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    NFL 2017

    Jacksonville absolutely bossing it These games are usually when you see the worst in Ben because he tries to force it too much and ends up with ridiculous plays by throwing interceptions or giving up sacks. Even on the TD to Brown, Watt was wide open and uncovered.
  2. We've had to move out of our current gaming spot for a few weeks because the Pub we use is being renovated. We've used it as an excuse to start a group closer to home and then continue using the pub on a different night when it reopens. We had five turn up (including myself) for our first evening last night but lots of interest on the Geek and by FB. A lot of people have expressed interest about coming next week so we might even hit double figures! Turns out theres a guy who lives near me with nearly 700 games in his collection on the geek who writes a gaming blog.
  3. Has anyone gone to a games con with more playing than selling? Been the expo a few times (quite a few) but I think thats a bit of an anomaly. Went for the Sunday at Stabcon but ended up playing five player games with all the regulars on a Wednesday, which was a bit weird because we could have just met somewhere closer to home I've surprised myself by booking to go to a three day con in January and staying in a hostel. Would never have dreamed of doing something like this last year, but I know quite a few who are going. Annoyingly i'm working on the Saturday so i'll be going on Friday and driving back late to go to work and then go back around dinnertime Saturday. Really looking forward to it and hopefully going to be able to play something stupidly long like an 18XX game
  4. Another good evening at the game club, played Signorie from What's Your Game. I've only played Railroad Revolution by them previously and enjoyed it immensely, they publish games which I think I'd love. I've got Zhan Guo but not actually played it yet Anyway, this game has dice. I've become more and more frustrated with dice in longer games just due to the randomness of them but I'll always look for interesting ways to use dice like in games such as Troyes or La Granja. In the Signorie you have a player board with five action spaces denoted by a colour and a number, yellow 1, red 2 etc. Each space has extra spaces underneath which need to have a token on to activate it. So if you take the yellow action and have a token in one of the three spaces whenever you use the yellow action you can do that extra action. The numbers are important because it impacts the dice. Start of the turn all the dice are rolled and placed on the board. If you take a blue dice which on your board is value 4, you have to take at least a blue dice of four or higher, or pay the difference in coins. The really interesting part is of the five actions you can only choose a maximum of four per turn and if the total of all dice is equal to or less than 13 you get access to the bonus action (which is good) so choosing those two 6 dices and then there not being a 1 value dice means out of four actions you can only do two or not get the bonus action. Really interesting mechanic. Keeps you engaged not on your turn because your evaluating what dice are left and in which colour. Points are taken by collecting tokens which you get by sending male meeples in diplomatic engagement organisations female meeples in marriage proposals. Both have their own way of doing it and the puzzle is being efficient and also doing it quickly. I decided pretty early that spamming my player board to get the extra actions was worth it so at one point I was about 40 points behind but once I got my little engine running I was just able to do so much more on a turn, even having the luxury of only taking three of the four actions and still achieving what I wanted to. Ended up winning by about ten points. Couple of things I would have done differently but definitely want to play it again. Good stuff
  5. LaParka

    NFL 2017

    https://www.clippituser.tv/c/rvmgvg https://streamable.com/34rrv Ouch
  6. LaParka

