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  1. Yay, successful defence of my rllmuk F1 fantasy championship title! Pretty chuffed with being around the 7,000 mark too globally out of 1.6M. Well done all, see you next season.
  2. No idea why everyone is talking about the Max / Checo incident. All the talk should be on the exciting Fantasy F1 rllmuk league and the fight for the championship! Can’t believe I’m top again, one race away from a second successive title! Max will probably take all my drivers out now in the race at Abu Dhabi........
  3. My son is playing this on Series X and really enjoying it. Popped it on 60FPS mode and plays a dream. Thread title urgh.
  4. Things are so bad now we can’t even beat Rovers reserves (they made 11 changes). Fair play to them. Enough is enough, new Manager please.
  5. Moyes has taken us as far as he can. He can’t manage creative attacking players, spent goodness knows how much money this season and sets us up so negatively. His decision to sub Benrahma was a joke. Scamacca will go the same way as Haller under Moyes and I can’t believe for one minute that Paquetá enjoys playing under him. Picks the same underperforming players and reluctant to ever change anything in formation and tactics. The Europa Conference games are just masking the dreadful form of the team in the Premier League. Thanks for everything but time to go.
  6. Don’t know if anyone pre ordered it but they have announced that the PS5 version of FM23 will not release next Tuesday due to issues with the submission and approval process. No date given for release and refunds made.
  7. Really enjoyed that performance. Attitude was spot on from senior players to the youngsters. Scarles pick of the bunch, looks a real talent at just 16. Downes again showing he is a class player. Fornals with a couple of great goals. 6 wins out of 6. Roll on March!
  8. I was looking forward to this but that DF video has completely killed it and rightly so. To think a game released 7 years ago, on older technology, surpasses this in every department is shocking.
  9. I just turned off voice chat in audio options and no issues at all for multiplayer. The little microphone icon goes and don’t hear anyone. I’m really enjoying it and certainly not experienced most of the problems above but have some gripes. I agree on the noise when hitting the ball. It was fine in the original Golf Club series but seems to have got worse as each game has released. I also find the swing motion of the player itself too fast and snappy, they need to dial that down a bit. My golfers face also always appears to be in a shadow and can hardly see it. I find it odd you can’t have an 18 hole multiplayer game in general matchmaking, max seems to be 9 unless I’m missing something. It’s also disappointing there is still no change in weather conditions during a round in single player. I’m about 6 events into the career mode and it’s either always sunny or overcast. Can’t be too difficult to have some rain, even if it’s not dynamic. Graphically it’s not really taken a step up on current gen. I’m very fussy when it comes to HUD options so I remove as much as possible. I’m not even using the swing mechanic or meters, prefer to just go with the feel of the swing and putt. Im certainly keeping a close eye on the EA golf return due Spring 2023.
  10. It’s a week early for all digital pre orders only regardless of the version and platform.
  11. Not when they cancelled last gen versions. What was the point then.
  12. Yes, that’s my main take at the mo being the camera. Just seems to be too fast and zooming in and out too often. As you say, only Alpha and still in progress so plenty of time for them to hit the sweet spot hopefully.
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