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  1. I've been wanting to make one of these for ages. You might just push me over the edge and make me get my backside in gear. I've had a 4-slot MVS board I can't get rid of so I think its a sign. I'm going to be acculmulating the parts over the coming weeks with a view to build the thing over the christmas break from Uni. Then to start the search for a Donpachi PCB. Does anyone know how much these roughly go for? (not a full kit though )
  2. Heres what i've got :- Sony Amp Turntable - Saving for a P3 tough Two Eltax Monitor III Bi-wired. Think the effect is lost because my amp can't be biwired. Oh well. And a tape player (you can still get tapes /V\ ). Something called a CeeDee player. Not sure if it'll last though. They say they don't skip and will last forever Future plans - I've got a stand on order so I can get it properly set-up. Get some shock absorbers for TT etc. Finally upgrade the amp to a Rega i've got my eye on (with a phono stage)
  3. Most of them are, and a bit self-righteous about it too
  4. I'm a vegan so i'm fussy in that respect. But the flip-side being, anything I can eat i'll give it a go. mmmm tofu curry last night with big chunks of broccoli
  5. Found these two critters in the garden. Was actually a third but he ran off. ...and one decided to run up my arm
  6. Come to Liverpool (Mastodon) you buggers!! Saw them in Manchester last year (two days before the mighty Isis/Jesu!!!) and was blown away...by the support act - Dozer Anyways, wish i could go, but its too far for me
  7. I've never given Ian Brown the time of day seeing as I wasn't much of a fan of the Stone Roses. However I picked up Music of the Spheres and it blew me away. Easily in my top 10 albums. This guy is sorely underated.
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