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    Motor Sport, Games obviously, sci-fi, crisps, the terrifying acceleration of the passage of time, general geeky things basically.

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  1. I spend 3 hours a day on ForumSimulator. Although the latest update nerfed negs
  2. As nice as that looks, the collision detection and clipping seems dreadful on that.
  3. Framed #196 https://framed.wtf Who else guessed…
  4. Jesus Christ €2,000 is a lot for a graphics card. Even the 4080 is insane. My aging pc has been creaking at the seams for the last 6 months but I’ve been holding off until this and Intel’s Raptorlake get released. But man, I don’t know. Not sure how much longer my rust bucket can last though. Something will collapse first. It will either be my restraint and bank balance or my love of PC gaming. God damn it, this is going to cost me a fortune isn’t it?
  5. They are pointless. Even worse are the 'tease' trailers where you can't even tell what kind of game it is. They're shite mate. Bin em. Gameplay or get out.
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