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  1. Paul T Goldman This doc series (Peacock in the US, so maybe high seas only in the UK for now) came to my attention through David Farrier's Insta as his favourite of the year. And, as the guy behind Tickled and Dark Tourist, he's a decenty authority. It's a very engrossing, entertaining six parter. But very much a "don't google it beforehand" case. 4/5 Pepsi, Where's My Jet? Another series, this one on Netflix, exploring the court case stemming from a 90s Pepsi ad offering a harrier jump jet for 7 million tokens. This one was way better than I expected, and has some pretty fascinating character interactions. 3.5/5
  2. One predictable bit in particular I loved:
  3. X Despite the positive reviews, I'd been avoiding it because it's Ti West. I've seen most of his films and found them to have good ideas, but be overlong and dreary, rather than just slow burns. This one's a pretty tight hour and 45, and much the better for it. It's great, actually. Good tension, good shocks, fun performances. It's the first time all the pieces have come together with this director for me. 4/5
  4. (Though the aforementioned Jackie Wilson and Whitney tracks get full endorsement. Maybe The Racoons theme too.)
  5. I've actually got that, and played (what I assume to be) most of it. Will polish that off this week.
  6. Well, on your collective recommendations, I tore through this at the weekend. As with others, I grew to like an art style I found off-putting initially. It was clever and very absorbing. Although there wee definitely a couple of cases where it was my third or fourth intepretation of what happened that proved to be right. Which felt a bit like brute forcing. My next question: what are the games in this detective genre, outside of Obra Dinn? Is Immortality one? I didn't like the Sherlock Holmes games I played too much as collecting glowing clues seemed to be more of the work than deduction.
  7. I keep meaning to check out the anime Ring 0: Birthday. I've heard it's decent, but my expectations aren't incredibly high.
  8. Give it a watch first, I don't have the first clue about parenting. I enjoyed RoboCop plenty at 6 without having particularly nuanced grasp of the anti-consumerist sentiment. Also give it watch because it's fun.
  9. I've seen this same sentiment, but I don't really agree. As glb says, there's blood, swearing, threat and mild torture. It's not aimed at the young teen or kid markets, and even older teens will watch the satire skate over their heads, though I know not every kid is the same.
  10. The full length film is worth a watch. Has some very fun set pieces.
  11. Nah, it'd just be made to reflect the current environment, as all good contemporary shows are. It'd still be great.
  12. It's not really a question of how you perceive it. It's how those actually affected do. Or, in the ever eloquent words of Tina Few herself:
  13. I think there's definitely an angle on the US Office that Jim is not a particularly nice person. But it doesn't ruin the show for me.
  14. Yeah, there are reasons that it would be made differently today. One of the most notable being the two episodes featuring blackface that have been removed from streaming services. Essentially, and I think Tina Fey admitted this, she was trying to provide commentary on something she wasn't qualified to provide commentary on. It wasn't her place to. And, in presenting a massively diverse cast, I think some of the stereotyping would come under a bit more scrutiny. It throws a lot of them out there. That said, I don't think the show made today would be enormously different, and could still be just as funny as it was then. Just more contemporary. Older people often think that curtailing offense is directly contrary to being funny, but it's not the case. You've just got to be smart, which Tina Fey obviously is. Despite going a little 'Cancel culture! Boo!' after the Golden Globes.
  15. Not shit, just not sophisticated. Despite the veneer. It's a silly film that knows it's silly all day long.
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