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  1. I played 2 player Crisis VRigade today. Oh my. The voice comms are crystal clear (if a little loud), but coordinating our covering fire and constant squatting? Chef's kiss. It's basically gaming as they pretended it was on shit early 00s TV shows. And it's brilliant.
  2. Fits like a glove on me. But I also have a dreadful man bun and a giant head, which makes such things pretty comfy for me. Don't get me wrong, if Aliexpress starts churning out Elite straps for a tenner, I'll give one a spin. But I've used this for almost two hours at a time on more than one occasion, and not even thought about it.
  3. Oh wow. More excellent looking puzzle games. I'll have to resist, but I really enjoyed I Expect You to Die, and I'm loving The Room. I'm just rationing the latter because I don't want it to end. I had a strange craving to do a jigsaw last night, so I gave the Sidequest beta Puzzling Places a go. It was very chilled putting together a 3D photogrammed model. Although it required a different kind of concentration on detail which made my eyes tired after 45 mins.
  4. There does seem to be a recurrence of people who repeatedly spout their 'old left' credentials whilst exhibiting next to none of them.
  5. Conversely, I didn't think the show was drawn out. It felt like a much more artfully-told story than the typical Netflix pacing. Every time it may have started to sag, they brought in new, often shocking information to reignite audience interest/annoyance/actual rage. Caught the first episode of the Starz series too. It's, for Starz, surprisingly not that tawdry, and well put together. Plus, it's got plenty of information that wasn't in The Vow.
  6. Yep. It was a somewhat tricky beast. Where are you falling down? First time I tried, it failed on the 'patching Beat Saber' section. So I needed a new nightly edition. Which worked. But then later, it didn't, and I ended up sidequesting a newer stable APK onto there. Even now, when I use Syncsaber to get my bookmarkers from Bsaber.com, it only gets about 60% of the songs.
  7. The only value a critic has is relative. If you need to have a critic, you'll attach to whoever you've got a lot in common with. That said, I rarely agree with Kermode, and still enjoyed listening to him. But, for me, he's entertainment more than advisory, which makes way more sense.
  8. I played this through on Early Access last year, and loved it. Some real inventiveness and a proper 3D Metroidvania Search Action setup.
  9. The Room I Expect You to Die Tilt Brush Ocean Rift Space Pirate Trainer Free: Shooting Arena Crisis VRigade
  10. From the post-fight chat, it seemed like he didn't really have any interest in fighting, and it's what his dad wanted from him. If his dad had passed a few years ago, maybe we'd never have even seen Khabib stick around to be champ? His post-fight interview felt honest and sympathetic. I hope he doesn't use his celebrity to continue bolstering the reputation of shitheads back home.
  11. You've brought up IQ three times. And then criticised others for lacking real world experience and borderline racism. Picard.png
  12. There any Quest 2 silicone mask jobs yet? The Thrill of the Fight is some real exercise.
  13. Presumably it would've shot straight into orbit?
  14. Do it. I'm having tons of fun with mine. Question for anyone with experience putting custom tracks into Beat Saber: when I use SyncSaber to grab songs I've bookmarked on BeastSaber, about half just won't work. But sometimes work later. Is this a trial-and-error thing, or so some songs never work?
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