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  1. Yeah, that lap deserved pole, right up to the last corner
  2. He had that in the bag with what was an outstanding lap. Then completely blew it.
  3. How did he fuck that up hahahaha
  4. Well, they were told not to do it in the drivers briefing. Obviously none of them were listening at the time
  5. This is proper balls out speed
  6. I have to say, it looks an absolute rush driving this track. The return section is just corner after corner coming at you thick and fast. I think its going to be dull to watch, but I bet it's a blast to drive. Proper hairy knuckles balls out fast
  7. We're going to Saudi Arabia because of all their sports washing money, and the government wades into a sponsorship deal. Unbelievable !
  8. The track looks very slick. Bottas is absolutely fucked.
  9. Yupe, two thumbs up from me. But you know how much I love this stuff anyway
  10. Right then. Given the tracks only just been laid and that went so well in Turkey last year. Throw in a bit of sand, how many corners will Verstappen hold on before he fires it up the inside and "slides" into Lewis on Sunday. I think he'll sweat it out for 6 corners before his basic instinct to kill comes out.
  11. Bobby Ewing is going to walk out of a Gallifreian shower tell the Doctor he's just had this weird dream. Everyone turns to the camera and smiles. The doctors shouts "Fam !!!!" and Yaz explodes out of the cupboard closing credits.
  12. I'm sure it was, the chance to meet the famous Merman and he trips up at the first hurdle
  13. Watching his cars in the mid 80s is what brought me to F1. Mansell selling piquet the dumy into Stowe, the Williamson dicing those last few laps. Will always by my abiding memory of Sir Frank's cars. He was an engineers team owner. RIP Sir Frank
  14. I don't quite get this, So many people complained that marvel was getting samey and stale. Something comes along that isn't crash bang wallop CGI fest witty quip template stuff. That is slow paced and has an interesting moral question at its heart, "It is okay to kill one to save millions that might eventually kill millions". The cast are generally likeable and have pretty good reasons for their actions (at least i thought they did) - "these people were the ones that challenged Thanos and stopped his evil plan". But people still don't like it. I genuinely thought it was great, and whilst it doesn't all quite work (The bad animal things getting a voice goes nowhere). At least it tried something new, at least it wasn't the same old template. Ironman didn't turn up with a new super powerful suit to save the day. Ok, I love comic books and superhero film, ever since Christopher Reeves rolled around on a glass plate in front of a clearly back projection. Hell, since Buster Crabbe stopped Ming the Merciless in black and white on a Saturday morning. I'm an absolute fan of this genre and i thought this was really great. This had a soul to it. For me at least.
  15. Ghostbusters Afterlife. Perfect Sunday afternoon at the flicks fare. The misses lost most of her popcorn at the first jump scare. I had to check the Spielberg hadn't directed it. 3.5 out of 5
  16. My money is still on Max, but the misses is putting a cheeky side bet on with the other bookie, just in case like. I don't think Lady Luck knows which seat to park her ample charms on right now.
  17. I loved it. The podcast kid was excellent. The ending was a touch shmaltzy for me, but I can't begrudge it. I think it had earned it by that point. 3.5 class phantom out of 5
  18. I wasn't fan boying. I'm decrying the FIA and its lack of consistency with penalties. A sefety things should be punished harder than a worn part out of tolerance. Sure it was a clear right / wrong but to be thrown to the back of the grid seems disproportionate. Compared to ignoring double waved flags. Add to that, Redbull seem to be constantly changing their rearwing in park ferme with no penalty at all. It's the lacy consistency.
  19. Regarding the merc engine being fast. Think about it this way. At the start of the year merc had a bit of a reliability problem so they had the engines turned down to survive. Now with 3 races to go, they can start to turn the wick back up, because they have nothing to lose now. The Brazil engine was brand new, full fat turned up to 9. The engine is the same as they've had for 3 years give or take. It's not got slower, its just been turned down this year to survive. That and Lewis is in full on fight mode now.
  20. Hmm somehow I doubt it. Ignoring safety flags is no way more dangerous than 0.2mm of rear wing now is it. That shit is next level wrong.
  21. Now watch Horner claim it was a victory for redbull
  22. He's resting his rear wing!
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