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  1. I worked in a HMV when GTA3 came out and it just seemed to appear, small amount of stock, no fanfare, yet we were still selling (iirc) a double pack of GTA 1 and the London expansion pack regularly. It was just there one day and thought it would have been a bigger deal, but really didn’t seem it. (Is played GTA London once at a mates, struggled with controlling it but thought it was interesting) I didn’t manage to get a PS2 until Vice City came out and I’ve still only briefly played the opening of GTA3 which felt archaic once you’ve started with Vice City. On a Halo tip, I didn’t initially get it. I wanted aliens from Aliens - scary monsters - so having screaming scaredy-cat monsters shouting “He’s coming!” seemed silly and daft…And looking like pointy shell creatures seemed a bit disappointing. But eventually was hitting the Warthog and the flood and everything else and it felt amazing.
  2. I too was amazed by this and was wondering what witchcraft makes it possible - the graphics when close up look like they’re…interlaced or something, which made me wonder if that was some way of cranking the frame rate by removing some of the imagery? (I know what I mean but explaining it badly)
  3. On the increased vinyl pricing tip, I see the current hot topic is War On Drugs forthcoming album which will set you back around £38-£40 for a standard black or £43-£45 for a limited blue version. I don’t think it comes with any “free” drugs. Bejesus.
  4. See my previous post re vinyl prices and how they’re all going up across the board…and shops do have exclusives every week all year round now. Oddly the strange thing is that there are more “standard” releases on black vinyl every week which are in lower print runs than some RSD stuff so arguably “more collectable” but funny how so many collectors don’t see it that way. And if a shop has miscalculated on the June drop they may we’ll still be paying it off, but most I’ve been to have only had a box or so left from loads…so some get it right, some still think it’s a licence to print money and can’t see the market is getting more selective.
  5. Yep, definitely feels a bit of pressure to get it while you can which I think is also causing a self fulfilling prophecy and more things are selling out on presales as a result, or you have something which is out of stock for months and months afterwards. £25-£30 is definitely going to become the norm price…but in a weird inflation way I remember reading something about how Virgin started about 10 years ago which talked of albums back in 71 being about £31 in today’s money (back in 2011) entertainment has stupidly been under inflation for a long time - cds are generally around £10-£12 which is sorta how they were 25 years ago…similar story with dvds etc…so perhaps this is a necessary readjustment (though it’s hard to swallow) but no doubt ruffles feathers when people are used to all you can eat with music and entertainment streaming services.
  6. For the true experience half the games need to do a software error when loading up…so they can advertise 100 games and only 50 work
  7. Yeah I guess so I kinda forget about all of that bit
  8. I always thought that scene played like Weyland was an annoying old fart in a hotel in Spain in the 70s, telling his assistant to deal with the Spanish waiter (who doesn’t understand a word of English) exactly how Weyland wants his eggs for breakfast. Then gets them scrambled. I hated Prometheus and Covenant so much at the time but I’ve watched 2 fan edits since with some additional stuff and things in recent times (and it’s so long I’m a tad confused what exactly wasn’t in the original films, having watched some of the deleted stuff separately years ago) and…well, I’d say I didn’t hate them as much as I did then. They’re still stupid films and I think it’s that lost potential which still frustrates me with them both. Oddly I’ve remained kinda obsessed/ curious about what Scott’s conclusion would have been to tie it to Alien. I had an idea that David would have created a new society building a pyramid (tying to the original Alien screenplay/ concept) where the young colonists have to revere the alien as a god and offer themselves as sacrifice. Kinda Lord of the Flies in a Mayan setting with aliens
  9. Vinyl manufacturing prices are going up - some of those titles you’re talking about there went up in April, many other labels have announced price hikes - some eye watering proposed trade prices - so expect to see price rises everywhere across the coming months. Like all industries, supply chain issues are driving prices up - the pvc pellet price is apparently rocketing up due to issues with their manufacture (COVID and environmental disruptions) Fopp (HMV owner) and HMV’s prices are pretty mental anyway so I’d advise shopping round online or with indies all who should be undercutting Fopp and HMV. Think it was the label Castles In Space who tweeted that the pressing plant they had a record going to and agreed price came back and told them the price was going up by 25% - like it or lump it. Also hearing of other plants cancelling label orders as gazumped by others…and labels having to put in orders now for a years time. Going to be an interesting year ahead…
  10. Is Knuckle Joe some retitled Fist of the North Star type thing?
  11. This Jane Whittaker person - I’ve just seen Kevin Godley’s Instagram feed saying he’s started some company with her...very confused
  12. Hello dear mukkers, As ever I get a lot of support and views of my short films when I share them here, so after finishing its festival run I’m now putting my new film online. Hope you enjoy it and any sharing on socials would be massively appreciated! Hard nosed businesswoman Karen has gone bankrupt yet again, forcing her and Callum, her toyboy lover/ PA to stay in a grotty halfway house. A strange noise catches their attention in the middle of the night, leading them into a battle for survival with "the Jip" Who will survive and, most importantly, what will be left of Callum's designer manbag? Made with assistance from the Adur and Worthing Trust
  13. I’ve got stuck on this where im being pursued by an Average Joe and he always finds me. He’s terrifyingly relentless.
  14. My mate very kindly gave me a New 3DS XL which I've hacked and putting emulators on and things...outside of the standalone emulators (which mostly seem working, accept some ROMS will be hit and miss) I'm struggling with Retroarch and how it actually works. I'll select a core which seems to give me a short cut on the home menu, but that takes me back into the same menu as where I first selected that core...and when I go to content and find particular ROMs it throws a suggested core at me when trying to select the file (which isn't the core I'm using) - for example Spectrum .sna files for Fuse were being advised to run on an Amstrad core. I've tried to get some Mame bits to work - mid 80s games so nothing too taxing - but they're in folders with multiple BIN elements, not one ROM file - so it doesn't seem to go with them. Fully accept PSX emulation will be very miss but I only really want it to carry on playing Policenauts which I can't imagine is too taxing...but I've got one game to load (Parappa the Rapper) but nothing else. Am I putting the ROMS in a wrong place? Or just wrong type of ROMs (ie Mame need to be complete roms, Fuse won't run snapshot files and needs tap or tzx) PSX emulator is also suggesting I need a BIOS to make it run better - where do I put that?
  15. I got the Dawn of the Dead and...I’m feeling a bit disappointed in all honesty. My mate said it looked amazing - maybe it’s me watching it via the Xbox One but other films (Ragnarok) have a pin sharp clarity. Appreciate this is a very old “cheap” film so wasn’t expecting the biggest upgrade but I’m not sure I can see that much difference compared to my old Arrow blu ray I cashed in to buy this...it’s usually things like clothes which stand out to me, but not so much this time...
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