    NFL 2017

    Bengals Steelers was an 'interesting' game. Always seems to devolve into a lot of dirty plays, from both sides. Story as old as time though with the Bengals choking. How Lewis has kept his job I'll never know. Record amount of penalty yards, which is impressive even for the Bengals. Burfict got absolutely lit up, which most people won't lose sleep over. Brown scored a TD and got smashed in the face. Shazier got a stinger and lost feeling in his extremities and is still in hospital. When we played the Ravens (when they were good) they always seemed to be ridiculously hard hitting, but even though Ward and Lewis were playing, they always seemed to have this begrudging respect for each other. If we play Bengals again in the post season I expect it to be another bloodbath. Quite a few articles about the game last night saying it is the worst advert for the league.
  7. I listen to the Wheel of Time series at 1.8 because the guy is so bloody slow. Otherwise I hover around the 1.5/1.6 speed. 1x speed sounds too slow to my ears now.
  8. They've balanced a couple of things and put rules in for 2 players where you modify the deck but its mostly the same with a really nice art upgrade. The biggest knock against wallace's stuff is the art is pretty bland. This is the board we played on last night
  9. Dark Descent are normally a good indicator something is going to at least be worth a listen, same with Profound Lore. Iron Maiden tickets went on sale today, went to order them but backed out when for my wife and I and my kids to go would be near on £300. I've paid that in the past but its just too much.
  10. yeah, this came after Brass where he tried to streamline the rules a little. A bit like Steam is to Age of Steam. If you've played one you'll roughly know how the other plays but they feel very different.
  11. Played Age of Industry three times in as many weeks and I'm love with it. We played the Japan map which had a few rule changes but made you think about the puzzle in a different way. Much fewer train routes to build, with a potential to be locked out in certain regions. More ship spaces but less industrial spaces, you could only build iron in one space and it was off up in the corner. Biggest change was the 'draw two cards' action. In regular AoI there are two cards face up or the draw deck and that's your choice. In this one there is a display of six cards with a money value next to each card. When you do the draw action, if you pay that cost you can spend the card immediately which means you can be building in four spaces instead of two etc. Couple of turns where you could spend a fortune but get a huge jump on the board. This card selection means you go through the deck quickly so it's a quicker game than normal. Finishing scores were 26, 24, 22 and 17. Next week we're going to play the Chicago map which is iron heavy, the ability to sell coal and iron as an action and huge mega cities to build in. The aim is to play every map over the coming weeks (there are 8). Still hugely excited for Brass since playing this.
  12. Taluva hits that sweet spot between regular carcassonne and princess and the dragon expansion. There's some element of screwing someone over but because it can be quite tight, you'd only really do it if it benefits you. Played Age of Industry again last night, this time with just three players. Amazing game. The mechanics of the game are relatively simple, especially compared to something like Great Western Trail but putting together a coherent plan, oh boy. You're constantly juggling taking loans (which you pay interest on) with paying for industries, which you need to flip to get paid out on to keep your head above water. On one turn I had to take two loans to add to my other three to build two industries. On my next turn I was able to flip a load of industries, ports and ships and got a huge payout. I paid off all my loans and made a gain of three money. Doesn't sound much but I felt like a genius scores at the end were 36, 40 and 40 and I won on the tie break. I'd play it again right now if I could and it's got me pretty excited for Brass.
  13. I really enjoyed it. I know there's one guy at the pub who wouldn't play it because you can destroy peoples villages but it goes with the theme. There's something very satisfying when you either chain a nice line of villages or you manage to place a three tile high tower Looks ace when it's all finished too. Highly recommended
  14. Yeah, it was manic but also quite controlled because you could play it conservatively. Not much activity on BGG and looks quite expensive to pick up too, which is a shame. Its different to the other racing games i've played like Flamme Rouge where the track is an element but your choices are limited. Things like this happen in Powerboats https://boardgamegeek.com/image/1002232/powerboats Start of the race and everyone picks a massively different route
  15. I also picked up in a trade EuroRails by Mayfair. Train game which is pick up and deliver but you have to pay to create your line. The balance is making money from deliveries and then expanding your network but the cool thing is that you draw on the bard with coloured crayons. The game is from 1991 and the cards inside were still sealed!
  16. Had a full day of games yesterday and I remembered that i've not put anything in here for a while. This might be a bit of brain dump! Age of Industry - Absolutely loved this. I'm a sucker for any game which requires you to balance your finances and the ability to plan ahead based on what your opponents are doing. You're aiming to have different industries on the board and ports which are linked to ships. The aim is to get these industries to flip and thus pay out and then be worth victory points. Coal and Iron works flip when all the resources on that tile are used by players and Cotton mills and Warehouses flip when you manage to sell to a port. Spaces are limited and in a five player game, they fill up really quickly. Theres rules on placement and what technology level can go on the board so you're constantly judging when is the best time to place an industry and when to develop instead. I can't wait to try Brass when my KS turns up now. Poison - Knizia card game. The most prolific man in the industry. There are three cauldrons and each take either red, purple or blue. Green is wildcard but poison. The cards in your hand are differing values and on your turn you place one of them into a cauldron. The cauldron can't go higher than 13 and if you take it over you take all the cards in that cauldron and place your card on it instead. Keep going round until everyone is out of cards. Each card you take is worth 1 point and each poison is 2 points but if you have the most of one colour you discard them and they become 0. So you have to play off what other people are taking and what you can afford to go nuts with because you know you'll have the most of that colour. I love his little card games and this was no exception. One of the chaps brought up a good point and that there is no targeting in this game, you're just playing into the cauldrons and not specifically making one player have to take cards back. We have a guy who occasionally turns up who really doesn't like any game with player conflict, even light, so this would work for him. For example, he thinks Notre Dame is a mean game! Powerboat - One type of game i'd never really looked at is racing games, now we seem to play them all the time. This one has a board with no straight lines just lots of obstacles, so you can take whichever route you want. The board is made up of hexagons which affect which direction your boat moves. you can only turn one face each turn, so no sharp hairpin turns. To move you roll a D3 and move that distance in a straight line or one face turn either way. When its your next turn you can either move that distance again, roll the dice and move the new distance, pick up another dice and roll that, or pick up another dice and roll both. Each turn you can only pick up or put down one dice so if you've got four dice and are blasting away in a straight line but all of a sudden you want to turn, you will be turning with three dice and potential careering into a wall! You do three races and the courses are randomised but also the way you go round the buoys is random too, you could place them in a square and you go round clockwise or you flip two and have to do a figure of eight. Loved this but one guy really struggled and basically retired after the second race because he ballsed his moves up on both previous races. Puerto Rico - Loved this. It has a mechanic where a player chooses a role, everyone else gets to do it but the player who chose it gets a slightly better version of said role. Means for a average length game, you're constantly involved on each players turn so there is hardly any downtime at all. You're producing goods, selling it on or shipping it out, making money, buying more benefits or storage houses for goods and repeating the process. I got a nice little combo about taking extra fields and victory points on having fields on my board. Plague Inc. - This to me is what Pandemic feels like it should be. Co-op games can be ok but i've soured a bit on them. In this you're infecting cities and trying to cause them to collapse. You have to pick trait cards which give you better abilities but a nice twist is that the currency in the game are you victory points. There are event cards which can be played on your turn or to interrupt a players turn to add more shenanigans. Really enjoyed this so might have to hunt the app out. Interesting decisions when you're debating to give yourself diarrhoea or dysentery . Zero - Knizia card game. You're collecting two different sets, a set of five numbers and a set of five cards of one colour, but the twist is you only have nine cards. So one of the coloured cards you're collecting has to be the same value as the set of numbers that your're collecting. We played a five player game and it definitely works better at a higher player count. At the start of the game some cards are removed so you don't know if all the '4's can be collected as a set or if there are enough yellow cards. Plus you're also looking at what cards other players are picking up to see if they are collecting what you're after. If you complete a set of five they are classed as 0 points. Anything not in a set is the value on the card but only one number so if you end up with 1, 1, 2, 2, and 3 as scoring you only score 1, 2, 3, for a score of 6. This also means a lot of players steer clear of the high numbers which make them slightly easier to collect as a set, but if you don't finish the set you could score quite a lot. Lowest score wins the game. That'll do for now, but over the last few weeks i've played: Taluvia Trains Detroit-Cleveland Grand Prix Medici: The Card Game Snow Tails Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy M Batavia Horse Fever Keltis: Das Kartenspiel Battle Sheep Attika Flamme Rouge Factory Fun Glen More New Haven Ulm Glass Road Thats more than I thought!
  17. I can't get this song out of my head. Nothing ground breaking but just absolutely wonderful to listen to. Try and guess what his voice will sound like before playing it
  18. LaParka


