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  1. I think Lando is world class and is going to be wasted at Mclaren. Which isn't a revelation really. But I like to say it from time to time.
  2. I think the first thing Southgate needs to do is change the team. Because I'm not sitting through another match watching those dullard pass the ball to each other in thier own half for 90 minutes again.
  3. As I understand it. Lola were all set to deliver with a pretty solid chassis, but the engine never materialised. Then the government cancelled a couple of very sweet deals for some rather sexy auv boats that would have given lots of British manufacturers a massive lead in the market. Lola had staked everything on the MOD contracts, and so were royaly fucked when the plug was pulled At least half a dozen WEC teams got canned as a result and the F1 car was shit canned. The prototype is sitting in a warehouse somewhere today. A testament to what could have been for so many companies.
  4. It sounds like that was because the teams didn't trust the full wet tyres. And the cars lifting so much water now was making it almost impossible to see past the nose
  5. Wales do realise they need to win this, don't they??
  6. I was thinking about the way they went to Venice and the bit on the coach with all the kids and the girl friends thing. Then realised that was the last, last film and we had another one with all the other spidermen in it. I'd completely forgotten about the new one. Which pretty much sums it up for me I think.
  7. I did this as a gift for my best mate. He's in a band and hates saxophones. I always send him a Saxophone related gift at Christmas. Technically i just traced out a Jamie Hernandez page from love and rockets and stuck ninja cow in there. But only because Jamie didn't do it first .. the fool
  8. It's Gibson !!!!1. It'll all end suddenly and you'll have no idea why . But you'll still love it, and have no idea why that is either
  9. Indeed, Redbull do not need Ricky boy sitting on the opposite side of the garage planning on how to beat Max. They want a driver who will do as he's told and help win the constructors title as Max cruises to the finish line in first place. Two feisty drivers in a championship winning team NEVER works. Ricky is going to be the nice cuddly face of Redbull F1 plc and turn up to showboat the car around, take some pictures and glad had a few rich folks. Nothing more.
  10. So much for the much vaunted "Iranian defence"
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