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  1. Cheers, I just took the plunge I was a bit on the fence as I'm worried FH7 seems to be all off road and mini games so far but I can't really complain for that price. Sold.
  2. Finally got some footage of these upgraded visuals. https://twitter.com/formula1game/status/1400122497803198464?s=21 Be warned: this YouTuber is pretty irritating.
  3. Is there anyway to login to the rewards app without using an xbox? Mobile or web or something? I'm going away for a week tonight and one of the weekly challenges is log into the rewards app on 3 seperate days. I'm on a 52 week streak that's looking like it's about to come to end thanks to a force majeure
  4. Max Mosely has died I know he was a man that divided opinions but, say what you want about him, we have a lot more living former (and probably even current) racing drivers today than we would have had. I think the sport is the better for having had him. RIP Max.
  5. They are using it in F2 as well. Very annoying.
  6. No. Gearboxes rules operate differently to engine components. While there is no limit on the number you can use, the same Gearbox must be for six consecutive races. Then of course there is also the parc ferme rules (no change to the setup or components) which come into effect when the driver leaves the pits for the first time in qualifying. They can however use an entirely different gearbox during practice but they must swap it out before qualifying.
  7. Wait... this feels familiar....
  8. Jesus https://racingnews365.com/security-shot-in-failed-robbery-attempt-on-perez-home
  9. For the 2008 season onwards. It was a cost cutting measure.
  10. Last year, maybe. However, they went with Comic Sans this year. I can only assume they lost a bet. Again.
  11. Wait, I'm sure I played this on the Amiga. I loved that game! Xenomorph.
  12. Formula 2 is also batshit. Whilst some teams will run both cars in the same livery (Prema for example). Other teams not only run cars in different liveries to each other but they can also be the same livery as the other car from another team. It wasn't until after my first year of watching that I realised that the 2 Red Bull liveried cars were actually cars from 2 different team
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