    Been trying to survive a decent amount of time in DoDonPachi but quick question, of all the modes that are available, is there a commonly accepted version to play when trying for a high score?
  19. £15? I'm in Ellesmere Port which might or might not be closer to you
  20. Age of Steam 3rd Edition - for free! Bought AoS for boardgameguru a few weeks back but when he came to send it he emailed to say he couldn't find it in the warehouse. Offered to order me one in but it would take a couple of weeks, not a problem, never in a rush for a game. Got an email yesterday saying that it's turned up, but it's the Dutch version. Game is mostly language independent but he'll send English rules, refund me the order and still send it! Told him that was too much, a little bit of discount would be more than enough, but he wasn't having anything of it and insisted on refunding me. The game itself has two boards which have some text on, but after a turn you don't need the text to know what the spaces do. Plus they're in black and white and I was going to print a full colour version that someone has made on the geek anyway. Awesome customer service from bgg and an awesome game. Probably won't play it for months anyway
  21. Thinking about my top ten, with a bit of cheating i'd currently go for - Labyrinth War on Terror (plus expansion). - COIN system. Not decided on favourite but easiest to run currently is Colonial Twilight as two player - Age of Steam. Not quite the full 18XX treatment, but still enough cash flow worry to give you a headache for the first portion of the game. Need to play more maps but fell in love instantly. - Carcassonne (all expansions and the stand alone variants). Love this game - Feast for Odin > Caverna > Agricola (similar, but different) - Colonists. Resources taken to its logical conclusion. More a logistics puzzle but oh so satsifying when you get some nice combos working. Length works against it though. - Lord of the rings LCG - Mage Knight - Castles of Burgundy (and most Feld games. Year of the Dragon, La Isla, Notre Dame etc) - Mage Knight Dropped off from previous are Splendor, Hive, Snowdonia and 7 Wonders.
  22. Nothing much has caught my eye this year but I really need to hunt that expansion for FfO and the one for the Colonists
  23. Pokemon TCG is another good shout. Couple of theme decks is enough to get started
  24. Kingdomino is really good, teaches players essentially about bidding for turn order and how that effects a game. Really shows up players who can't plan ahead. It does play quickly though but there's an expansion/variant on the way called Queendomino Oh My goods is a really good push your luck game and is pretty cheap. It's got an expansion which adds a bit of narrative but doesn't change the game too much so isn't essential unless you really like it. Fighting talk! I think carcassonne is a beautiful bit of design, not sure I trust peoples judgement if they say they don't like it it can be a vicious game, it's not so much reliant on look as people would like you to believe. A good player will beat an average player nearly 100% of the time. Base game is good for learning the system and the expansions can make it more convoluted or easier to score points. Princess and the Dragon changes it too much for me but all the others are worth a look. The stand alone versions are all decent too and just different enough to own a couple. I've got Over Hill and Dale which adds set collecting. South Seas which doesn't score like traditional Carcassonne and has orders that you have to fulfil with resources that you've collected. Gold Rush has cities being the central bit as they are mountains and have gold that you dig for, very point heavy. I've even got the winter version which is exactly the same as the base game, just drawn with snow tiles! Does have its own expansion though with a gingerbread man Need to play Amazonas and Hunter Gatherers next, and the Castle, and that weird one about the Ark
  25. Hive, fungi, odin's ravens, Limes, and carcassonne are favourites in ours at 2p
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