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  1. Bummed that it looks as if they won’t get to make a sequel. I guess that explains why there were several high profile departures from the studio in the past year or so. They proved their chops with the first game and a follow-up on PS5 could have been something really special.
  2. Focus on the main story as it’s very long. The side stuff I’d recommend doing if you happen to come across it but anything left can be mopped up at the end. I got the platinum for this and that’s how I approached it and it worked out well.
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/outriders/comments/mmrf7d/outriders_post_launch_dev_news_updates/ First major update sometime next week will include: - Fixes to crash bugs including the one that wipes inventories and overall stability fixes to matchmaking - Community appreciation package for those who played during the launch period which will include a legendary weapon, a stack of titanium and a currently unobtainable 'Frustration' emote Within the next week or so there'll be a restoration of lost epics and legendaries for those who fell prey to
  4. @StumpyJohn It’ll be some kind of perk. Something like “30% of anomaly power boost to firepower”. Look at each of your gear pieces and one of them will have a perk along those lines on it, which that symbol indicates is active.
  5. I’m gonna wait until they’ve patched it before properly getting into the expeditions I think. I’m hearing reports of entire inventories being wiped after a crash when playing co-op and stuff and I’ve got some really good gear so I’m not down for losing any of it. Would be down for having a crack at them with you and Monkey (if he’s still playing it?) when they’re fixed though. Ah OK, I thought the expeditions were only really attemptable in a group so I might give them a crack solo. Industrial techno is 100% my jam too, so that’s tempting!
  6. Finished the campaign after 40-odd hours, although I generally stuck to the highest tier available because I loved the challenge (aside from some absurd boss difficulty spikes which I just whacked the tier down for), tinkered with my gear obsessively, completed every side quest, hunt and bounty and sought out most of the lore pick-ups too, so delved into and rinsed it pretty thoroughly. Brilliant game and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. They’ve knocked it out of the park in terms of the vast array of build options and mods and the general furious obliteration that typ
  7. Don’t sleep on the side quests. Around 3 or 4 of them once seen through to completion reward legendaries.
  8. There’s a patch coming that will implement aim acceleration options. I’ve adjusted to it but I hate aim acceleration so it can’t come soon enough.
  9. If you want to run a shotgun in the Crucible then that’s the one to go for. The Shot Package perk makes it very consistent and when you couple it with Quick Draw and Opening Shot you can see why every sweatlord and his dog has it equipped. Slug shotguns have better range but they require much more accuracy so imo the consistent spread pattern of Felwinter’s is much more reliable. I rarely play Crucible these days though so those that play it much more may have a differing view.
  10. Yeah online matchmaking is completely dysfunctional and broken. I thought that it was supposed to match you with someone at the same story point as you but I’ve been dumped in with people near the start of the game when I’m near the end. It’s hideously laggy to the point of being unplayable too. I’m not too bothered right now as I’ve played 99% solo and been absolutely loving it but the expeditions seem completely geared towards co-op so I hope they fix that aspect soon or else the endgame will be essentially inaccessible for most people. Shame that in all the core aspe
  11. It's sold absolutely millions though. According to PS4 trophy stats analysis it's sold around 5 million on there, plus however many on Xbox and PC as well as whatever deal they've got with Microsoft to have it on Game Pass. It seems to crop up in sales regularly and the excellent word of mouth over the last few years has seen it sell consistently and have a very long tail, by all accounts. They've made a hell of a lot from it so I can see how it would be profitable for a small team to continue supporting it if it keeps on bringing in the bacon. The whole thing's a fascinating case
  12. Deliver us the Moon is leaving soon and I’ve had it on my Play Later list for a few months now as it looked interesting. I really love lonely atmospheric explore-em-ups so it seems right up my street. Howlongtobeat has it as only being around 5-6 hours long too, so a heads up for anyone to whom it may be of interest. edit: just seen it’s getting a Series X update later this year though. Dammit, that’s a bit of a conundrum.
  13. Nah, as I said yesterday you just need to keep your gear and build etc commensurate with your current level. I’ve just hit WT8 playing entirely solo and haven’t had to drop it down yet. (I’m an obsessive stat-tinkerer though so YMMV). It’s been fucking hard in places for sure but I’ve been wanting one of these games to provide a significant challenge during its campaign for ages and the world tier system they’ve implemented enables you to tailor the difficulty just the way you like it. It’s a brilliant system which is borrowed from The Division but pulled off much more elegantly in t
  14. Sounds like the gear you’ve carried over from the demo is below par and/or the world tier is too high so your survivability is zilch. Ensuring your gear is up to snuff for the current world tier you’re on is absolutely critical to being able to hold your own. It depends to an extent on the class you’re playing but if you play it as if it’s a Gears-clone you won’t last very long. To be fair the game kind of fucks up by pitching itself in the opening stages as just that, when it’s actually a cross between Doom and Diablo and reveals its combat rhythm when you approach it as such.
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