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  1. Soft & Quiet


    Intense and a little close to the bone. It's a decent exploration of


    how a lot of social and online movements gather pace so rapidly that they have trouble staying on the rails.


    I didn't think the ending was perfect, but I hold this genre to a lower standard on that front. How many stick the landing? As long as the journey is fraught, I'm ok with it.


    With the little we know about the town, we obviously have no idea if the survivor would get any justice. But that's up to our own fevered imaginations. I would have probably enjoyed a little more in terms of backstory to explain the easy lurches to violence, rather than what seems like a folie a cinq (or however many), but I suppose we just put that down to simmering backwater tension.


    I don't think it's intended to be a black comedy as a review mentioned above. It just opens with a disarming tone because... well why on earth wouldn't it? It's the horror genre, and about 80% of them do that.


    Between this and Barbarian, that's two 'go in blind' horror films I've seen lately that have left me pleasantly surprised. 



  2. For people who watch the explainer videos, do you feel like this should be information you can glean easily from the original episodes?


    Or is it just good additional lore and content that you're happy to consume alongside?


    Any time I feel like additional content outside of the primary show/book/whatever is needed for clarification, I feel like the storytelling has failed a bit.

  3. Since picking up a Chromecast with Google TV, I've discovered a fun (very stupid) wrinkle with Oculus casting. Which wasn't an issue with the old Chromecast.


    Basically, the Oculus won't cast on 5GHz, only 2.4. So I've set up two separate wifi networks. I also need to switch back to 5GHz if I want smooth movie streaming in Skybox. A bit annoying, but the workaround is fine.

  4. 2 hours ago, Garwoofoo said:

    Thor: Love and Thunder


    Somehow this feels unfinished, like they strung enough jokes together to make it last two hours and then just edited it together and kicked it out the door.


    In its defence, the first half is pretty funny, although it's increasingly hard to reconcile Thor's earlier characterisation with his new incarnation as a moron. (He actually fits in quite well with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and it's a shame we haven't seen more of that). Natalie Portman gets to redeem her bored-as-shit performance from Thor 2 and complete no-show in Thor 3 with a movie where she actually looks like she's having more fun than anyone else. And Russell Crowe's camp Greek Zeus is the clear highlight.


    But the actual story barely exists, Christian Bale appears to think he's in a different movie completely, somehow it's a comedy movie with a cancer subplot, it plays its deus ex machina (the Necrosword) in the first five minutes, and overall it feels like you could have got entirely separate movies out of (a) Asgardians of the Galaxy (b) Jane Foster the Mighty Thor (c) Gorr the God Butcher and ramming them all together into two hours of slapstick did nobody any favours.


    It's not terrible by any means but like most Phase 4 stuff it just feels very inconsequential.




    I'm not definite, but I'd heard that GOTG3 was going to be non-chronological and feature the adventures of Thor and the Gang. Though obviously that messes with the idea of any real peril for the team, but don't most of these?

  5. Wakanda Forever


    Forever isn't kidding, as it's a long 2h45. But it dealt with the sentimental stuff about Chadwick Boseman pretty well, feeling poignant rather than exploitative. Though I'm sure it'll age the film.


    It's got its high points, largely in the representation. The fact that you go an hour before you even notice that there's nary a white actor in it. So they nailed that aspect, as it feels complete without feeling too tokenistic. Although the franchise does very much feel like Marvel's community service, and I hope they don't keep the progressive representation contained to it.


    Overall it can be a bit loud and forgettable, and took forever to get from A to B, but I'm basically glad I saw it.




    Everyone is Iron Man now.



  6. On 10/08/2022 at 00:12, TehStu said:

    There is a real world, in my opinion mind blowing thing on the precursor quests to unlocking Atlantis. I got really into this game though, so mileage will vary.


    Well, after taking a couple of months off, I came back and hustled from lv46 to 52. By this point, I was enjoying the side quests that I simply didn't have the bandwidth for previously. Plus, I wish someone had told me about the XP goldmine that is the Bounty Board. Due to a coincidence of two high-value bounties wanting the same conditions, I made 160k XP in bout 5 minutes.


    I've now swept up everything I think I'm likely to. Atlantis done, Cult done, obvs main story done, and it's been largely brilliant. Just so, so expansive and all-consuming.


    I also think that Ubi wildly overestimate how much fun it is to fire literally hundreds of arrows into one enemy over 15 minutes. Which is why I did none of the big hunt missions - they're just so drawn out and dreary.


    @Stu What was the mind-blowing thing? I don't think I missed anything...

  7. I thought the Stormzy one was fine. Nothing groundbreaking, all light stuff on the surface and an interview that wouldn't be out of place on a sunday teatime.


    The Dench one was amazing though. She just engenders so much emotion with every story and mannerism. Louis responded well enough, but she was captivating and heartbreaking. I didn't think he handled the Weinstein thing particularly well, as she'd defended him before and the conclusion was neither new nor useful. That said, it would've been hard to pursue a tough line of questioning against someone so simultaneously likeable and frail.


    This series doesn't seem like it'll be great, but I 100% recommend the Judi Dench ep. I'd watch a whole series with her.

  8. 17 minutes ago, NickC said:

    People clutching their pearls because he's not spending his money in the way they think is right is the sort of diversionary shite I expect from the Mail.


    To be fair, saying that you'll only donate to a worthy cause if conditions are met is also the sort of diversionary shite you'd expect from the Mail.


    Fortunatley he didn't mean it.


    I think it's achieved its purpose, and Lycett's earned a lot of goodwill over the years anyway.

  9. I'd go with the latter. There's just no point to go wired unless you have a shocking WiFi setup.


    I'd also say try Oculus' own free solution before picking up Virtual Desktop, just in case. I use Virtual Desktop, but I bought it before there was an official option.

  10. I'm a big fan of the point and click style games from Rusty Lake and Glitch Games. The Room series by Fireproof are also excellent, if you've never played them. Cottongame, makers of Isoland, do some really cute puzzle adventures too.

  11. I was a big fan of Rumble's fireworks in the cage, but he seemed like a less than pleasant dude outside of it in regards to DV and general misogyny.


    Some sites are saying it was a long battle with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I hope everyone involved in his occasionally sad story finds some peace.


    In his prime, he was likely the scariest man in the sport.

  12. I hope he's spouting more totally-not-racist theories about how Aliens must have carried out ancient engineering. Because obviously non-white people couldn't have achieved such feats!

  13. Hacks


    Honestly, I fucking loved season 1 of Hacks. TV has a certain squeamishness about female relationships, and this tackled it head on. It's whip-smart, contemporary, and kind. Jean Smart is revelatory, and Hannah Einbinder plays the ingenue perfectly.


    I didn't even know a second season had been commissioned until this week.


    Chewed up in no time at all. It's a beautiful show and I hope more people get to see it. It not only left me misty-eyed, it perfectly skewered the kind of media that tried so hard to make those artficial moments.



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