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  1. I never enjoyed the Amiga Quickshot joysticks with no travel to the stick. But as far as a controller I had to use for a while, I never enjoyed the v1 Saturn pad. Though the v2 is a thing of beauty.
  2. With the big numbers this is supposed to have done over Christmas, I'm surprised we aren't seeing people trip over themselves to announce new games and ports of old ones. But the landscape just feels very... barren at the moment. I picked up Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 80s off App Lab, as I wanted an escape game. It's not very good though. I mean, it's fine but you can tell one person made it.
  3. Finished the latest series of Narcos: Mexico. I always miss it when it's gone, so I drag the last few out for a while. Bit of a low-key ending for me —obviously the various political machinations at play are fascinating, but it all played out in an unexciting way. Which is uncharacteristic of the show. It's still great, but the journey was better than the destination. Which is praise anyway. It's hard to end something people love in a satisfactory fashion.
  4. I've had a brief go at this, up until the (first?) 'Stranger'. But it's not clicking yet. As someone who's played probably four other GoW games, the perspective is really throwing me on this. I got an absolute kicking against the first troll a bunch of times too. Are there recommended camera settings that keep the game from being quite so claustrophobic and limited in the FoV?
  5. Anyone played Maskmaker on PCVR? It's by the Fisherman's Tale team, and likely great —I just completely forget to engage with PCVR stuff.
  6. You just made this concept more essential than any number of execs.
  7. I'm not sure you know which camp you fall into yourself: Is the original Ghostbusters 'brilliant', or do you 'not have any great emotional attachment' to it and see Afterlife as 'a film in its own right'?
  8. I don't think people who don't like the film are colossal twats, or wrong, or sacriligious. People just need to accept that sometimes they don't like something because it wasn't particularly made for them. Even if they think it should have been. And that's ok. @Sexton Hardcastle I didn't say it's for children. But they are a group who seem to be responding well to it. I did imply that there are 40-something men who consider themselves to have ownership of certain franchises (whilst seemingly hating most of the output) who respond very poorly to female and child leads. And that's not exactly hard to find evidence of online.
  9. Not at all. Whilst it's a great companion piece to the first, and made with tons of affection for it, you just have to see where the praise is coming from (basically all demographics), and where the criticism is coming from (the 40+ audience of Ghostbusters nerds). You don't make a film for that particular audience with women and children as leads, because they're vociferous about not liking that.
  10. I was wondering where they'd go with it, and I'm pretty happy with the way they went. Couldn't help but notice how much style this series lacked compared to the old one though. I know the location's a part of it, but apart from some big aerial shots, it was pretty drab compared to the previous presentation.
  11. Count me amongst the people who enjoyed it plenty. It was a blend of the original, and the kind of family adventure films we grew up with. The representation felt fairly genuine, and the gags and callbacks worked. The people I watched with genuinely loved it. I feel like most of the people who didn't like it will quickly realise that it wasn't made for them. And that's fine. The 40+ male audience of Star Wars/Ghostbusters fans are not the golden goose demographic they believe themselves to be. I'd happily watch another. The toys above are a bit grisly, but if they provide money to his family, I couldn't imagine a dead Ramis giving the tiniest of fucks.
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