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  1. Never under-estimate the importance of a good toilet. It's where most of my mobile gaming occurs.
  2. I spend 3 hours a day on ForumSimulator. Although the latest update nerfed negs
  3. As nice as that looks, the collision detection and clipping seems dreadful on that.
  4. Framed #196 https://framed.wtf Who else guessed…
  5. Jesus Christ €2,000 is a lot for a graphics card. Even the 4080 is insane. My aging pc has been creaking at the seams for the last 6 months but I’ve been holding off until this and Intel’s Raptorlake get released. But man, I don’t know. Not sure how much longer my rust bucket can last though. Something will collapse first. It will either be my restraint and bank balance or my love of PC gaming. God damn it, this is going to cost me a fortune isn’t it?
  6. They are pointless. Even worse are the 'tease' trailers where you can't even tell what kind of game it is. They're shite mate. Bin em. Gameplay or get out.
  7. This might be the greatest website in the history of man. https://onepoundcrisps.com/cat/full-cases/ - STEER CLEAR And they are selling Scampi & Lemon Nik Naks! Oh man they even have Quaterbacks (but out of stock ) EDIT: Scratch that. This place is an absolute nightmare. Made the mistake of ordering from them. Never showed up and just a bunch of single line "i don't give a shit" replies from them. Having to go through PayPal to get my money back. Avoid.
  8. First game where NPCs have specific animation to being shot in the bum. Goldeneye?
  9. At the end of the day, if after hijacking a bus, racing it through crowded streets and then off a cliff with the passengers still onboard and then parachuting out of it and then machine gunning it as it hurtles to the ground, then carjacking another car, racing along the pavements, occasionally stopping to collect the cash from the people I've mown down, I can then just get home, sit down and play a nice game of Grand Theft Auto, I'll be happy with whatever they produce.
  10. Robocop 1, 2 & 3 on the Amiga were great (with 3 being particularly underrated) and Batman was the main reason I got an Amiga. Ghostbusters 2 was was also great. I think what I really liked about those games is that they weren't just platformers all the way through, they had different game modes to represent different parts of the film. They actually put thought into it. I remember really liking Howard The Duck on the Amstrad which was apparently actually rubbish. I loved it but I was 6 years old and probably thought the Real Ghostbusters were better than the actual Ghostbusters (I didn't).
  11. So I just launched it, it loaded ok initially but then eventually showed a Sky error message saying.. "Thanks for your patience - we're adding subscriptions as quickly as we can so you can start enjoying Paramount+. Please try again later by going to My Sky and selection Paramount+" Seems like maybe they could have added peoples subscriptions before they launched it but hey ho. I'll check back later.
  12. Definitely shorter than 6ft I'm a wee 5'7" so I look like a toddler in this thing. Still, it's nice to swing my legs whilst sat down, I'm sure that counts as exercise.
  13. I bought a Titan a few months ago, after reading this thread. Wasn't sure I'd notice the difference between my old £70 chair but holy moly it's a world of difference in terms of quality and sturdiness. The only thing is, I think I wish I'd gone for the slightly smaller Omega chair as this a touch big for me. I feel like a kid in this thing.
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