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  1. Wow talk about holy grail for some people. Amazing!
  2. How do you play the GC version online? I’ve got my Wii U hacked with Nintendont on the Wii Homebrew channel...can it be set up via that?
  3. Adored Rolling Thunder despite its difficulty faults (not sure if I ever got past the flaming lava people level or barely just reached it) and completely ignored RT2 despite I’m pretty sure picking it up in the Megadrive. I must rectify that from this above write up. I think EAR was on one of the Taito Legends packs wasn’t it? Seem to recall having a go and it being pretty chaotic and action packed but somehow it didn’t grab me. Feel I need to go back and pick that up too! incidentally didn’t realise until recently that Thunderjaws was an American sequel to Rolling Thun
  4. Oh, you're misunderstanding on the UHDs - the 774K and 834K thing are fan community things where they've got hold of an original print, scanned in at 4K and cleaned up and matched the original colour timing (no purple tint!) - I picked up a blu of A New Hope and it looked great - the desert stuff was SO grainy (so bejesus what it would look like as a UHD) but it all felt far charming for it...and the clarity of even that version of stuff in the cockpits etc was great...so I'm curious how much of an improvement the UHDs are
  5. Last year I picked up that 19774K blu which was doing the rounds on ebay and was very impressed, but missed out on the ROTJ4K at the time....was looking the other week and saw now that they're ripping them to UHD discs along with a UHD of the Harmy ESB....wondered - has anyone picked these up? I'm definitely a believer in UHD having seen the difference between a blu and UHD of Ragnarok, but presuming these are like UHD-rs or something and whether they'd work in the Xbox One. Just slightly suspicious of them, so wondered if anyone here had pressed the button on the UHDs and had any
  6. No, it's an original one - seems to be zero memory, can't update etc.
  7. Did the original Xbox games need to download a patch to play - so I'd still need the proper Xbox hard drive for that to save to, along with any progress?
  8. Ummm....yeah for the reason I didn’t know I could do that Thought it was just the One that could Well that might make it all easier
  9. Ah thanks - I did have (I think) a 120gb which failed, upgraded to a 250gb which is the one which has now died....ideally trying to get one that big again. 120gb/ 250gb actually seem small now
  10. Ha, see plenty of videos for the slim but not for the old hard drive on top of the 360...unless Google/ Youtube videos letting me down
  11. Yeah its the one that sits on top of the machine. I'd have no idea what I'm doing with something like that. Guessing there must be Youtube videos on it...will have a ganders...
  12. Dusted mine off today - it's been next to the PS3 and Xbox One, so never been put away, but hasn't been powered up probably for a year or two...and my kids wanted to play Rock Band. Fired it up...and sadly got a one red light of death, so annoyingly looks like my 250gb hard drive is kaput so wonder what save games I've lost there...found my previous hard drive out in the loft and remembered that one was kaput too. Annoying. Fired up Rock Band to find my bass kick drum pedal isn't registering anymore with the drum kit....the old wireless guitar hero guitar I have wasn't
  13. Ha, was just reading this and thought "Oooo should tell my mate Rich about this"...then I see it's written by you Tony So I'm sure he already knows plenty about it Good luck with it, looks great!
  14. Evening my dear 'mukkers, As I'm often want to say, the support my films have had via here over the years has been amazing...so I'm always really pleased to share a new film on here. Out of all the films I've made, I genuinely think this one has the chance at gathering some viral momentum...so if you like it, please do share with friends, colleagues, social media etc (I'm on Twitter and Instagram under @fastermovies) - any support would be massively appreciated! I'm going to let my some of my press release do the talking on this - which will hopefully set it
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