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  1. It's a new map but is based on Paracel Storm according to DICE, so it'll feel familiar in layout and have the same big storm rolling in halfway through.
  2. A certain island making a little appearance at the end there... Coming in a week's time on October 31st. MAPS: Iwo JIma and Pacific Storm on October 31st. Wake Island in December. WEAPONS: 4 available at launch; M1 Garand, Arisaka Type 99 Sniper, Type 100 SMG, M1916A6. Coming with TOW; M3 Grease Gun, Nambu Type 2A, Type 97 LMG, M1918A2 BAR. Jungle Carbine, Type 94 and Model 24 Chapter rewards. BATTLE PICKUPS: Katana and Flamethrower available as Battle Pickups. VEHICLES/REINFORCEMENTS: US: M4 Sherman medium tank, LVT, MB Jeep, F4U Corsair, Sherman Calliope(reinforcement), JB2-Rocket JAPAN: Type 97, Ka-Mi LVT, Type 95 car, Zero fighter, Rocket Barrage Tank, KI 147 I-Go Rocket
  3. Phenomenal display of accurate counter-punching by Adesanya. His head movement and ability to throw those punches while leaning backwards is hugely impressive. Really disappointing performance from Whittaker though and I have no idea what his gameplan was. He definitely didn’t have a plan-B that’s for sure, as his winging lunges were getting countered by Adesanya’s right time and again but he kept doing the same thing. I really thought he’d try and mix it up with some wrestling where he’d have a clear advantage but the writing was on the wall when he got sparked out momentarily on the bell at the end of the first. Desperately disappointed but it always felt to me like Adesanya was on a blitz straight to the title and nothing was going to stop him. The best man won, no doubt about it.
  4. Haha, no worries I didn't take it that way at all! Given the choice I'd want to be known as 'The Reaper' too.
  5. I think you have to reach 900 power before the weekly challenges appear on the Director.
  6. I know he does but it just rolls off the tongue so well He really is hugely underrated I agree. He’s maybe not exceptional at anything but he’s very good at everything and it feels as if there are very few, if any, glaring holes in his game, which I’d struggle to say about anyone else apart from Jones really. Seems a genuinely great guy and his candidness about his mental health issues has been commendable. Also a nerdy gamer with several max level characters in Elder Scrolls Online! Anyone that can go 50 minutes with Yoel Romero with a broken foot and broken hand and live to tell the tale is worthy of enormous respect. Hope he wins in convincing fashion.
  7. Everything you do gives you XP towards your character level, the relevant role and the battle pass. It's 1000 XP per battle pass level and considering that bringing in a bunch of animal hides for the Trader role gives you several hundred XP I've found it to be by far the easiest of these sorts of things to level up. The cynical part of me says that they've made this first one especially easy to get people back into the game and then they'll bump up the requirements for the following ones, as it's very generous as it stands.
  8. I'm a really big Bobby Knuckles fan but I'm really nervous about tonight's fight. On paper I think Whittaker is by far the more rounded fighter and he looks to be in the best shape he's ever been but there's this air around Adesanya and this feeling that he's writing his own script as he goes. I've thought this for a long time that everything seems to be falling into place for him and it almost seems preordained that he's going to ride the wave all the way to the title. Just my pre-fight nerves talking obviously. Looking forward to it either way as it's been a while since there was a title fight that I was so heavily invested in.
  9. You’ll end up doing all three of them organically as you play the game really so they’re all well worth pursuing. If you’re on PS4 then you get Trader unlocked for free and the other two cost 15 gold bars each. Most people who have been playing Online here and there would have had enough to unlock them as R* were dishing out gold pretty liberally in the months leading up to the new update. If you’re into hunting then Trader’s definitely the one to go for as it’s the most lucrative by far and as you progress through the levels the delivery missions tied to it end up in some cool shootouts, so it’s got the most variety to it. Bounty Hunter is pretty much as you’d expect (go here, shoot some guys, lasso target, bring them back, repeat) but it also gives you access to the weekly Legendary bounties which involve big set-pieces and twists on the formula. The one last week for example was the Wolf Man who was holed up in the snowy mountains in northern Ambarino defended by a pack of rabid wolves who chased you down as you were bringing him in. Collector is there to reward you for exploring the map, so for me is pretty cool because I like wandering off into the wilderness to see what I can find. It’s the most passive role for obvious reasons but the incentives it provides for making the most of the vast world are its own reward I think. Most of my time is spent with Trader and it feels like the most fleshed out role. If you only have enough gold for one other then go for Bounty Hunter. The battle pass thing is 100% worth getting too as it’s very easy to level up and gives you all the gold you spend on it back as rewards, so if you complete it it’s effectively free.
