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  1. Saw the thread title and immediately thought of Mass Effect but I see that's been said already. I always thought that Fallout New Vegas would make quite a good quirky darkly funny sci-fi show. Although given the current penchant for medieval game of thrones magical world type shows at the moment, I'd guess that the Elder Scrolls would be the most likely tv show from Bethesda.
  2. Not sure if this counts as 'not that long ago' but Short Circuit 2 for Fisher Stevens' role.
  3. Am I the only one who is bothered by the thought of those vents blowing hot air all over the cables that will be dangling infront of them?
  4. For me it's about having enough processing and GPU power to finally be able to properly and fully recreate historically accurate giant enemy crabs.
  5. Here's the actual list of games which are either exclusive just to xbox, exclusive to pc & xbox and then timed exclusive to xbox. They are colour coded so you can see which is which. https://www.gematsu.com/exclusives/xbox-one And just so there's no favoritism, here's the same list for the PS4. https://www.gematsu.com/exclusives/ps4 Both lists contain some pretty awesome games.
  6. I'm still holding onto hope that my 3DO is finally going to get that promised upgrade.
  7. I would have thought this eases the pressure (a little) on Mercedes now. With Leclerc's 5 year deal, Ferrari seems to placing him at the center of their future so it would be surprising (to me at least) to see Hamilton make that switch now. I imagine RedBull were able to provide very convincing evidence to Max that they will be title contenders. Perhaps they are investing heavily in 2021 at the expense of 2020 and Max wants to reclaim some of that sunk cost. Hopefully Seb will bounce back this year and stay on at Ferrari or maybe he might move to Mercedes and become Lewis's team mate (that would be a tremendous line up). _
  8. Just got of the cinema. Trying to work out if my negative feelings are really just stemming from the fact that 2 morons I was sat next to felt the need to give a loud running commentary from trailers to credits. I’m trying to decide if I liked it or not. I don’t think I did.
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