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  1. Think I will need to refer to the controller layout quite a lot! Roll on tomorrow afternoon!
  2. Great tips/tutorial video here from Squirrel.
  3. Just beautiful. Blows my mind every time I see footage on console. Tuesday folks!
  4. Next gen will have well and truly arrived when I fire this up on the X on Tuesday. Absolutely stunning looking game from these videos. Fair play to the S too which looks tremendous. That weather system is on another level. Think this will need some form of rllmuk en mass flight arranged at some point! Anyone know the max numbers for a group flight on console?
  5. Series X and S gameplay. Looks so good!
  6. https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/battlefield/battlefield-2042/news/battlefield-briefing-exploring-battlefield-portal
  7. https://answers.ea.com/t5/Battlefield-Announcements/Battlefield-Briefing-Answering-Your-Reveal-Questions/td-p/10497692
  8. https://www.ign.com/articles/f1-2021-review
  9. Nice location! Website has now launched too which contains some new info: https://testdriveunlimited.gg/en-GB
  10. Hmmm, I would not recommend it. When I turn my Series X off, I notice the fan keeps going for a couple of mins after shut down so best not to cut it off during the full process.
  11. Battlefield 2042 will most likely be my only retail purchase for the remainder of the year. The rest will all be from Gamepass.
  12. Pointless article from chit chat on social media . Yawn. Express strikes again.
  13. Definitely wait, especially if you have a 4K TV and keep an eye on the Xbox stock thread in here too. It was in stock for a number of hours very recently at Argos, Currys and Amazon. Unlike the PS5, once it shows as in stock, it does not seem to go within minutes. Also bricks and mortar like GAME tend to post on their shop twitter accounts when they have stock so worth keeping an eye on that too, assuming you live near one. Like fattakin says, the drops are very frequent now so I don't think it should take you much longer to secure one.
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