  10. I'm wary of coming across all "my uncle works for Nintendo" but I'm friends with people who currently and used to work at DICE in Stockholm and have been given some insight into just what happened with this game and the studio in general. If you think the problems it's had are solely because the release was swapped with BC3 then you're sadly mistaken. There are massive problems over there that relate to the entire structure, culture and operation of the company and a very significant number of senior and experienced people leaving over the past couple of years. Many of their best people have left and the shoddy state of this game since its announcement and the parlous state of its QA are not remotely surprising when you know the context and story behind it all. I'm all for denouncing relentless negativity and it's a big part of why I don't spend much time here anymore, as for the most part I really enjoy the range of videogames that I play but more often than not threads on here are dripping with cynical complaining. So I do get where you're coming from. But your relentless apologism whenever someone criticises Battlefield V begins to look a little silly when you look at the reality of the game. I've had some good entertainment out of it because even a sub-par Battlefield game wipes the floor with any other multiplayer shooter out there in terms of what I'm looking for in the genre and I know that you've had hundreds of hours of fun out of it too. Rock on. But there's no denying that it's not a patch on the best in the series and from the ground up the whole thing has just been fundamentally flawed in its execution. There's nothing wrong with calling that out. I won't go over all the individual problems that it's had since launch as they've been done to death by now but the anaemic paucity of content for a supposedly 'live service' game, absurd cycle where every single patch fundamentally breaks something new and core bugs and issues that have still not been fixed after nearly a year are just absolutely unforgivable by this point. Although I'm hopeful for the Pacific Theatre stuff on the way and will return to check it out, people shouldn't be hauled up for being negative when they're simply commenting on a game that has only ever spluttered in fits and starts and has never really got off the ground. It's been a bit of a shitshow since day one and it can't be denied. When a senior producer on the game tells me that they're embarrassed to have their name on it I think that tells you everything you need to know. Things are not rosy over there believe me and I'm genuinely concerned for the future of the series based on what I've been told.
  11. I checked out of Destiny 2 a month or so after Forsaken dropped and I'd rinsed it for all it was worth. Hugely enjoyed that expansion but the Season Pass didn't really appeal to me at the time so I decided not to get it and was happy to go off for the best part of a year and play and enjoy other things. Coming back now for Shadowkeep has been a really great experience because not only do I have the new expansion to enjoy but all of the last year's seasonal content too, as that was provided free for all Forsaken owners. I dipped back into the game a few days before Shadowkeep dropped and played through the Black Armoury stuff which was good fun and gave me some nice weapons to enjoy for this expansion. Haven't even touched Gambit Prime, Reckoning and the Menagerie yet and on top of all the exotic quests over the past year and the post-story Shadowkeep stuff that's now opened up I have a veritable smorgasbord of content to play through. I love the feeling of opening up the quests tab and having a seemingly endless choice of things to do and pursue. As a dedicated player of FFXIV that feeling of being overwhelmed by choice of things to do is to me what an MMO should be like and I think Bungie have finally realised how they should go about providing this. I also really like the way that they've clocked that the RPG elements were a crucial and massively undercooked element of the game, especially in the pared-down simplistic systems of vanilla Destiny 2, so to see them returned and expanded and giving players meaningful choices should they wish to pursue them with mods, gear, stats and genuine build diversity with the likes of the Seasonal Artifact is right up my alley. It's all good shit as far as I'm concerned and I hope they continue to expand that aspect even further. It remains to be seen if their new plan of smaller but more consistently regular seasonal updates over the next year will work but maybe no longer being under the yoke of Activision has given them the freedom to pursue it in the manner that they really wanted to all along. Bungie were quite open in tempering people's expectations for this expansion in comparison to Forsaken and although I think the story content is far from their best I also think that the complaints of Shadowkeep seeming a bit lean at release may be a little premature as we still have the new raid, new dungeon, new strike, Vex Offensive and harder difficulty Nightmare Hunts to come. I really don't think people are going to be short of things to do in the coming months and I would far rather smaller but more consistently engaging drops of new content every couple of months or so than one big splurge each autumn and then fuck all to do over the next year. I think the last year's seasonal structure will have taught them a hell of a lot in terms of how to deliver the kinds of experiences they want and that will keep people engaged. Game's in a great place right now and coming back to it after the best part of a year really shows how much Bungie have learned in attempting to make this huge unwieldy beast of a game.
  12. I’ve been having a great time with it since the big update. Giving a constant sense of purpose, progression and reward has made it a far more compelling experience than the rather aimless and anaemic one it had been before for so long. R* dishing out gold like candy over the past few months meant that I was able to unlock all three new roles and the ‘Wheeler & Rawson catalogue’ battle pass immediately at zero cost, so can’t really complain. I strongly suspect that this is entirely by design in order to bring players back and that the heavy pay-to-win stuff will be coming at some point down the line though. But for now I find myself logging in to do a couple of quick dailies and before I know it several hours have passed as one thing organically leads to another and I end up with a tale to tell of captured bounties, hectic shootouts, silent forest hunts and trinkets discovered in abandoned houses spread across the vast map. It’s certainly not short of things to keep you engaged now. Even after over 150 hours across single-player and now online I still find my jaw hitting the floor regularly and the experience of just existing in this world absolutely peerless in so many respects.
  13. Character configuration > Control settings > Character > Battle Effects settings
  14. The vendor’s literally right next to the person who gives you the quest. If there’s loads of other players there then try turning off player names if you haven’t already as they may be obscuring the NPC. edit: lol three people all posted same advice at the same time Never let it be said that this thread doesn’t offer help when it’s needed.
  15. Any status icon with a little blue bar above it can be removed with Esuna. Arrow pointing down (as in the image above) = debuff. Arrow pointing up = buff. It's not expected or required that you know every single buff and/or debuff status and its icon as there are so many of them and as a healer you honestly only need to worry about a few of the debuffs, such as paralysis. They'll appear first on the row of icons next to a player's name in the party list.
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