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  1. Wait, hang on a minute… Did Max only run 1 compound of tyres this race? Medium - Medium? The regulation says that if the race is suspended and restarted you still need to run 2 compounds. It’s only not an issue if the race is not resumed (or it’s wet).
  2. What a child, wonder if that’s a breach of podium policy. Do they have to have a picture?
  3. Apparently the podium has something fancy
  4. Anyone just lose audio or is it my tv?
  5. Oh wow Max is getting booed to fuck!
  6. Brilliant. Glad we missed the overtake for the lead. Thanks Race Director.
  7. This circuit is absolutely not fit for purpose.
  8. There’s no love lost between Ocon and Verstappen.
  9. This is like an episode of the west wing
  10. Finally get to hear Massi being stern!
  11. I’m sorry but Max is such a dirty driver. He just is.
  12. Sir, Max stuck his tongue out at me! Sir, Lewis crossed his eyes at me! Sir, Lewis isn’t sitting in his chair properly Sir, Max just shanked me in my stomach
  13. If Lewis has stayed out, Max would have pitted. Then it would have looked like Lewis had lost the race, then the Red Flag would have still dropped and all the conspiracy theories would be going in the opposite direction.
  14. Fair play to Redbull for the gamble though. Big risk but it paid off. Go big or go home, can’t fault em for it.
  15. But the Stewards never give Max presents!!
  16. That’s handed the race to max. Maybe even the championship.
  17. Fair play to him though for going all out full balls to the wall. He’s a fighter. Incredible lap on the absolute limit until he crossed it.
  18. Oooof! That must have been a big one. Glad he’s ok.
  19. Very sad news. A legend in his own time and forever more.
  20. Was genuinely surprised to see this as my most played game. I figured it would be a Forza variant. Wait I definitely do own an original xbox, I think I just had a different xbox live account for that. A
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