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  1. Ask Lando if he genuinely thinks he's better off with a long contract at Mclaren and not one with ferrari or redbull. Ask him if the dinner at the end of the year with all the drivers was as fun as it look or was there and undercurrent of tension after Brazil. Ask him if the drivers respect each other in real life outside of the media narrative. As Zak when they're going back to Le mans Ask Zak if I can have a job there please. If he says yes I'll pm my details
  2. I think one of the biggest changes has got to be the relationship between the players and media. Gone are the days when the team hunkered down and only spoke to the press as an absolute last resort. The WAGs were headlines across all the red tops and the likes of Vardy were selling stories left right and center. These days with more social media training the players seem to be more grounded and accepting of the medias role in things.
  3. I was there the year it won. At night in the campsite next to the pit entry, you could hear the 3 Mazda's down shifting as they turned into Arnarge. Then the Merc C11s would rumble past with their V8 full chat and it was like an earthquake. I think its my favourite Le Mans of all time.
  4. If we have to chose an F1 car I would have to be the Mclaren MP4/4 Not as sexy as the Lancia D50 but its the most successful f1 car in my lifetime. The last of the great analog cars, before driver aids, trick suspension and fly by wire. This was seat of the pants driving, dancing where the angels fear to tread. A car that finesse its way to a dominating world championship. Senna and Prost, the original "worst driver paring ever" tm.
  5. I struggle to see England beating the likes of France or even Germany if we continue to play like this
  6. I predict more cagey 0-0 dullness and despert Welsh scambling
  7. Easy choice And absolute beast of a car. So good they banned them after 2 years. My favourite story about the development of the car is from Derek Bell. Who drove one of the early prototype. As he was coming out of one of the fast corners of the test track he nailed the throttle and reached over to shift the gear leave up, only to find the chassis was flexing so much with the torque the gear stick was now half way across the cabin.
  8. faces are an absolute bastard. And trying to draw the same face consistently with various emotions and different angles.. Stick a helmet on her, it'll be easier in the long run.
  9. No. I think he was fired out of a cannon from the factory and cleared at least three street of down town Maranello. Arguably they had a great year with second in the constructors and second in the driver race. After the pain of the previous two years with nothing to show for them, this was a return of some form. Binotto has been culled because Ferrari.
  10. My friend of 30 years has just got a new job as a marketing manager in a big global company and his budget had gone from "hmm ok, one round of drinks then" to "fuck yeah. bring on the entertainment now" as he called it. I said to him, when you get there, don't do a Taika an the first day and make "Thor love and thunder" because you suddenly have a budget to make that passion event. He agreed.
  11. In the good old days, that goal would have been fine
  12. I think Lando is world class and is going to be wasted at Mclaren. Which isn't a revelation really. But I like to say it from time to time.
  13. I think the first thing Southgate needs to do is change the team. Because I'm not sitting through another match watching those dullard pass the ball to each other in thier own half for 90 minutes again.
  14. As I understand it. Lola were all set to deliver with a pretty solid chassis, but the engine never materialised. Then the government cancelled a couple of very sweet deals for some rather sexy auv boats that would have given lots of British manufacturers a massive lead in the market. Lola had staked everything on the MOD contracts, and so were royaly fucked when the plug was pulled At least half a dozen WEC teams got canned as a result and the F1 car was shit canned. The prototype is sitting in a warehouse somewhere today. A testament to what could have been for so many companies.
  15. It sounds like that was because the teams didn't trust the full wet tyres. And the cars lifting so much water now was making it almost impossible to see past the nose
  16. Wales do realise they need to win this, don't they??
  17. Well, I was not expecting that !!!!
  18. I was thinking about the way they went to Venice and the bit on the coach with all the kids and the girl friends thing. Then realised that was the last, last film and we had another one with all the other spidermen in it. I'd completely forgotten about the new one. Which pretty much sums it up for me I think.
  19. I did this as a gift for my best mate. He's in a band and hates saxophones. I always send him a Saxophone related gift at Christmas. Technically i just traced out a Jamie Hernandez page from love and rockets and stuck ninja cow in there. But only because Jamie didn't do it first .. the fool
  20. It's Gibson !!!!1. It'll all end suddenly and you'll have no idea why . But you'll still love it, and have no idea why that is either
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