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  1. You're going to save the writers so much time by writing all this villain dialogue in advance.
  2. Rather than acknowledge that this is a female pov show with a female creative team that tackle issues in a way -and to a degree- they see fit, @Benny seems keen to correct them and tell them how they've done it wrong. I look forward to his reveal as the s2 big bad.
  3. Reinstalled Blaston after foreeeever, to start from scratch. They've totally changed how you unlock weapons , and it takes forever to do it. I feel like I had about six new weapons in the time it takes to unlock one now. Good job it's a really good game.
  4. In many cases, the breaks would be about 30 seconds after the intro credits. Presumably to convince someone that they were already watching the show, rather than seeing a teaser.
  5. Anyone tried these? Seabrook are obviously fucking top tier, and I miss their wasabi ones from a few years back.
  6. When I was last in the US for any length of time, they had a particularly annoying broadcast trend. One show would finish, and they'd go straight into the next without ads to try and get you hooked in. Then you'd get an ad break one or two minutes in. There's probably psychological data to prove that it worked on scheduled TV, but thank god we don't live in those dark time anymore.
  7. The series is intentionally throwing out ambiguous situations to create a sense of mistrust, conspiracy and unease. And then they sprinkle just enough breadcrumbs that people can make a decent case for either scenario up until there's an actual reveal. It's definitely an effective way of creating online discussion and engaging the kind of drawn-out analysis that is the series' bread and butter.
  8. The consensus seems to be that Quest 3 will be announced before too long. They're just going to keep that consumer-focused line separate from the Pro line. For now.
  9. It did become a commercial product, but not a consumer one. Apparently they've applied the tech to some enormous US military contracts, so it's certainly not a commercial failure, assuming that gets delivered. But in terms of not delivering even 10% of the launch video's promise for that model, and killing that form of consumer mixed reality a decade, it's hard to call it much else. It didn't explode and kill people, but it also didn't do what it set out to. At least the second Kinect and Google Glass worked. Though Glass was indeed a bit shit.
  10. That the announcement trailer looked like this, and the reality was a muddy 2"x1" rectangle in the middle of the visor. More akin to the Tiger R-Zone than what the Quest Pro can seemingly do:
  11. So was the Quest until it was unlocked in a software update that came out a long time after the headset did. Hacks brought it in sooner, but it wasn't the advertised standard. The ones who had hands-on with it were unlikely to have that kind of software access, you'd imagine.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if it's mostly bought by YouTube streamers, though the professional potential is obviously compelling. The Quest 2 was announced with 90Hz refresh rate, so I'd be very surprised if it isn't future proofed for higher levels.
  13. £1500 is a lot, for sure. But if those external cameras are good quality, this will be the experience that Hololens promised years ago. And dramatically failed to deliver. I'm quite interested in some of the quirkier MR applications too, like seeing different paint/wallpaper on your walls, or putting a giant virtual TV up in front of you, as if it's affixed to your living room wall. Not £1500 interested, but this is where we start to see some interesting crossover stuff. Would be quite a thing for a next-gen Pokemon Go style experience too.
  14. I'm looking forward to trying the new tech for novelty value. But outside of AR/Mixed Reality, the Quest 2 has more or less all the capabilities I'd need for a couple more years until the new tech trickles down. Obviously giving devs more grunt would be nice, but I'm excited for inventive experiences rather than shiny ones, and I don't think that well has even begun to be properly tapped yet. Hell, maybe interest in the more powerful devices will mean that new VR devs come up with stuff that can be adapted for the Quest 2 as well. Like a NES version of a SNES game. Or something. Some good Quest news - Call of the Sea, a puzzle game on a lush-looking tropical island, is getting a native port. Which is exactly why I'd held off on buying the regular version.
  15. What about something like The Others?
  16. Probably if something horrifying happens. I don't think it needs to be supernatural or anything. Though that would make anything with Jared Leto need reclassifying.
  17. I've definitely warmed to this after a few episodes. The likeable cast and original stories were enough to make it welcome.
  18. Dashcam and Host form something of a series - is Deadstream the next in it? Is the chaotic tone the same?
  19. It's been a UK saying for at least my lifetime. Though it is inherently more misgynistic as our culture has only focused its shaming on women who have casual sex, and never at men. It's used for both genders, but the shame element has never been a significant reality for men compared to the shit women got —and often still get.
  20. I'd misread this one as being more of an anthology show, but it's a very standard Mike Flanagan show. Slow burning, subtle, the same background apparitions, not scary. The jump scare segment was fairly funny, he certainly knows what he is and what he does, and can have some fun with that. It's fine. He's fine. I'll probably make it til at least about episode 4 or 5.
  21. My favourite episode. Worth it all just for the shoe carrying scene.
  22. I was, but I can happily forgive you this transgression. Partly because we went to the same uni, and would've encountered similar Rahs.
  23. I found this excruciating. Illogical writing from someone who's never witnessed or taken part in a human interaction. Archaic stereotypes, really poor acting and student film vibes. It's amateurish, preposterous and truly tested my rule about not bailing on films. That said, once I realised that discount Rafe Spall was also in Cheaters, I got to pleasantly remember that infinitely better production. 1/5
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