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  1. Yep my thoughts exactly. When I played the beta, it simply did not feel like Battlefield. Just feels like it's completely lost it's DNA, sad times.
  2. 4 hours free gaming and progress carried over: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/game/riders-republic/trial-week
  3. I’ll keep gaming for as long as I can. 44 years old and been hooked since the day my Dad bought an Amstrad CPC 464. Yes, gaming time is certainly more limited now but it gives me so much enjoyment, long may it continue.
  4. All the previews are glowing in their praise. Cannot wait.
  5. Pre order cancelled for me. It’s just got too many rough edges at the moment and I would rather wait for them to deploy the inevitable patches over its release before jumping in. The UI definitely needs an overhaul, it’s an absolute mess. Halo Infinite is in a much better state so that will tie me over for the coming months.
  6. Yep indeed. Very Ubisoft ‘original’.
  7. Oh well, RIP Ghost Recon. Their next project is another BR bandwagon. Utterly woeful.
  8. Heads up that GAME are doing a very decent trade in offer instore on a purchase of the Series S plus a copy of Fifa 22: Trade in the following and pay: PS4 500Gb Original Console £159.99 PS4 1Tb Original Console £154.99 PS4 500Gb Slim Console £149.99 PS4 1Tb Slim Console £144.99 PS4 Pro 1Tb Console £104.99 Xbox One 500Gb Original Console £169.99 Xbox One 1Tb Original Console £164.99 Xbox One S 500Gb Console £149.99 Xbox One S 1Tb Console £144.99 Xbox One X 1Tb Console £119.99 Nintendo Switch Console £84.99 Nintendo Switch Lite Console £134.99
  9. This is getting absolutely slated on social media. Looks utterly woeful from the footage. Even free it’s clearly a waste of anyone’s time. RIP PES.
  10. Open beta is for everyone during 8-9 Oct.
  11. https://www.ea.com/games/battlefield/battlefield-2042/faq
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