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  1. I wouldn't mind a more traditional Zelda tbh. If not; I don't see why you couldn't do a Wind Waker 2 combined with BoTW/ToTK mechanics.
  2. Retroid


    Why is the CR app so bad? It's unwatchable how much it stutters and changes resolution on PS4, it's supposed to be even worse on PS5. It's 20 years behind most streaming services and is genuinely ruining my experience. Sort yourselves out!
  3. Just started playing, I've seen bits so I get the gist of what's going on but for the most part I'm going in blind. Just cleared the first 2 shrines - it's pretty fricking wild the power you wield already. I've already tried constructing out of the skybox
  4. Genuinely appreciate MGS 1, 2, 3 and 5 for the most part equally. I don't even think the PSP games are that far behind either, Acid was stupidly fun! All in all they are different enough to be appreciated in different ways, they all explore a different slant on the same mechanic.
  5. Just went to buy this - already own it! I can't remember a single thing about it but I'll install it again and give it a shot.
  6. Lol, it was my Birthday, I was especially wasted. No idea.
  7. Well I wasn't specifically on about Epic, China has dips in everything. I was thinking more about WeChat which is the biggest app in the world. 500 billion or something along those lines last I checked. But like from Hockey to LoL you get moments which shows China as being I'm charge. Just because you've perceived as
  8. Genuinely looks pretty good! Be proud of your ex-student!
  9. I think I got some stick in another thread about this but my view is - we're degenerate cogs in a massive capitalist wheel that's turning, slowly (well not that slowly), destroying the world and edging us closer to slavery every year. If you were applying perfect sound reasoning with ethics - you wouldn't buy a console, a pair of trainers, or a mobile phone. If you live in an isolated commune perhaps this doesn't apply - but otherwise; we're a shit-eating, shit-making, shit-taking machine and most of our "valuable" possessions are birthed from some form of injustice. But you have to live and there are limits on what you can do; so I guess enjoy yourself? That said; avoid buying from Indi-devs who are Nazi's or downloading games/apps that are Chinese government-owned.
  10. Never appreciated Cliffhanger as a kid but feel up to it now, where's is it?
  11. Retroid


    Just watched S3E1 of Demon Slayer, ark set-up felt a little contrived, loved the Demon stuff at the beginning but man - the ending just spoils everything for the season, why do they do that? Still I'm sure it's going to be an amazing season and I'm looking forward to watching more.
  12. Probably Binding of Isaac, still going back to it, still getting bodied when trying to achieve things. So much content it'd take you thousands of hours to complete it all.
  13. Oof, I thought the age of Twitter meltdowns for modern companies was over, can't even believe it tbh - especially from Kotaku! RIP Kotaku, you were sort of good at the start, not great but you did cover some niche stuff back in the day.
  14. It was a real castle lol, I've heard mumblings of modern windows they've forgotten to edit out etc. But to be honest; having a real set is a rarity now - probably why this feels a bit more real. Also they used a few puppets as well which is always nice to see!
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