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    Why? its common for the ref to carry on to give a team the advantage, then book someone for ealier foul
  2. LaParka


    No common sense, could have given a yellow and advantage played so Barca could have scored.
  3. LaParka

    The Spurs Thread

    Why couldn't the ref just stop it anyway. Its ridiculous to put the responsibility on the players to put the ball out.
  4. aaah the joys of listening to a long forgotten gem. Trouble - Psalm 9
  5. LaParka


    I asked for that didn't I Does the 12" come with the funky glasses that the CD does?
  6. LaParka


    Wonder what the vinyl packaging is like.
  7. All sounds good. I wanted to try and play a character that isn't the norm, I get fed up of seeing the same characters being used etc. It was him or Oro.
  8. Does anyone use Remy in 3S? I find I can do quite well with him as I don't like the gung-ho gameplay so I crouch-DB and charge either the projectile or the flash kick. Seems to work quite well and his crouch FK has quite a long reach too. My first problem was with Sean, his jumping kick move seemed to get me far too much is there a decent way to defend against this.
  9. LaParka

    Norwegian music

    You like Cradle of Filth I take it
  10. LaParka

    Norwegian music

    Satyricon were once good, Dimmu Borgir have never been good. Plus they aren't death metal.
  11. So basically get a Hori RAP? do any sites offer free shipping as I guess this is a hefty controller?
  12. I'm the vegan, shes a veggie but the only thing stopping her being a vegan is the milk chocolate thing. so she doesn't call herself a vegan. thanks for all the suggestions so far guys!
  13. The Warriors on XBox - Mission 11
  14. Ok, so its the wifes birthday on monday and I said i'd cook her some grub, now bear in mind i'm vegan and she virtually is (apart from milk chocolate) and I can't cook. Is there anything easy yet scrummy I can make us? Cheers
  15. Can't believe I only snagged tickets for sat and sun for Leeds (due to the wife's insistence) and look whos bloody playing. Good job i've already seen Mastodon.
  16. LaParka


    If Davids had put it out would Adebayor (sp) should have put his hands up at the end and said he fouled the spurs lad.
  17. Didn't he do that because of something he mentioned earlier in the film when they were walking round bratislava? Anway, watched it last night and it was indeed crap. The hills have eyes remake was much better, and more tense etc.
  18. New Cannibal Corpse album..its still Cannibal Corpse but its very, very good.
  19. I love this album but can't stand the first two. hmmm
  20. Who Killed Marilyn - The Misfits - ahhh punk perfection
  21. Got it working!! just reset it. Anyone up for some online KOF/Gauro matches?
  22. I tried to redefine keys (player 1) and it wouldn't recognise my controller. I'm using a PS2 pad through a USB convertor. Got KOF94 loaded up hmmm
  23. Just downloaded kawaks, is kaillera pre-installed? i've been to the kaillera site and its bundled with Mame. Any clues for an idiot like me. Also, does Kawaks allow USB controller input? I can't play fighters/shooters with a keyboard.
  24. LaParka

    Sunn O)))

    oooh your life is over...make sure you check out Earth too, the band Sunn started out playing homage too. Then teeth of lions rule divine, khanate etc etc. And just to rub salt in in the wound you've just missed a Sunn tour, went to see them in Liverpool last month and spoke to O'Malley before the gig.
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