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  1. No, that was after I entered my login details at the checkout page so I didn't get as far as you.
  2. I managed to get to the checkout at Game (given up on Smyths) but now I'm in a queue to actually checkout.
  3. Arhghghgh this is so painfull. I've got one in basket but the checkout keeps timing out...
  4. I wonder how Vettel is going to adapt to being a number 2 driver.... https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/152359/stroll-gets-new-racing-point-aero-updates-for-sochi
  5. I don’t know if anyone else follows Joe Saward on Twitter but I’ve finally decided to unfollow him. I think he’s a great journalist but man what a dick. The last few days have really shown what a tool he is. He’s especially not had a great day today. He’s been on the arseholes side of the fence re: the whole Hamilton & Racism debate for the last few days. Then this morning, seemingly apropos of nothing, posted a really douchebag asshole comment passively aggressively telling some journalism uni student she was shit. This has not gone unnoticed by many. Sorry. I do appreci
  6. Ah right, cheers guys. I'm just checking the website like a dope. Will give that a go later. Cheers.
  7. How do you get to that? I'm on the redeem page but I can only see the 5850 price.
  8. Dan Greenawalt talks about Forza AI in the latest Ars Technica's episode. This is about Forza in general and not specific to the upcoming game but I couldn't think of a better thread to post it in. FYI, if you don't follow Ars Technica, I really would recommend it. Genuinely fascinating insights.
  9. 3 corners of racing so far.
  10. Lol I came to the post the exact same gif.
  11. Simon Roberts is the new (albeit stand-in) Williams Acting Team Principal. He was the guy they hired earlier this year to be their Managing Director. Before that he was McLaren's Operations Director (as well as GM).
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