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  1. monkey.

    Wipeout HD

    Took me 2.5 hours to download over a 16mb connection - I can only presume it's because loads of people are trying to download it. It's worth the wait though, especially the zone tracks.
  2. Oh very clever. That's not really the point though is it? Years - fair enough, months - not fair enough. When they cut the price of the original Xbox by £100 after 6 months we got free games and controllers, same with the N64. If this had happened a year down the line then fine, but that's far from the case. Still, cheers for being a sarcastic little cunt all the same!
  3. That Halo estimate is a load of crap - a 300 man team for 3 years costs far, far more than $30m, unless they pay their staff peanuts (which clearly they don't). But whatever the cost, the game will return an enormous profit, they'll have covered their costs with the day 1 sales alone.
  4. I'm going to write a complaint to MS, I bought my HD-DVD player the week they came out and this is pretty unfair as far as early adopters are concerned. It's not like they've sold a million of the things and it would cost them that much more to include the people who stumped up the cash early on.
  5. They've done that in HMV as well - 6 rows of Blu-ray and 2 rows of HD-DVD in the Wimbledone branch when I went in. Proper pissed me off it did as I only just got my HD-DVD player for the 360. I want the fight to go on for a bit so my collection doesn't become instanly obsolete.
  6. You're better off going for a Development Manager/Production Manager role. Producer = creative management with a tie into marketing, Dev/Prod Manager = team/schedule day-to-day management (although if you're working for a smaller studio then the reality is you'll get drawn into the creative discussions as well). Most medium/large sized teams have both with the Producer stream having overall responsibility for the project. Different companies tend to assign different roles to these titles (i.e. in some studios Producers aren't creative roles, in others they are), but this is how I got in (I previously worked as a project manager in an investment bank).
  7. Well he was far ahead of Schumacher and would have got past Alonso as he was much faster. Raikonnen would also have been out of the way, he was slow after his initial getaway. So I think Button would have done it - his car was working well for once. I'm not a big Button fan really but has has turned out to be a pretty decent driver.
  8. Locking at 30 would have had a negative effect on the way the game handles, no one would have wanted that.
  9. Ok. First, the scoreboard bug. We've been tracking this since the demo was released - we have a fix and it will be patched, but it needs to go through a certification process first, so it's likely to take a week or two. We're keeping an eye on the problems that are occuring and will try to get online as water tight as possible. The tearing. This occurs when the game drops from 60fps. It's still running well above 30, but because the game drops a frame, you get the tear. It was a case of lock the game at 30 or go with the tear; we wanted the higher framerate as it's more important to GP. I don't find that the tearing puts me off in the slightest, but then I guess that's down to the individual. The framerate issues are worse online than offline, but I'm genuinely surprised at the level of vitriol here. It's not a constant problem, although I agree it's not ideal either. The game was optimised as far as possible in the time available, and the time available is not something we have much control over. The frame rate rarely drops below 30 (and that's been verified with with our tools, in case anyone fancies arguing the point), but it appears more noticeable because of the height it drops from. Again, we could have locked at 30, but no one would have been happy with that. Some tracks are worse than others, Mugello for example is one of the worst offenders whereas Laguna Seca is much smoother.
  10. Yeah, from what I've seen it looks pretty different. The best comparison I can make is Hockenheim - Tilke butchered it and it pretty much lost all of it's personality. I'm not sure 'new' Assen will play as nicely when it finally makes it into a game. No doubt see you guys online some time then!
  11. You're presumably referring to the revised loop? Sadly, because we had to cover both the 05 and 06 seasons out of the box, it didn't make it in.
  12. Couldn't be further from the truth. Some got more attention than others, but it's had a lot of love. 'Ripped to pieces' is a very accurate description. Take a look at GP3 running side by side with GP06 in hi-def, it's a bigger difference than you might imagine.
  13. monkey.

    Motogp 360

    It's the best bit
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