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  1. 21 hours ago, Chadruharazzeb said:

    It's hilarious how much Morrissey's manager is crying about this on the internet. 


    I was pleasantly surprised with how hard they went after Morrissey. It's the most contemporary they've felt in years, and it's probably one of the better articulations of the journey Morrissey fans have gone on, realising he's a new kind of arsehole.

  2. On 19/02/2021 at 19:54, Capwn said:


    Oh no you're one of these people who watch Fast and Furious and say things like "It's a good popcorn movie!" and "Just turn your brain off and have a good time!"


    Mortal Kombat ABSOLUTELY could be an Oscar winning film if it was made with any love and care


    Jackson 'Jax' Briggs is a world-class African-American pianist, who is about to embark on a concert tour in Outworld in 1962. In need of a driver and protection, Jax recruits Kabal, a tough-talking former police officer from an Italian-American neighbourhood in the Bronx. Despite their differences, the two men soon develop an unexpected bond while confronting racism, danger and elder gods in an era of segregation.

  3. Just to add to my thoughts on this, since it's staying in my head rent-free, it's astonishing how they got the platforming to feel right when their previous games aren't platformers. Impressive stuff.


    That said, I also wish they'd put some kind of hidden secrets in. My Mario exploration sense was tingling, and every time I went into some unseen nook, there wasn't anything there. Obviously the minigames are great, but it's one of few changes I'd make.

  4. 7 minutes ago, dumpster said:

    How many photos do you have of, say grandparent, great grandparents etc.  Who has a box of photos from the 1800s passed down carefully from generation to generation? Many of us do. The only way you'll lose those photos is in a house fire. 


    Think about how many digital photographs you have from your first ever digital camera. You know the one. That Sagem mobile phone you had. The Casio camera that output its files in the .CAM format.  They're all gone. 


    All the original film negatives for the movie A Bug's Life. All digital, all lost in a hard drive crash. 


    Or the news article, printed on the BBC website on a Monday but then updated on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday. 


    Don't get me wrong. There are more photographs taken today than any other time in history. But digital media is still very transient. If you bought Dogma on DVD, hold on to it, and keep a DVD player as well. Due to an unusual licensing agreement involving Harvey Weinstein Dogma will never come to any streaming service so that DVD will be the only way to watch that movie in future.


    There are obvious issues to be addressed with digital media, but we're talking about countless more elements of history and culture being recorded and available than ever before. The idea of history erasure has been more valid at literally every other point in history.


    Because the majority of things didn't last long enough for us to even know about them. There are a number of relevant cases, like Dogma as you mention, but there are so many more songs, shows and films lost to time that would be preserved to pad out a Netflix library in the present day.


    You're also acting like video and filmstock didn't get reused and destroyed on the regular in the past. And that photos can't also be torn, spilled on, blown away by the wind, degrade physically, or simply get lost.



  5. On 11/04/2021 at 11:26, dumpster said:

     It breaks my heart that my kids who don't exist, don't have a collection other than something that's stored on their phones.  


    Because history is wiped out.  When that song you like gets a remix or remaster and you prefer the original, but the streaming service replaces the original and that's it, you'll never hear the version you like again.



    Can't agree with this sentiment. We have more mainstream access to more niche media than at any point in history


    Decade after decade, TV shows didn't get recorded and released. Unsuccessful albums didn't get second runs. We wind up defining 'history' as only the very most successful parts of it, which isn't history.


    At least now, with the services you describe, niche music won't have to disappear by virtue of not being quite popular enough to justify reproduction. 


    There are more remixes you've never been able to hear than ones you have. Which may still be case, but it's less so than ever.

  6. 23 hours ago, ckny said:




    WWE Championship

    Bobby Lashley (c) vs Drew McIntyre

    275 points


    WWE Smackdown Women's Championship

    Sasha Banks (c) vs Bianca Belair

    275 points


    WWE Raw Tag Team Championships

    The New Day (c) vs AJ Styles & Omos

    250 points


    Steel Cage Match

    Braun Strowman vs Shane McMahon

    200 points


    Cesaro vs Seth Rollins

    200 points


    Tag Team Turmoil

    Lana & Naomi vs Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose vs The Riott Squad vs Natalya & Tamina


    Bad Bunny & Damian Priest vs The Miz & John Morrison




    WWE Universal Championship

    Roman Reigns (c) vs Edge vs Daniel Bryan

    275 points


    WWE Raw Women's Championship

    Asuka (c) vs Rhea Ripley

    275 points


    WWE Intercontinental Championship

    Nigerian Drum Fight

    Big E (c) vs Apollo Crews

    200 points


    WWE United States Championship

    Riddle (c) vs Sheamus

    200 points


    WWE Women's Tag Team Championships

    Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs Winners of Tag Team Turmoil 

    200 points


    Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

    150 points


    The Fiend vs Randy Orton

    150 points



    50 points each

    1. Jump/Fall? Shane O Mac

    2. Which match opens Night Two? Asuka/RIpley

    3. Which match will be shortest? Bad Bunny/Priest v Miz/Morrison

    4. Who takes the fall in the Universal Championship match? Bryan

    5. Will Logan Paul be involved in the finish of the Owens/Zayn match? Yes.


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  7. 9 minutes ago, Yobo Ahoy said:

    They released the new kit pay scale for fighters last week, it was literally between about $500 and $2000 extra per fight (depending on status) vs the Reebok deal. Worth waiting for! 


    If fighters aren't going to unionise, this kind of anti-fighter deal is going to keep happening.


