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  1. Didn't both the Wii Classic controller and Nunchuck have notches?
  2. Mortal Kombat This was the rubbish I wanted. Plenty of fan service, cheesy performances, and they didn't try to pack too much in to the one film. Every actor knew what film they were in, and they even managed to raise some questions about how they'd get from A to B in a couple of cases. Having Cole rather than Cage was interesting, but allowed them to explore some story beats that wouldn't have worked otherwise. If they did work. Yeah, I'd happily watch another of these. 2.5/5
  3. I know it's not this, but I'd absolutely love a puzzle-based sniper game for the Oculus Quest. Slowly watching a room through the VR sniper lens, looking out for environmental clues to your target ID as your window closes. Something procedural with three or so locations, but it could be any one of 40 characters in the scene each time.
  4. This dressing is outstanding: https://www.seriouseats.com/soy-balsamic-vinaigrette-recipe But also think about warm salads. Bok choi, mangoes, pomegranate, sesame seeds, papaya. It's not a stir fry, and it's not hot, but throwing things in a warm wok with some dressing can feel a lot more satisfying that a traditional salad if you're averse to them.
  5. I still haven't played Alyx, and I suspect it'll change my opinion somewhat, but waiting for SteamVR to do its thing is just enough faff that I'll typically choose Quest native all the time. Btw, Crisis Vrigade 2 now supports multiplayer. So get that. It's lots of fun coordinating lying on the floor blind-firing over pallets.
  6. I watched a couple of Kim's Convenience episodes under the 'Hmm... some of this seems like it could be dodgy without proper representation, but it's a Korean writing team, so all is fine!". But it turns out that might not be the case: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/tv/story/2021-06-07/kims-convenience-simu-liu-jean-yoon-netflix
  7. I thought the Seeds were, for better or worse, an incredibly deft way of selling millions of copies of the game to the very people it was vilifying. The family mechanic mixed things up a little too, though I'm certainly in the minority for liking them. Not as fun as Vaas or Pagan Min, but more relevant than both.
  8. Moss looks just fine on the Quest. I don't think you'd be losing anything by playing it natively. That said, it's predominantly a sitting experience, and doesn't gain from being able to move around freely.
  9. In films, actors don't learn Russian for one scene where their character speaks Russian. They don't typically learn to do backflips just because their character needs to do one. Steroids are a convenient way to accelerate a process within a film's timeframe. Hollywood is all about shortcuts, and it's not a surprise that they would be here too. It doesn't take away from Hemsworth's work, it's just a timeframe (and spectacle) practicality in the film industry. I take Isaac's point about promoting body dysmorphia, but films depict countless things that aren't attainable to
  10. I thought this was excellent. Plenty of whodunnits lose me when they get convoluted, but the red herrings and world building in this were perfect for me. I tended to find each episode better than the last.
  11. My mistake. Pretend I just said 95% of other AAA writing. And that is, obviously, without addressing the fact that writing quality is somewhat open to interpretation. I've seen praise for the superficially banal, and sneering at things that attempt new directions.
  12. You've named two. You could probably name 200 that have significantly worse writing than the FC series.
  13. Without drug sections it's not Far Cry at this point. Although I feel like most of the ones in 4 were optional. Having a pop at the writing seems to be a constant refrain, without really explaining it. There's nothing wrong with it as a genre story, it's an action film. And certainly no more hackneyed than any other AAA writing.
  14. I still have no idea why people who clearly dislike a well-established template populate this thread. The tone is part of the experience - murderers should be unlikeable, and generally have a bleak sense of humour. If anything, games in general gloss over that facet while you're orphaning families left and right. I don't need a film to have pleasant characters to get involved in the story, and it's the same here. Far Cry 2 (or 1) isn't coming back. But they're still available to play, as are countless other FPSs.
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