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  1. Absolutely. Crossover with Jump Street. Or the Rock/Kevin Hart.
  2. Portal was super physics-y! Especially Portal 2. Momentum, liquid physics, trajectory. Although, imagining some of those looping, momentum-building falls in VR is suddenly making me feel queasy.
  3. Wasn't the hilarious premise of the original that a woman could be head of a household? How do you make that compelling in the 21st century?
  4. For me the 'I think you're cool' bit came at the point of realisation that he wasn't the same kind of predator, despite specifically putting himself in the physical position to find out. It was also a way of being non-committal about the fact that he didn't fancy her, giving her a sexless compliment whilst also not misleading her any further. From the POV you've got, do you think he was exploring women as an option because he'd suffered abuse recently at the hands of men? Or maybe even because his depicted gay experiences had been without sentiment or romance? Or something else, obvs. He mentioned sexuality being fluid, but he identifies as gay in a heartbeat, and had never slept with another woman.
  5. One of the show's motifs is checking your privilege. This was apparently too subtle.
  6. I think he certainly had it in mind. The show is sympathetic to plenty of abusers, which is one of the interesting things it tackles so well. For me, the whole thing just dovetails far too neatly with the trauma before, the action during, and the contrition afterwards to be anything else. Each character has a journey of being the abuser and the abused. I don't think he genuinely doubted his sexuality. Or at least, if that was the intent, they didn't signpost it as strongly. Although... But there's always the chance it was a bit of both too, and not so clear cut.
  7. Based on the rest of your post, I fundamentally disagree with this statement. You're prepared to listen until it's your time to talk. But it's never your time to talk in this case. Your hot take is not of consequence. Fuck, it's like BLM never even got going sometimes. Stop waiting to talk, and just keep listening. I mean, if you want to. Don't if you don't. It's not the law.
  8. I figured he'd had the absolute intent to do it. And partially that's why he deceived a straight woman —someone he believed he could absolutely control. I mean, it could have been incidental, but nothing else in the show is. And it wouldn't carry much resonance.
  9. It doesn't diminish his own victimhood either. One of the things I love so much about the show is the interplay between judgement, guilt, cycles of abuse and traditional perceptions of these events.
  10. Predictably enough, I'm with Zok on this one. One of the enormous points being made in this series is that certain groups (men, straight people, white people) need to stop giving their interpretation of situations and start listening. If this is a story of a woman who felt deceived and predated upon by Kwame, going 'yeah but...', is insisting on your voice being heard. Which is not exactly the point. Because nobody cares. This is not your TED Talk. I think people are being a little charitable by suggesting he didn't set out to be a predator too, since they made some pretty telling visual juxtapositions. It doesn't matter than the victim was a homophobic arsehole. That doesn't diminish her victimhood.
  11. I've played a couple of hours of this, and it's good. Though not perfect. As with anything Amanita, it's utterly stunning. Dripping in atmosphere with incredible skill in silent storytelling. But it's also like a weird mix of Flashback, Braid, and any number of timing based puzzles. The controls feel unresponsive, and too often it invokes stealth-style mechanics that just involve... waiting. There have been two occasions where I almost looked up a solution before realising what I'd missed, which was both satisfying and frustrating. That said, I'll almost definitely finish it in one, if not two more sittings. Does anyone know if the paintings that aren't overtly interactive have winnable trophies attached to them?
  12. Oh yes. This is entirely relevant to my interests. Might grab it for the weekend.
  13. If you don't think you learnt anything from such a brave, honest, and personal voice (that is, presumably, not your own), then we're very different people. That said, if you've already encountered the many fascinating, intersecting, difficult topics that are brought up in this, great. That's not a bad thing at all.
  14. Maybe there's something you don't know.
  15. There's a lot in the world that is uncomfortable to come to terms with. If you're a straight, white man, there's so much in this show that is critically important to understand, regardless of how uncomfortable it makes you. It should be seen by everyone, especially those who are insulated from the issues portrayed. Not only is it a great character study, it's a fucking magnificent teaching tool and lens on life for those of us who are so cosseted. Please stick with it, I'd be really surprised if you didn't find it uplifting and enlightening by the end.
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