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  1. I was thinking of adding Go Faster Stripes but that's about the limits of my ability with regards to tuning.
  2. LowCostMonkey - 01:02:893 Had to ditch the steering wheel and go back to the controller. I've got normal steering and auto gears on but all other assists off. I was using manual gears for a while but for some reason I couldn't get the first corner right using manual gears, I kept downshifting at the wrong time and pitching the car. Will try it again with simulation steering but keeping autogears.
  3. Stuck at 01:03.634 I did have all assists switched off but I ended up giving in and switching to normal steering. I’ve got Meatball’s ghost loaded and while I’m pretty close the first half of the lap, he just smashes my face in for the second half. I can’t get that last corner right at all.
  4. Sweet, I've never tried those 2 games. They're on my list now.
  5. The only track from Hard Drivin' Also the Austrian Redbull Ring Ring (which to my knowledge is only in F1 games, would love to see it in the next Forza) And Maple Valley in Forza Motorsport And last but not least, The Goliath in Forza Horizon 4
  6. Beyond The Grid by Tom Clarkson is excellent. The James Allison episode is especially incredible.
  7. I like the little nose wing
  8. This is pretty cool. It has a slider so you can see the difference between this years and last years cars. The regulation floor changes are really obvious in these. https://www.racefans.net/2021/02/22/sliders-compare-the-new-alfa-romeo-c41-with-last-years-car/ https://www.racefans.net/2021/02/19/interactive-compare-the-new-alphatauri-at02-with-last-years-car/
  9. Love that Torro Rosso! Gorgeous.
  10. Well the important thing is, I didn’t imagine it.
  11. Shouldn’t there be a Mercedes logo on there somewhere?
  12. I cannot beleive I wasted 40 minutes of my life watching that. 39 minutes of mind numbing triviality followed by "oh yeah here's the car they'll be driving" which then instantly cut to infuriatingly badly edited close up janky shots of the car that meant you had no real idea what it looked like. They didn't have the car there! A live car reveal with no car.
  13. Hopefully he should be ok for the season opener. He's got some broken teeth but no broken jaw or any fractures. He wasn't actually hit by a car either. He came off his bike when braking hard to avoid hitting a car.
  14. So all of the reports leaking supposed insider info about the negotiations said that Lewis wanted a 3 year deal but Mercedes only wanted to give him a 1 year deal. Of course these "leaks" are all uncorroborated but they were at least always consistent in that regards. Hopefully all will be revealed in a few years time in the inevitable auto-biography.
  15. Almost certainly going to his best chance yet but with the cars largely carrying over from last year and considering the dominance Mercedes had with that car, I dunno, 2022 might be better. Hopefully it will be close this year though! *fingers crossed* *taps wood so as not to jinx it*
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