer - Vincebus Eruptum.
  9. It did receive critical acclaim when it first came out, but because of what they became it seems to be overlooked an awful lot these days. Anyway, my choice: edit: was reminded of this in another thread. Blue Cheer - Vincebus Eruptum. Sabbath stole their thunder
  10. why bother pointing out the mask thing then if it not such a big deal And since the thread is recommending ONE heavy metal album, then surely IM and Motorhead are the cream of the crop. And if you'd have bothered to read my first point, then surely the genre itself is too complex to be encompassed by one album.
  11. haha - oooh they wore masks first they're still cack.
  12. Metal is too broad to be defined by one album. try breaking it down into a few subgenres and see how far you get. my pick for your first foray, either Iron Maiden debut (or killers) or Motorhead - Overkill.
  13. LaParka

    British Blues

    Can anyone recommend me some good British Blues along the lines of Aynsley Dunbar etc.
  14. Anyone in the fan club? new single will be streamed (I assume) online tonight at midnight. Heres a review of the album by a French magazine. Sounds very promising:
  15. how the hell do I mine for gold on Cossacks 1? ive got some mines on the go but all i'm grabbing is coal.
  16. after you make a pot of tea put it in something clear and put it on a window sill. The sun gets rid of all the crap (apparantly) and doesn't make it so bitter.
  17. The lass from Bolt Thrower and the female drummer from Earth.
  18. LaParka


    That would be cool. FLAC's take a lot of space though.
  19. LaParka


    But why would you mix with MP3's? surely in a large room the drop in quality opposed to vinyl and straight up CD's would be noticable.
  20. resurrected!! i'm on now as LaParka668 plus i'm shit
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