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  1. Terribly sad news, he created such an indentity for the Newsfield publications - not only a house style, but a quality which made other magazines look embarrassing with their covers. Wasn’t just the covers for me - it was all the little stuff inside, the accompanying line illustrations to reviews which really fired the imagination where you had to use a lot of imagination to fill in the blanks of the graphics! Especially when his illustrations accompanied the adventure columns…I have a particular memory of a cracking illustration he did of a crippled space ship and as astronaut jetting towards it, even though the text adventure was so so reviewed. On top of this all the little reviewers illustrations etc. I’m still gutted that in all these years he never finished the sequel to The Terminal Man, I always wanted to know who the Lightgivers were…
  2. No it’s not got a 5v input - have one for my Xbox that has a connector but this is just plug and play apparently
  3. Yeah tried it direct into the tv and it was doing the black screen too
  4. Hi all, does anyone have any experience of this hdmi “converter” for the DC? Got mine today and tried a couple of what I think are VGA compatible games - Sonic Adventure and Soul Calibur - but I keep getting a black flicker of the screen during various moments, no really rhyme or reason when it’s happening. Tried it going direct into the TV using the same hdmi I use for my PS4 and Xbox One, used the cable it came to and run it into my hdmi switcher box but get the same result each time. just trying to figure out if the issue is my end or if it’s a faulty unit. Thanks!
  5. Having owned for years and never played I fired up the Prince Of Persia “reboot” or whatever you’d call the cell shaded one. So far…not sure…the smart assedness of the main character is kinda grating, the cel shading seems a bit odd, a bit neither one style nor another…the fighting seems odd, I don’t really know what I’m doing and whereas the Sands Of Time felt like each room/ area was a puzzle, so far the areas feel more like trial and error areas to get past more through attrition rather than solving. Controls also a bit a bit twitchy too…it’s one of the those games I spend a lot of time tutting at Will stick with it a bit longer but getting the feeling there are better things I could be spending my time with
  6. Still believe SC1 is one of the greatest games of all time. SC2 has some nice things - shaped arenas etc - but the first was so pure, so gorgeous, a game that was as much fun to watch as play and even a button masher could pull off some wild moves. Amazing memorable characters, soundtrack, visuals…all time great.
  7. From memory Lode Runner played very nicely, very smooth. I played the C64 version recently and found it a bit finicky but my memory of the Speccy version was it was better.
  8. Hello everyone, Some of you may have spotted the news article in this month's Retro Gamer but I'm planning to make a biopic on Mel Croucher, focusing mostly on the making (and fall out) from making Deus Ex Machina. I've always had some fabulous support from this here forum with my short films (mostly that I've shared in the creative folder) but as this is hopefully going to be a step up I'm hoping it's okay to have here in the film forum! :) Just a bit about myself - I've said for many years the Spectrum is one of the most influential things in my life, in that an awareness of many cultural things I can trace back to either references or video game adaptations (licensed or "inspired" by) and the culture of the magazines covering that time (which I read avidly and over and over and over...) I've been wanting to make a film that covers that era for years (I did have a bonkers idea about a musical which covered 3 years at the same microfair, showing the development of the industry) and I had been developing a short film on and off called A Boy And His Space Llama (which was a bit of a love letter to Jeff Minter) but when I read Mel Croucher's autobiography I really felt I'd finally found the vehicle to cover so much of what I loved. One incredibly cheeky offer later and Mel sold me the rights....and the script based on that book came together swiftly, as much a biopic as the "philosophies and ruminations of Mel Croucher" put on screen. Covid understandably ground the project to a bit of a halt, but now I'm hoping to try and bring this film to life. The film starts with his childhood in bombed out Berlin, learning computing in room sized mainframe, broadcasting video games over the radio waves in the 70s, starting Automata, creatingthe video game treasure hunt adventure game Pimania, defending (and winning) in a court case with Waddingtons but then it focuses on the making of Deus Ex Machina. I finally got to play this game on my still working Speccy about 20 years after release (i got it from one