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  1. NEW EP. US BROADCAST 24/05/20. BROADCAST CODE F76T#G. I liked this one. I think the show became non-essential last season, and disappeared into self-indulgence early in this season. That's not to say that it's a bad show, just that as they try to weave in more layers, I find myself catching them in between looking at my phone. I remember when Archer stopped being appointment viewing. It felt like a sad time.
  2. It was a great quiz, but not too taxing. Probably because you picked really iconic moments from films. Which definitely makes for something more entertaining, but a bit easier.
  3. Checked out The Hunt today, and it's fine. I'd hoped for better from some of the online response, but it's just nothing special. And the political characterisation is dunderheaded enough to be pointless. But it helped while away nearly two hours of lockdown.
  4. Surely they could include a little Spotify integration? That would be brilliant. Give us the chance to live all of our late teens deep cuts. And Bring the Noise.
  5. schmojo

    Billie Eilish

    They think they're Bill Hicks, but they have more in common with modern-day Graham Linehan. Or Elliot Rodgers. Although, to be fair, Bill Hicks was a bit of a tedious cunt too, so they're at least partly right.
  6. After getting frustrated that Sonic and Sega Allstars Racing didn't let you do an online GP, I decided to give Steam's 'Remote Play Together' a try. But I couldn't get it working. Which led me to find Parsec. It's a game streaming client with remote controller support - and isn't locked into Steam either. Spent the afternoon doing Sonic split-screen Grands Prix, playing multiplayer games on 8Bit Fiesta, and plan on trying some more local-only stuff. It's been working a treat, and is free. Presumably they're up to something nefarious? Regardless, it's what I'll be using to set up a multiplayer retro night, since every person having their own emulator is a little beyond the technical capabilities of some of my mates. So, y'know, enjoy.
  7. I've got back into this as I'm playing more multiplayer online at the moment, and it's the best kart racer on PC. BUT.... am I crazy, or can you not take on a friend in a GP series? Just doing single races, without a proper record, is much less satisfying. If I'm not crazy, and the functionality just isn't there, is there another new king of the hill on PC? Or.... long shot here... is it playable in a sensible way with Remote Play Together?
  8. Paul Kaye and Diane Morgan are a couple of the characters that felt like they were from a different, entirely worse, show for me.
  9. schmojo


    I literally can't tell if this is sincere or not . Such is the ridiculous nature of Hannibal, it's entirely possible that someone could love all of the stuff in the first two paragraphs as much as someone else could think it was terrible.
  10. I'm an absolute convert to this stuff too - Al's Kitchen has been a goldmine. Cheers everyone. That said, I made chicken chasni the other night, and it felt like it lacked character. It was really tasty, no doubt, but it felt like a top-flight version of a generic 'chicken curry'. Compared to the jalfrezi, balti and garlic chilli chicken, it's in fourth place. If I was to make it again, I'd probably up the heat significantly and work on making a more sour version.
  11. Virtual webcam method is infinitely blurrier than screen share. Despite my efforts in exploring it, I've found it not really fit for purpose. My recommendation is just to avoid reaction-based games, although Mixer sounds intriguing if it's only 1sec latency.
  12. Surely, since the Force binds everything in the universe, it's like the code Neo manipulates in the Matrix? Completely flexible, and capable of basically doing anything. Hence somehow persuasion and fucking lightning hands are manifestations. I know I wouldn't just use it for baton-twirling.
  13. I too am annoyed at the decline of realism in Magic Space Wizards 9.
  14. He's fighting a dude with no english Wiki page, but 5 KOs in 6 wins. Time to become a hero, Yorgan De Castro.
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