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  1. Just know it's gonna be fun and games like PS5 with website crashes, errors etc. Urgh.
  2. Yep, totally agree and said this in the Xbox Series X thread too. Simply Games and Game Collection have thousands of users which have registered interest and it's going to be the same online crash at 8am on Tuesday without a doubt.
  3. Only Ultimate includes a Gold sub. If you buy the normal Gamepass sub, you will also have to get a Gold Sub to be able to play online.
  4. I'm not a GAME fan by any means but looks likely I'll be heading to them next week for instore pre order given it's only a 20 min walk, they are opening at 8am (so I can get there and back before starting work) and the online issues today for PS5 with sites crashing and selling out in mins. Can't see it being any different next week in terms of online demand, retailers such as Simply and Game Collection have said they have thousands of users that have registered interest. Just hope hapless GAME have a contingency plan for any potential non essential shops lockdown..................nah, course they won't, it's GAME.
  5. I think independent online gaming retailers are fine for the foreseeable future. They tend to be the cheaper options for physical games (especially new releases when compared to the high street) and given the new next gen will still support this, that can only help them. Obviously digital is on the up but clearly there is still a market out there for physical for those preferring to get money back on trade ins/sell etc. The real challenge will come when consoles are only all digital and then no doubt they will have to adapt to a cd keys type platform. I'm going with Simply or ShopTo for the Series X.
  6. I read that CD PR said on a very recent investor call that the game is close to being sent out for final certification and do not expect any further delays. Let's hope they are right!
  7. Bluewater near me is still open after they closed the ground floor one (yes, they had one on ground floor and one on top floor!). Bexleyheath is on the closure list but is still open for now. Crayford closed some time ago which actually was a shame as the staff in there were superb, proper gamers who knew their stuff (unlike most of their other stores). I would have thought they would have moved to an online only business model by now.
  8. ‘New game announced’. There you go. Thanks for the input.
  9. https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/game/riders-republic?isSso=true&refreshStatus=noLoginData
  10. That's fair if you have the day off especially. I'm gonna be happy knowing that I have secured a unit online and I also have no idea what stock will be like on day 1 in supermarkets near me.
  11. I'm going online (Simply Games who are excellent, free DPD release day delivery) because knowing our luck Boris will close non-essential shops on 9 November and then we will all be in a spot of bother (well, apart from supermarkets)! I'll be working that day anyway so I have no issues if it turns up late in the day. Plus I need to keep to my word to keep this thread up to date on the day with progress of shipment and name of DPD driver, expected ETA, looking out of the window etc. Riveting stuff.
  12. So after the Halo shenanigans, I was rather down about the launch. After the announcements this week, I’m back on the rollercoaster and all aboard the hype train for day 1. I don’t know about anyone else but I was like this getting up this morning!
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