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  1. That the name for Star Citizen's 'update / briefing / whatever' is called 'Citizen Con' is sublime and I'm sure entirely unintentional.
  2. I'm now guilty of needing to make an entry on this list. I'm playing Sable and got about 80% the way through (I only have 2 masks outstanding) before discovering you can increase your stamina (which determines how high you can climb in what is ostensibly a climbing game) You can increase it 4 fold, so I've gone through most of the game only being able to climb as high 25% of what you ultimately can. There were whole sections where I just eventually concluded that the developers just didn't want you to access certain points. It was only near the end when I finally discovered the thing near the start of the game that lets you increase it. What a total muppet.
  3. Just give me Batman, New Zealand Story & FA-18 Interceptor so I can recreate Christmas 1989 and pretend the none of proceeding years ever happened and it will be worth every penny. The method for sideloading games really should include a screenshot of X-Copy for peak nostalgia.
  4. Great racing. Max would have just plowed into Lewis if it had been him instead of Perez.
  5. That happened to me once, I found a good way to fix it was to fast travel somewhere. Your bike will then be there with you (parked in a bike spot if you travel to a town).
  6. I do wonder why it's bad for some people on Series X and not others. As I say it's perfectly fine for me until I changed my bike to the Electic bike and only then when on the bike. I guess the only other factor is tv settings? Edit: But to those suffering, you definitely have my sympathies. After experiencing it when I had the electric Bike, if that was what it is like all the time for you then it is definitely not going to fun or playable. Hopefully they can figure it out and patch it because it is genuinely a wonderful game (apart from the annoying camera!)
  7. So I spoke too soon when I said I hadn't got any frame rate issues. I've found that when I upgraded my hover bike to the electric bike, the frame rate plummetted while I was riding. So much so that i changed the bike to a different one. I do stil notice it dip a bit when riding the bike but none when I'm on foot. But yeah the electric bike really hit it hard. I've also had to restart the game to get some beatles to appear. Still loving it though. Just did the quest where you...
  8. I’m loving this. Just loving it. Not had any frame rate issues (I’m on series x) but have fallen through the floor twice (but instantly got out without trouble). Can’t really complain when you compare it to some big budget RPGs. Was this really only made by 2 people? It’s simultaneously calming and moorish. I keep coming back to it after I think I’m done for the day. Anyway, love it.
  9. Paul Di Resta is, in my personal opinion, awful. While I will concede that he has got decent knowledge, he is also sadly, a rambling mess. He abandons sentences midway through and finishes other sentences that he only started in his head. His grasp of the english language syntax is so profoundly poor that it beggars belief that it is his first language. Alex Brundle real.....ly grates on.....ME as.....Well. It's like he's constantly buffering. Sadly, the apple fell very from the tree that day. So much so that I can only assume that as it fell, it was grabbed by 2 African Swallows and flown to parts unknown. Who is surprisingly good though, is Jordan King. He's done a few of the F2 / F3 rounds this year (in place of A.Brundle) and he's superb. Really great delivery, concise, knowledgeable. It's a shame he never made it to F1 as I suspect that's one of Sky's prerequisites for their F1 driver pundit team. He's genuinely superb in the commentary booth.
  10. Playing Devil's advocate here (I actually don't like the cards / mods) but they don't change the physics / performance of the cars in FM7. They did in FM6 but, mercifully, they scrapped that bullshit for FM7. In FM7, they are only for bonuses i.e. do the race in cockpit view and get 20% extra credits or start at the back of the grid etc. Still nonsense mind. Here's the complete list: https://forza.fandom.com/wiki/Forza_Motorsport_7/Mods
  11. Yay! Portimao has finally been added. Imola next month and Jedah the month after. The Aston Martin Safety car has been added as well. Plus some changes to the handling model for low speed corners as well as livery updates. https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/portimao-added-to-f1-2021-video-game-in-first-major-update/6666992/ https://www.ea.com/games/f1/f1-2021/news/f1-2021-safety-car-performance-update
  12. Getting huge Hill / Schumacher vibes edit: Jinx!!
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