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  1. earthworm jim on the MD was the best, simple as
  2. LaParka


    I found the torrent on torrentspy.com just searched for SXSW
  3. LaParka

    Placebo - Meds

    Yeah, just listened to it, lot better than the last album. Need to give it another a couple of listens but theres not many (if at all) instantly forgettable songs on it. Which is nice
  4. I got my tickets for Maiden at manchester. Being the gentleman I am I had to get seating because of the wife. I bought them last friday (yay for fan clubs) and I bought 4 standing tickets for mates at uni. Can't wait for the new album....
  5. I need to get this downloaded, fancy playing some KOF's online!!
  6. LaParka

    Placebo - Meds

    Didn't even realise this was out, just picked it up in sainsburys. Anyone listened to it yet? any good?
  7. LaParka


    Anyone visit this site? got lots of free mp3's to listen to. Its been dead for a while (links still active though) but apparantly its going to be making a comeback. Anyone know of other (free) sites similar to this one? http://www.epitonic.com
  8. I'll try and make the Liverpool show
  9. Go and see SunnO))) and Earth on the UK tour.
  10. Cheers, I grabbed one at a time as they seemed to take so long to spawn a new can. Was a good level
  11. Any one know how to do the grafiti spraying mission? Wheres the extra spray cans, do i just beat people up for them?
  12. nah, going to be making it into a DVD
  13. Would it be worth converting it or just leaving it as a mpeg?
  14. Would like to hear what was thought of my CD
  15. Hope this is in the right place. I need a good free prog (or not demo ) to edit an Mpeg or convert to .avi. All I want to do is to fade the image in (from black) and out (to black) and to do the same with the sound. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  16. I hated you, you fat lezzer, I only pretended to die, just to get away from you. #boop bub bub boop# extra final scenes
  17. Love threads like this - going to have go back and scribble down a load of names i've never heard of and give 'em a whirl Anyway, for me its difficult because SunnO))) and Earth have just released new albums so i'll have to give them quite a few listens first. Oh and Candlemass came back this year.
  18. For me its got to be vinyl. The feel of it as you physically put it down to play it. The fact you can't walk away and leave it so the needle doesn't go onto the label. You have to clean it and store it properly. I end up buying plastic wallets to put them in You don't get that kind of love with CD's and can't with MP3's. And the fact that charity shops have loads of vinyl (classical) for about 50p that are normally prisitine. Add to the fact that you can get a lot of ltd. releases on vinyl with different colours. My three favourites at the moment being Neurosis grey marble effect (eye of every storm), Mastodon blue marble effect (Leviathan), and Soilent Green see-through green vinyl. The latter especially as I was expecting normal black vinyl. You also get picture discs which look great mounted on your wall, also cut in funny shapes. In general vinyl =
  19. Satyricon - Mother North (the video). One of the better BM videos.
  20. Captain Beefheart Darkthrone (hardly play) Napalm Death (original line up) Metallica (with Cliff)
  21. I'm not fussed if its delyed, just as long as one arrives
  22. Do I take it the person I send my disc too should be sending me a disc in return?
  23. Pretty (Ugly Before) - Elliot Smith swiftly followed by Forever And A Day (New Version) - Ian Brown
  24. White Sega Saturn Elevator Action Returns Wanda and the Colossus
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