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  1. Yeah, i see what you're all saying but neither of us are graphic designers so its kind of blind leading the blind. I've only got a demo of photoshop and haven't got coral draw or illustrator. If I get him to resend the original files could someone on here help me bluff my way through it in photoshop? Its only ever going to see the light of day on about 50 DVD covers. thanks
  2. Sorry, expect it on Wednesday morning. Hope your prepared for some heavy music Also, not received mine - think its called Karma
  3. SunnO))) - My Wall Featuring Julian Cope on vocals this track is basically two parts. First is Cope's poem and twisted vocal delivery. He doesn't overdo it with growling or screeching but he delivers some lines very intensely so much so that it distorts his voice. Second part is traditional Sunn and for that it can't be smirked at. Its 25mins long so its quite an involving listen. If you're a bit bored of the normal song arrangement try downloading the album White 1 and give it a listen. You probably won't like it but
  4. thanks cube. What do you do if the image sent to you isn't 400dpi in the first place?
  5. This album is funeral/ambient music hence the bleak appearance! Can anyone help me with the technical details. I've worked with the files the artist sent me. When I sent it to a company to print they said it wasn't enough DPI and it was too big for the page. I want it to fit in a slim-line DVD case so its about 18cm height. Is it easy to adjust? .psd format (right click to save the file) thanks in advance
  6. yeah, mention the name on metal-archives or anus.com and the amount of 'true' metal fans who crawl out is unbelievable
  7. Demilich are a funny band. Certainly very good but I don't know if they would have achieved their near legendary status if their album wasn't free to download. ...i'm ashamed to say that i'm liking one of the tracks from the roadrunner united album, the one with howard jones on. Think its the PM drumming
  8. Didn't think feedback was compulsary (it wasn't me who received your CD's BTW ) just a polite gesture.
  9. Fair enough but if it takes you a while to get into albums why trade it straight away. Isa for me is a fantastic album and very accesable for people who can't stomach most BM. Found it quite relaxing in some places.
  10. Atilla? Yeah I think he's done vocals for one of the tracks. The Cope track is fantastic 'purveyors of sonic DOOOM', plus you also get 15 mins of un-interupted drone. They did a session on the Peel show which RobDaBank was hosting and he was genuinely perplexed by it I can really get into drone but I have to be listening to it with no distraction. Can't go wrong with the originals Earth and Boris. Theres a lot of unsigned stuff such as Trollmann Av Ildtoppberg thats just mind-blowing. Really breaks down what you can perceive to be 'music'. And in a full circle can lead to stuff like Sigur Ros, Mortiis, and other ambient bands.
  11. Mega-Drive - all £3 and Pal (unless stated) Animaniacs Splatterhouse 2 - £5 Lotus Turbo Chalenge Shaq-Fu F22 Interceptor Empires of Steel Terminator Terminator 2 Kid Chameleon - £5 Mortal Kombat Fire Shark Sonic Sonic 2 Predator Mega Games I Neo-Geo MVS 4-Slot - £90 PSX Street Fighter Collection Vol II (Pal) - £7 Strikers 1945 II (Pal) £4 Trades wise i'm after a PCEngine Duo-r and PCE shmups (spec. Salamander)
  12. Anyone listened to the new SunnO))) album? any thoughts on it?
  13. Got this when I saw them last year:
  14. Whoever's expecting a cd from me will get it posted on Tuesday. Just got to sort out the tracklisting. Most of it is fast metal that slowly gets very slow to really slow (funeral doom). hope they like it
  15. argggghhhh I would have taken them off your hands. May Varg visit you in your sleep and burn your house down
  16. LaParka


    Love Cathedral. Need to save some money to get this on LP. Wonder if that would smell of apples DOOM SHALL RISE!!!!
  17. ok, it'll be the whole shebang from me then
  18. I'm looking forward to getting a cd of a genre i don't like or listen to much i.e. hip-hop. Anyway, this is my first compilation so do we send the tracklisting with it?
  19. I was asking if anyone had used them before. thanks for the links though
  20. Where did people get their jamma looms and jamma edge connectors from? whats a good price to be paying for them? cheers
  21. Ok, i'm starting my shopping list with a few bits and pieces. PSU - how much should I be paying for one of these and whats the best voltage to get? Jamma connector - 2X28 £1.40 Jamma loom - £15 (is this a good price) Hows this to begin with? Anyone found any decent cases for their test rigs?
  22. I've pm'd you my details - so can I be in please!
  23. I've had it on eGay three times, advertised it on NG.com, here and NTSC-uk. and nothing. I'll probably keep it now - unless some wants it
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