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  1. One annoyance with the Quest 2 is that it's not easy to read from USB drives. In an ideal world, I'd be able to connect a USB drive full of movies via USB OTG and watch them in Skybox when my Plex server is unavailable, but it just doesn't seem to work.
  2. Is it on Steam? I play all PCVR wirelessly with Virtual Desktop. No Oculus program required.
  3. Controls are an issue. Doing the old imaginary floaty steering wheel with the move controllers isn't ideal, and there are no bluetooth steering wheel/stick combos marketed as being designed for Quest. There absolutely could be, though the need for a static base starts to chip away at the instant pick-it-up, play-it-anywhere vibe of the device.
  4. There were nice touches in this episode, including all the Walt/BB mirrors people have mentioned. I didn't feel any tension though, as I never thought for a moment that Gene's plan would turn out differently from the way it did. So that whole segment actually felt slow to me, rather than gripping. I can see that, with the principal story wrapped up, they're able to have some fun here. Little love letter episodes to fans and Saul alike. They're not my favourite if today's is anything to go by, but they'll still be good tv.
  5. VR gives me an immediate and tangible joy that makes full-fat console experiences feel convoluted and bloated. The experiences are, without a doubt, more simplistic. But they drag so much immersion and tactility out of the environments that no amount of ray tracing on a flat screen could compete. The freedom of wireless VR for spinning, ducking, and laying on the floor shooting is a huge benefit too. Th experiences are in their infancy on standalone VR, but they offer something unavailable elsewhere. Now, as I continually demand, we just need Namco to make an immersive Point Blank.
  6. Looks like Moss 2 is out on the Quest now, and Red Matter 2 is due in a couple of weeks. The drought may be over! Though I'm a little concerned that RM2 is said to lean more into action/adventure than the isolated puzzling of the first. Anyone tried Twilight Zone?
  7. Jurassic World Domination Absolute dogshit. Badly scripted and acted, the actors always look immaculate to the point of resembling wax mannequins, and the constant nostalgia bombs and recycled greatest hits felt like a dearth of ideas. None of it makes a fucking lick of sense, it's boring and it's barely even worth watching for the dinosaurs. Has the potential to be a future drinking game on account of how shit it is. 1/5 Thor: Love and Thunder Certainly disjointed, but it feels like the only qualification for throwing something up on screen was 'is it fun?'. And I'm entirely ok with that. Not much to it if you didn't find those bits fun, but fortunately I did. Confused by the Russell Crowe accent, obviously. 3/5 The Black Phone I had high hopes for this, but it's just a bit meh. It never feels horrifying, and lives more in the space of a Goosebumps-grade adventure. There are one or two nice shots, and the Tom Savini masks are creative, but there was little tension and it was fully predictable. Also I didn't want any of the kids to survive. The backstory felt underdeveloped, which is always a risk with a short story adaptation, but it's also easily the least interesting Joe Hill thing I've encountered. 2.5/5
  8. Ok, so I hit Knossos and it's fun again. Fair play. I cannot kill any Legendary Beasts. They all have their way with me. They're another annoying example of attacks barely chipping at something and it becoming a fucking stamina exercise. I think I've had to land about 200 blows on some mercs who are only two levels above me, and it gets tedious.
  9. Party Politics, surely? Yes. I would absolutely play this. Have multiple rounds where people both develop ridiculous policies and also generate smear headlines about the opposing players. People trade their support base with other for jobs in a future cabinet, which acts as the end game ranking. But making zero friends in the name of Mutually Assured Destruction is also an option.
  10. I'm about level 30 on this, and starting to get a little fatigue. It's fun enough, and absolutely consumes human hours, but I'm not sure it's going to show me much that I haven't already seen by now. It often happens with open world games like this: I kinda want it to be over, but sunk cost and good gameplay means I stick with it. The modern day stuff has been mercifully minimal so far. Which I can't thank them enough for.
  11. Some big catchweight fights there, but I look forward to seeing what TJ can bring with the additional 145lb of muscle.
  12. The Bear I'm a bit against the run of play on this one. It's technically nice: good pacing, nicely shot, good performances, good soundtrack. But the scripting lets it down. Inflated, articificial melodrama, on-the-nose emotional exposition, and easily-solved situations being treated as impossible for the sake of ratcheting up the tension. It's like a soap opera. Or someone who worked on one, and has now gotten into the prestige TV big leagues for the first time. For me, it works best if you treat it as either a slightly dumb action film with stockpots replacing shotguns, or an exploration of a collective group of Pretty, pacy, and heavy handed. 3/5
  13. I wasn't the biggest fan of Alpha Papa, but I thought the South Park, Beavis and Butthead, and Simpsons movies had merit. They allow experimentation not possible in a tighter format. And, recalling my days as a miniature child, I loved seeing a more polished 'big' adventure for the cartoons I watched on TV. They felt epic. There are certainly more misses than hits though. Does 21 Jump Street count? The recent Chip & Dale? Maybe not, since they're post-modern reimaginings. But also great.
  14. I prefer this to Rick and Morty. No Dan Harmon self indulgence and, as far as I'm aware, no surrounding toxicity.
  15. It just seemed to me that I've actually caught up on the entire show in the last few weeks. It's absolutely great, but I have to agree that Still great to watch those two guys play off each other though.
  16. I like Frenchie, but he's absolutely just a deus ex machina plot device. Whether you need hacking, or to identify a gas by sight, he's your macguffin. With a eart of gold and a built-in achilles heel.
  17. I'm with everyone else. Generally a good series, but didn't change much or surprise much.
  18. I've never finished Escape because I couldn't get over the controls, even though I've finished Grim Fandango a couple of times. The art style in Escape wasn't my favourite, but it absolutely wouldn't have stopped me enjoying the game. Hell, I played all the Tales ones, and they didn't look great to me. Still enjoyable though. I think Curse is my favourite art style, but this new one looks like an evolution of the DOTT style, and I'm a big fan of that. For me, it had the most visual personality of any Lucas game. Bring on Return. Even though it'll make me slightly sad if it's truly the end of the franchise. I've just realised I'd fucking love a VR experience where I can hang out on Melee Island.
  19. When someone's wanting that much of your time, you don't expect it to end exactly where it started with zero progression of consequence. But I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's probably had enough of my time though, I don't think I'm the target audience at this point.
  20. When you've got an unlimited VFX budget and nearly four and a half hours of dry, predictable, meandering tedium for two episodes, making your audience imagine a good story in their heads is a little lazy. But I suppose, if your imagination's good enough, you could be imagining a show that's way better than this slog. And they should probably hire you for the next season.
  21. Oh god. One of them has broken the perimeter.
  22. Oh absolutely, it's a very small character inconsistency and shouldn't be a deal breaker for anyone who didn't mind the larger problems the show had. Within the sci-fi context, you can justify any amount of dodgy writing, should you want to. It's more just that nary a scene went by without some kind of misstep for me, and as an overall piece it was just a dull, expensive mess.
  23. You don't 'fight back' against an earthquake. Unless you've already been in it and suffered a narrative-mangling head injury. You might band together or stay strong, but fight back? It's not super nit-picky to assume To be fair though, that's a small crime in the litany on screen this season,
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