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  1. Day 19. Loop Ninja cow couldn't do loop, so the flaming carrot stood in for her.
  2. Day 18. Moon Ninja cow was starting to wonder just what had been in that wild mushroom risotto!
  3. A couple the actual gig photos now.
  4. Exactly, Claiming he doesn't give a shit about winning the big silver cup is utter bollocks. It's all he's been groomed to do since his old man got fired for being a bit shit. If Max isn't shitting bricks about it, Jos certainly is.
  5. I saw the trailers for that and thought ... "hmm spooky creepy horror " which is really not my thing. Is it like that or was the trailers lying to me as usual ?
  6. Day 17. When people saw old Joe Bolconski collide with the end of the pier, they questioned why a cow was driving the speed boat
  7. These are from the sound check. I had two cameras so I didn't have to faff around with lenses. I really enjoyed it. But the gig was so dark the auto focus was really struggling. And manual focus in a dark room when you wear glasses is hopeless. So the actual gig photos are a bit of a blurry mess. And I read that using a flash was considered bad manners.
  8. I'm back after a weekend of real life. See the photo thread for details.. Anyway, onwards Day 16. Compass A magician once gave Ninja Cow a magic compass to guide her. 3 days later the magician had a mysterious accident whilst shaving and cut himself into 37 pieces.
  9. Ninja cow always remembered the day she left the herd far behind
  10. Ninja cow was afraid of nothing. Except ticks I think this one is genuinely funny. So this year has been a success for me personally.
  11. I grew up watching fingerbobs, loved it. RIP
  12. On the roof shooting the breeze, batman was being a dick again.
  13. Ninja cow hated it when the stiffs got stuck during disposal
  14. Yes, you said it's all been done already and we don't need any more. I got that, We certainly don't need the thing you've not seen, which is going to glorify it and make everyone uncomfortable as they wallow in their glorifications.
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