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  1. pinholestar

    Dishonored 2

    The brilliant noclip tell the tale of how Arkane Studios came to be and how they ended up making these wonderful games.
  2. Battlefront 2 is a great game now. They got rid of all the loot box shite and there’s tons of content, maps and characters from all three trilogies to play around with. The singleplayer campaign is pretty crap but the co-op and multiplayer are great fun and there are decent bot options if you really don’t want to play with other humans. They turned it around in fine style and it’s something of a Star Wars fan’s wet dream now.
  3. BFV has crisper gunplay but the map design, class differentiation, vehicles, game modes, and above all atmosphere in BF1 are far better in my opinion. BF1 would always guarantee me a great time and I’d regularly lose entire evenings to it in the blink of an eye. It would (and still does) routinely throw up incomparably epic and desperate battles among the blood and thunder of its furious battlefields. BFV was maybe 50/50 in terms of whether I’d actually be having fun with it and I rarely would play it for more than an hour or two before getting inevitably bored or frustrated. No comparison for me between the two. BF1 I rate as having provided me with some of the greatest gaming experiences I’ve ever had. BFV will be completely forgotten before long. It occasionally had its moments but it’s an undoubted low point in the series for many (and I include people I know who actually worked on the development team too).
  4. Those were my control recommendations back when it came out and I still use them now for Online. Seem to work pretty well for me.
  5. I replayed the first section a couple of months ago and it wasn’t as long as I remembered it to be. Was a pleasant surprise. I’d say that including all the cutscenes there’s about an hour tops of crawling around a hospital staring at Snake’s arse crack while a man literally made of fire stalks you.
  6. And that's your lot! June's update will be the last new content for Battlefield V. https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/battlefield/battlefield-5/news/the-future-of-battlefield-v?utm_campaign=bf5_hd_ww_ic_soco_twt_tw-the-future-of-battlefield-v&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&cid=63048&ts=1587646590769 I've had some fun with this game but it has ended up as a huge disappointment when all is said and done. It just never got going and they've evidently decided to cut their losses. I really hope they can get back on track with the next one but I'm not hopeful.
  7. Yeah, Disney (who own ESPN) straight up told him that he can't do it. The whole enterprise was in rather bad taste I thought. Holding a combat sports event with people throwing each other around a cage when pretty much the entire world is having to practice social distancing seemed kind of perverse to me. I grudgingly admire his chutzpah for actually managing to almost pull it off in such unprecedented circumstances but it showed an alarming lack of awareness. I also can't help but feel that it would damage the image of the sport, when they've worked so hard to try and move it away from the unsavoury 'Just Bleed' image it had held in the eyes of so many for so long. (Also had a suspicion that Gaethje would manage to beat Tony somehow and then we'd truly never see the fight we're all still desperately waiting for).
  8. Some build ideas utilising the Warmind Cells mechanic and seasonal mods: Hunter: Titan: Warlock:
  9. Tony v Khabib is fucking cursed, I tell you.
  10. It's very evident that there's a skeleton crew working on the 'live service' of Destiny 2 this year while the bulk of Bungie is beavering away on the autumn expansion/Destiny 3/the new Chinese IP and so this seasonal model with reskins a-go-go, bounties up the wazoo and variations on an arena horde mode is the result. With the resources of High Moon Studios and Vicarious Visions no longer available to help them they just can't churn out enough compelling content to tide the playerbase over until the next substantial release, it seems. I quite enjoyed Season of Dawn and got more than £8.50 worth of value out of it and some delightful god-rolled weapons but they should have changed it up more for the season immediately following. It really does feel like the same thing all over again and that's a big misstep. Guess they're gambling that the return of Trials will make up for the paucity of the offering elsewhere.
  11. First day impressions of Season of the Worthy are not great, I have to say. Rasputin Bunkers feel like a rehash of the obelisks but with the grind factor dialled up to 11. The novelty of the new public event has worn off very quickly, especially considering that it appears that they expect you to run it over and over again to finish the weekly bounty and obtain upgrade mats for the bunkers. If so, it's going to get very tedious very quickly. Adding a load of armour sets back into the general loot pool is nice... except they can't take seasonal mods, so they're a waste of time. Lack of ritual weapons and a collections badge is very telling too. It feels like this season is a pretty lean and underwhelming offering on the whole.
  12. Very start of the game. It’s just the Mako Reactor section.
  13. Fair fucking play he did exactly what he said he was going to do. All that extra weight and change of trainer worked to perfection.
  14. I posted the same video in this thread a week ago... You been jumping between timelines or something?
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