of those glorious Croydon retro gaming events) and it genuinely made my jaw drop. As a game, yeah, maybe it's not the greatest, but as an audio visual experience created in something smaller than a text you've sent to a friend it was incredible...and it would have absolutely boggled my 8 year old head if I'd played it back then. I'm pitching this film as somewhere between the TV series Spaced and the Tony Wilson biopic 24 Hour Party People - it's a broad, playful, anarchic film that's meant to appeal to a broad audience - you don't have to know anything about the video game industry to enjoy it - but if you do know, well, maybe you get a more enhanced experience from understanding the references, nods and winks. It's not a film I can make in my usual change behind the sofa self financing and producing, so I am looking to raise proper investment in it...and if that fails, maybe we will look at the crowd funding route. I don't move in circles of people with money (more in circles with people looking at their gas bill and screaming "WTF!?!" but it would be really great if as many people could like and follow the Facebook page (www.facebook.com/themachinaman), follow us on Instagram and Twitter @themachinaman and most importantly help spread the word about what I'm trying to do...you never know who might see it! The film has had it's first bit of press this week with the aforementioned news article in this month's Retro Gamer, which nicely shows off the amazing poster we have for the film (artwork by original Automata artist Robin Grenville Evans, with fabulous work from my mate Nick Gripton who turned it into a PROPER film poster) I think this is a film that's going to need the gaming/ retro gaming community's support to help bring it to screen, so any help in spreading the word - or in any other way you might be able to assist - would be massively appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Yes, as Thunderball was co-written with someone so he had the shared rights to that Bond story too. He was going to remake it again in the 00s as I recall…he should have given us that gay secret agent/ Bond-esque film that Rupert Everett was rumoured to do EON managed to buy the rights back finally to stop any competing films…and I think prior to the purchase that’s why they couldn’t use Blofeld or Spectre in any of the 80s/90s films for some reason (and why Moore dropping him down a chimney from a Heliocoptor was kept “vague” but I think was supposed to be a pop at the whole legal scenario)
  10. Does anyone know if the name on the Apple crates is a reference to something? Seemed to linger on it, which seemed to be pointing an Easter egg out, but can’t see anything online… I wished they’d stuck some line in of Strange talking to Wong and the book, telling Wong that he knows what he’s doing, he’s not going to say Klaatu Berata Nikto or anything like that I had fun with it, just me laughing out loud at eyeballs being pulled out, third eyes appearing, Bruce…some audiences eh ? think I’m going to have to show my son Army Of Darkness…
  11. Bond dressed as a clown for the finale…seemed pretty apt. I caught the last 45 minutes or so of Spy Who Loved Me about a year ago…fond nostalgic memories were erased by disappointing action, the battle on the tanker was epic in my memories but in reality it’s like the A-Team - tedious random wild firing, things blowing up, people flying through the air but with bog all connection. Bach is still lovely though and you can definitely see the genuine surprise on her face when that wave of water catches her at the end.
  12. Another quick question - does anyone know if it’s safe to update 3DS games I’ve got ripped to my hacked 3DS? A few are now showing they need an update and worried about bricking things…
  13. I’m still struggling with Retroarch and various bits.. Finding the standalone emulators such as Picodrive work better than Retroarch, but I’ve just whacked a load of roms into my Megadrive folder and they’re not visible on Picodrive, but can obviously see them via file directory and Retroarch (same issue with Gameboy emulator - not seeing additional Roms…) Retroarch - I can only randomly get the Atari 2600 to work via Retroarch (without front end) but absolutely everything else seems to crap out with bad dump error message - Amstrad, MSX, Mame (early roms so nothing too intensive) - front end versions - Mame etc - aren’t having it and the Speccy front end wants to use an Amstrad core and won’t let me change to the Speccy core… Updatijg all the cores to see if that helps, but any advice much appreciated
  14. I was at both events, got a photo with Matthew Smith which I was very chuffed about. Pre bonkers prices on things so came away with a load of Speccy games, Crash issues etc. Gutted I didn’t get a go on a C5 nor run my hands through Billy Mitchell’s glorious mullet.
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