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  1. Talk of bendy wings reminds me of the days Ross Brawn was running things at Ferrari. A journo phoned the factory one day to talk about rumours Mickey was moving or some fanciful thing, completely unrelated to aerodynamics. The lady who answers the phone before the jurno has asked the first question says, "Mr Brawn has absolutely no comment to make about the FIA investigation into the deflection of the floor on our current Ferrari car. Our car is perfectly legal and our floor does not move during racing" There's a pause and the Jurno says "sorry, FIA investigation ?" There's a m
  2. Shazam. Not grimdark DC shocker. It's fine, but the whole "we are a family" thing at the end felt terribly American. My wife, who usually hates "silly" movies laughed all the way through it. Having failed to raise a smile during Thor Ragnarok. I'm not too sure what that says about Shazam. Oh, and the beard Old guy Shazam was given .. what the actual fuck was that crime against makeup !! And he seemed to drop mum pretty easily after all that trouble to find her! 3.5 missing mums out of 5
  3. It definitely has a "Nissan LMP1" vibe about it doesn't it? With even less money, if that's possible. They'll arrive in Le Mans, tool round at the back of the LMP2s, bust into flames at 7pm on Saturday then claim they've run out of money and wave goodbye to the series. So far, I've been massively underwhelmed.
  4. Aren't they all in their own little F1 bubble at the track. So limited staff, no hospitality and everyone stays in the circuit. It's how they managed to get round Europe last year.
  5. I watched the first episode, not sure I want to see the next. Next up, we see superman sorting out the dark and lights for the washing machine ... dull dull dull. All the characters seem eminently slappable.
  6. I think merc planned a two stop from the moment they sent Lewis out into second quali with a scrubbed set of used softs rather than a set of mediums. I don't think they cared too much that Max beat Lewis out of turn 1. It just cemented their choice to 2 stop. Lewis said post race "it's tough to make the tyres last round here". With DRS working the way it is now, there is a chance to overtake, if your Lewis Hamilton.
  7. Sky did nothing but talk about how Merc had a spare set of mediums available. But everyone kept saying "it's a one stop race, it's impossible to overtake". Redbulls hubris let them think they had a faster car that could hold off the Mercs. Also. They kept Lewis out for 5 more laps after Max stopped. Making everyone believe they were going to take the mediums to the end and hope Lewis had more life left in the tyres at the end. The second stop, as telegraphed it was, caught everyone out. This was a total team Mercedes effort, and Bottas.
  8. I think it was a covid thing. He wasn't sure about being in Spain when he was in Portugal
  9. But can you imagine Bottas making that strategy work. This is a Lewis win
  10. Oh hello, Russel might finally deliver
  11. Toto is going to be warming up the naughty step isn't he
  12. I'll give you that. He stepped up and had a good race. But I think he makes more mistakes than Bottas does.
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