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  1. Ok, this is driving me crazy. What's this text treatment getting inspiration from? I thought it was Elite Systems, but I don't think it is:
  2. If Ledger was still around, we'd have probably seen him rolling around in a pimped-out Jokertank to a Pat Benatar song by now.
  3. Everyone put their couch into Guardian yet? It's under 'Experimental Features' on Settings. Also, I checked out Shooty Fruity. If you're after a silly, fun "Try to get 3 stars on the level" type game, it's not a bad one. Maybe wait til it's sub-£10 though.
  4. Yup, count me in the pro-Host crowd. It has a charm that will be relevant for approximately 18 months, but it was more than welcome. Inventive, cheap, and didn't outstay its welcome. Just what I want from this kind of thing.
  5. Bone Tomahawk I'd been looking forward to this, as it seems almost universally praised. As so many have said, the violence and performances absolutely deliver, but it could have lost about 50 minutes of desert hobbling and I wouldn't have minded. It's Fellowship levels of watching people walk, for a long old time. So much dreariness contrasted with some genuinely good sections. 3/5 Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Even though it's about a 50% hit rate, I'll watch most Kristen Wiig things. This one's odd. I couldn't entirely te
  6. A couple of games I play in VR involve continually rotating in a direction to take out waves of enemies, or slice notes with lightsabers. I'm not sure how they'd be possible in a wired setup without having some kind of rotating connector on top. And even then you'd want to drop it in from above.
  7. The downside is certainly limited battery life, or attaching an additional battery pack. Outside of that, though, wireless works amazingly well. It's not just proof of concept, it's the best way to play most PCVR games. Still hoping against hope that Astrobot gets the Horizon:ZD treatment and hops to PC. But it seems to be a genuine system-seller, so I'm not holding my breath.
  8. This is, fundamentally, where we disagree. Fortunately for both of us, none of this matters one jot, and you're likely to have all the Hardy you could want in the future!
  9. Locke's fine, because he's understated instead of bombastically ACT-ING. Though I've had two Welsh people tell me they bailed on it because they didn't like his accent. I didn't have that problem though. Warrior's good. It's a good Tom Hardy vehicle. He's good in Peaky Blinders too. I can tell you've got a real attachment to him, we just have different tastes in performances. And that's going to have to be ok with you. Also, since I'm Googling for two: Venom set, Taboo set, and this less annoying, more hilarious bit of gossip:
  10. I'm not upset about anything Hardy is just a big fucking pile of ham now. Including Taboo. Including Dunkirk. Including Venom. Including Legend. Including Batman. I think you've just got a slightly different taste in performances. And we're also way past the point where we need to make excuses for 'artistes' being cunts on set, when so many capable people... aren't. A quick google for something like 'Tom Hardy asshole' will bring up plenty of stories from cast and crew. About his 'process' making him selfish and undermining directors. But, obviously, don't
  11. Promising Young Woman A fair bit to unpack in this. It feels a bit all over the place. Even though it's a female writer/director, it feels like it's been through a male lens of female victimhood during development. Tropes of women being driven to unreasonable extremes by systemic unfairness, but little exploration of it beyond that. I know it veers towards popcorn, and everyone puts in a solid performance, but if this film had a clear message it didn't make it through to me. Felt muddled between making a statement and kicking some ass, without the right substance behind it.
  12. There are countless (somewhat gossipy) stories of Tom Hardy being a pain in the arse on set. And plenty of more hilarious ones about him taking himself too seriously over the last few years of Popbitch emails. Which yes, do still exist. Whether those crew stories turn out to be true, or a coordinated effort to discredit him, he's a novelty watch these days. Getting so close to producing a single believable sentence before contorting it into incoherent Hardyspeak.
  13. schmojo

    Myst VR

    I did wind up taking a few notes on my phone through the Oculus Nose Gap (TM). That said, if you've got a note-taking skill on an Echo or Google Home, it'd probably be really handy for just dictating what you see and having it read back. Between that and OS-level screenshotting, you should be fine. My Echo Dot is invaluable for finding out what bloody time it is when I'm playing VR stuff.
  14. schmojo

    Myst VR

    Having seen actual grown-ups playing Myst nearly 30 fucking years ago, I can remember being pretty blown away. And then I'd hear the running gags about how obtuse and bullshit it was. So, despite being a big puzzle game fan, I've only just played it, in VR on the Oculus Quest. There's a very good sense of place, and the teleport movement style feels more in keeping with the old slideshow visuals than free movement does. It all feels incredibly familiar because it's informed a million games since, most of which are much more elegant. But that's a given over time. The aes
  15. Tom Hardy definitely used to be very good, but now he's a parody of himself. Seems to happen to a lot of actors. I suspect it's closely related to the many reports of directors being unable to direct him because he walks off the set if he's given notes. Just living a bit further up his arse each time I see him. Also, I had no idea that people enjoyed Taboo, so opinions may vary.
  16. 'Real' american cheese isn't legit at all. It's very much processed for melting ability rather than being... cheese. That said, you'll see a huge amount of variation in plastic cheese slices here from one supermarket to the next. I think I last used Lidl ones, which were alright. Didn't care for the Sainsburys or Aldi ones. The classic trash american cheese is Velveeta slices which you can probably find from a specialist food site, but they're not my personal favourite for a burger. So get as many different ones as you can and spend a saturday making sliders! And, obviously, you ca
  17. It does feel odd that we haven't experienced South Park's take on QAnon until now, so I'm looking forward to that. This new broadcast model is probably good for them. More time to write jokes that are half-decent, and making 2 or 3 appointments viewings a year. Instead of a series that isn't a big deal for anyone.
  18. I'll watch at least the first ep of this show. But, and I know this will put plenty of people off, I'd rather it was made by the team behind Rached/AHS.
  19. Is it a balance issue, or a pencil-necked geek issue? I read about some people experiencing more comfort when they velcro strapped a battery pack to the back of their strap. You can also get knock-off 'halo' style straps from places like AliExpress. Though I haven't tried one yet.
  20. It's going to be a big old pile of shit and I can't wait. Reminder to all: watch Scorpion's Revenge.
  21. Do you have a router? If VD just needs to do a licence check, you might be fine tethering it to your phone. Although, hold on. How's that layout gonna work? Wifi hotspot on phone... nah forget it. I fucked up.
  22. In case anyone is interested: this, running on Xenia does work with Parsec. So it's easy enough to deathmatch with friends from a distance.
  23. Absolutely. It's imperative that you enjoy things that are good, otherwise you won't get much from Ragnarok.
  24. People are sleeping on Dreamcast Bomberman. It's my favourite way to play. Didn't the 360 have a decent Xbox live one too?
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