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  1. I'd say it absolutely is horror. It's not gory or explicit, but the ideas contained with it are unquestionably horrifying ideas. People use thriller as a shorthand for 'PG-13 horror' too often. It's a different thing, though they can overlap a lot.
  2. There's also a 5 second window between underdone and the cheese separating and launching itself off the pizza entirely. They're great. Also the 'signature sauce' is almost certainly just ketchup, tomato puree and extra sugar.
  3. I think I'd watch the first 4 series, and then watch a YouTube wrapup of the latter ones. That said, I think Michael C Hall's performance is one of the all-time TV classics, and sometimes I just like watching him do it regardless of the shite he's given. It's the role he was born for.
  4. Cat People is already a remake, isn't it? Or is that the gag? Although there was 40 years between the last two, so we're due another... next year.
  5. I'm gonna try and catch Malignant this week. I fucking love James Wan. He basically looks in a thesaurus for synonyms for 'bad' and then makes every single one into a movie.
  6. Nueve Reinas/Nine Queens Argentinian conman movie. You know how these go, and this one's a solid one. Low-key and personality-driven, just like a good con. Christ though, the year 2000 looks like a million years ago. 3/5
  7. Oh god damnit. The ball is so useful, but I never found it intuitive to use.
  8. Finding this a bit disappointing. It's melodramatic characterisation, poor acting even for Starz, and the wrestling analogies are ham-fisted. They also make it a tedious family drama, instead of exploring the interesting, gross sides of wrestling that we saw in The Wrestler. I know it's not trying to be that, but it seems like they're going for Friday Night Lights, especially with Discount Riggins getting top billing, but dropping in soap opera territory. Also, the fight scenes in S2. Christ. Still, Amell's bringing some Garrett Dillahunt energy that I appreciate. And, let's be honest, I'm going to watch the whole thing because wrestling's great. When HBO get round to this shit, it'll be great too.
  9. Yeah, similar for me. I appreciate the need for a twist, but I don't prefer the direct control. The peak for me is still the GC multiplayer game in space.
  10. Hit the credits on this today, and it's my GOTY front-runner. Even ahead of It Takes Two. There's been some utterly breathtaking art direction, and it's all wrapped together in gameplay that has yet to get tiresome. It just throws wonder at you —and that's without getting into the excellent way they approach mental health throughout. This is really top-tier stuff, imbued with a charm and style we don't see often these days. If I had to give it some criticisms, I'd say that a couple of the swinging platform sections were annoying from any angle other than directly side on, and towards the end of the game it's a little too chatty. Millions of non-short cut scenes that break up the flow when I just want to get back to the game. The dialogue is great and all, but I found myself skipping more. I'm looking forward to going into the post-game powered up, but I doubt I'll 100% it, due to so many figments. Play this immediately.
  11. I preferred Superhost to Rental. I feel like Shudder is very good at these zeitgeisty throwaway horrors. But as people have said, it wouldn't be much without a particular performance.
  12. When playing Death's Door, the isometric layout, camera distance and surreal islands made me fondly remember LBA. But I have to imagine they'd need to overhaul the character movement and control to be almost unrecognisable, because it would be painful now. I'm definitely keen to revisit the world though.
  13. I hope it starts with them watching The Matrix in a post apocalyptic living room.
  14. I have indeed played Headlander, and totally forgot it was Double Fine. Enjoyed it plenty - some clever ideas, and probably costs buttons on Steam now.
  15. I'm looking forward to part 3, where they capture and tame one of the aliens. It wears big, homemade earmuffs - they call it 'Muffy'. By the end of the film, they'll realise that a reversed hearing aid protects it from dangerous sounds, and it takes out the bad aliens before winning the big dance contest.
  16. I didn't play the first Psychonauts when it came out, and struggled with the camera and controls when I tried a couple of years ago. But this is all amazing. Great art direction and sense of place, a warm, interesting world, and an approach to humour that goes all the way back to Lucasarts. If Laika made a game, I imagine it would feel like this. The platforming is tight, exploring is fun, the puzzles are varied and (dare I say it) it feels more inventive than It Takes Two. Though, gushing aside, I do wish I could repurpose the Y and B buttons to PSI powers. And they put too many health pickups near the edge of platforms, where my combo to open them invariably sends either me, or the power-up, plummeting towards doom.
  17. The Rick and Morty team seem to absolutely overestimate how invested I am in their universe. In as much as they have no idea who I am, obviously. Can't wait for more Solar Opposites, which has everything I like about Rick and Morty without Dan Harmon ferociously staring into his own anus.
  18. I mean, you're talking about an awful lot of money there.
  19. Delete this immediately.
  20. Bagged this last night. Only played for about 20 minutes, but I'm not feeling it yet. The art direction is right up my street, but the game feels plodding and doesn't give me much a dopamine loop for solving things. The walking pace is too slow (which is a mechanic, I appreciate), and the look speed a little too fast. Takes ages to do very little. I'll give it another go this evening, but it could be one for refunding.
  21. Summer of Soul Really interesting documentary about the Harlem Cultural festival of 1969, lazily referred to as Black Woodstock. It looks like it was an incredible time, but it also doesn't feel like we get to delve properly into anything: the politics, the music, the machinery of New York under Lindsay. I'd love to watch a more in-depth series, but in the absence of it this is well worth a watch for yet another historic Black American story that never reached the masses, 3.5/5
  22. I'm pretty excited to try this out: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/08/upcoming-game-turns-quest-vr-headsets-into-real-life-laser-tag-machines/?amp=1 And there's going to be some very interesting stuff coming up with AR/pass-through.
  23. Well this was a whole lot better than I was expecting from the cast and promos. Which is to say it was 'pretty good'. Nothing stellar or groundbreaking, and the commentary was subtle like a cudgel to the bonce, but it was also entertaining. Disliking people we like to dislike, serious situations somewhat hand-waved away in lieu of sunsets. There were a couple of drug scenes that felt a bit like a middle-aged writer's idea of how kids act, but they hardly ruined anything. Though they do the thing US producers love, which is casting 25 year olds as teen sex objects. (Y'know! Just so it's ok!) I didn't particularly enjoy the deft dismantling of I watched the whole thing over two evenings, and it was nice, pretty fluff to have on while I disengaged my brain. I enjoyed it the way I enjoyed The Serpent or White Lines - a bit of a surrogate holiday.
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