    Obviously the Fertittas and Dana White are anti-union shitheads, but I imagine WME may be too. That said, they deal with plenty of people in the SAG, so they know unions are unavoidable in some cases, unlike the Fertittas and their sketchy non-union casinos.


    Scott Coker should lead the charge on this. That's how he can have a more important legacy on the sport than Dana. And it'd be hilarious watching him be utterly beloved, at the same time as presenting Bellator as the 'ethical option'.




    NXT Women's Championship

    Io Shirai (c) vs Raquel Gonzalez

    250 points


    NXT Tag Team Championships

    MSK vs Grizzled Young Veterans vs Legado del Fantasma

    200 points


    NXT United Kingdom Championship

    Walter (c) vs Tommaso Ciampa

    200 points


    Gauntlet Match to determine #1 contender for North American Championship

    Leon Ruff vs Isaiah "Swerve" Scott vs Bronson Reed vs Cameron Grimes vs Dexter Lumis vs LA Knight

    175 points


    Kushida vs Pete Dunne

    175 points




    NXT Championship

    Finn Balor (c) vs Karrion Kross

    250 points


    NXT North American Championship

    Johnny Gargano (c) vs Night One Gauntlet Winner

    200 points


    Undisputed NXT Cruiserweight Championship

    Ladder Match

    Jordan Devlin vs Santos Escobar

    200 points


    NXT Women's Tag Team Championships

    Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart (c) vs The Way

    150 points


    Unsanctioned Match

    Kyle O'Reilly vs Adam Cole

    200 points



    50 points each

    1. Any surprise debutants or returns? Aleister Black

    2. Which match opens Night One? Tag title

    3. Who is the runner up in the gauntlet match? Bronson Reed

  9. Clocked this yesterday, and it was everything you're all saying it is.


    Relentlessly inventive, incredibly pretty, great difficulty balance, and a joy from beginning to end. There may have been better story stuff than the early sections, but we got into a habit of skipping most cut scenes. I didn't really enjoy the in-game resolution between the two main characters but, to be fair,


    there are plenty of games exploring darker, less conventional endings these days. So this didn't need to be that after everything that came before.


    Can't wait for a sequel. And a spin-off movie. Until then, I suppose I'll try A Way Out.

  10. I played a couple of hours of this with a friend last night, and it oozes quality. They've absolutely ironed out every frustration point, without making themselves into a Lego game that you just stroll through.


    So far, it's a great Toy Story game, a great Star Wars game and a great Indiana Jones game. Can't wait to see what kind of great game it is next.


    We do skip most cut scenes, admittedly. It's a beautiful game that deserved less clunky writing.

  11. I did Shadow Point ages ago, and really enjoyed it. I've pretty much played all the puzzle games.


    I'm just super curious about the diorama/3rd person inventiveness people mention with Astro Boy. I'd say that, if HZD can come to PC, anything can, but I suspect Astro Boy is too much of a peripheral seller.

  12. Finally finished Moss. Because I forgot I hadn't.


    It's good, but I didn't find it very good. It has some of the best graphics on the Quest, and the puzzle design is largely great. But the jumping is off. Feels both clipped and floaty at the same time. The combat's not exactly a draw, and it's standard VR game length at about 2-3 hours.


    The story and setting were fine enough, but I'm finding myself yearning to try something as good as everyone says Astro Bot is. Somewhat selfishly, I hope someone just steals their ideas wholesale, because I can't see myself picking up a Playstation and PSVR.

  13. I enjoyed the Flight Attendant, even though it's silly as all fuck.


    Official high and low points within:



    High point: Sue White from Green Wing

    Low point: They skirt around the idea that a woman can enjoy sex, enjoy booze and be happy living a life non centred around old-fashioned tropes of commitment and demure behaviour. Which felt very contemporary for America, before they start to focus on the idea that she's more successful, centred and functioning when she's in more traditional roles. So close.


    Also they make her out to be a medium-to-high functioning alcoholic, but never allow her makeup and conveyer belt of fashionable outfits to be anything less than immaculate.



  14. The Perfection


    A 'feminist' sexual assault revenge thriller about elite cello players. That is very obviously written by people who are not women, do not know any women, and possibly just don't like women.


    A couple of stupid twists, a couple of comedy gore shots. Not worth anyone's time really.



  15. I Care A Lot


    Manages to be both utterly preposterous and a horrifying reflection of American healthcare at the same time. Though the questions it raises are a bit on the nose. While the plot itself doesn't stand up to a lot of scrutiny, Pike and Dinklage are both incredibly watchable. If you like seeing Rosamund Pike be mean, I can recommend it.



  16. WWE Universal Championship

    Roman Reigns (c) vs Daniel Bryan

    200 points


    WWE  United States Championship

    Riddle (c) vs Mustafa Ali

    175 points


    WWE Intercontinental Championship

    Big E (c) vs Apollo Crews

    175 points


    WWE Women's Tag Team Championships

    Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair

    150 points


    No Holds Barred Match

    Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus

    100 points


    Alexa Bliss vs Randy Orton

    100 points


    Shinsuke Nakamura vs Seth Rollins

    100 points



    50 points each

    1. Which match opens the show? US Title

    2. How many spears will we see in the Universal Championship match? 4

    3. Will The Fiend return in person? Yes

  17. I've finally made a ton more base gravy, and made Al's garlic chilli chicken this week to the usual great success.


    Any of the new ones on Al's Kitchen in the last 6 months particularly great? Bearing in mind I found the much-vaunted chicken chasni to be a bit meh.

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