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  1. I think for entertaining me for over a decade. Easy to take for granted but it's a humongous effort to create a game that's challenging but has an infinite amount of options.
  2. I must have a dozen different versions of the originals throughout the years. For me the real value that catches my eye is the bonuses that're locked away. Because it's a cheap DLC too - gives the impression that there's not much to it. They've kind of unsold themselves, greed has just done nothing but made the product less appetising as a whole. Even ignoring my hatred for this style of nickel and diming, separating the extras has taken away the Illusion that this is a definitive edition and instead shows it to be what it is; some nice little additions. Would have been more sold if they just had the top tier version.
  3. Retroid


    Episode 44 is where I've started enjoying it again.
  4. 🕹 High Score Day #25 - https://highscoreday.com Apart from the first I was pretty comfortable with that
  5. Retroid


    Completely understand why I gave up on season 3, the opening episodes felt very contrived with heavy exposition about stuff we weren't really too interested in. And not organic in any way. They could have done a lot better with what they had. Gonna carry on but man they wasted the introduction what could have been a very cool character.
  6. Retroid


    Re-watching AoT and season 1 is still amazing, but season 2 is also a banger which definitely wasn't what I took away originally. I gave up in season 3 but now I reckon I might enjoy it more now. It's strange how the more you know - the better the show seems to be on repeat viewings.
  7. The Dectus medallion... Not useful if you've been to the destination a million times. I kind of thought it'd take me somewhere new, I was so disappointed although I bet it's pretty epic if you've not been there before.
  8. Godskin Apostle in Caelid is hard, anyway he's down. Got a real Sen's Fortress vibe from that tower which is refreshing. It was fun messing around with spells to push enemies off.
  9. Radahn down... Very epic but a little easy which I wasn't expecting, sort of regretting summoning the people. Maybe next playthrough I'll head to him early on.
  10. It's one of the Beastial Arts.
  11. I get the feeling this guard may have a bad day.* *My new favorite thing to do, launch boulders as high as possible in the air and watch them come down and squash the unfortunate soul that's standing under it. It's actually addictive!
  12. Retroid


    Re-watching Attack on Titan, dropped it during the 2nd season (maybe the beginning of season 3) but I'm gonna give it a good try this time. Season 1 is just so good though, up to the Trost battle and badass Erin is amazing to see. Plus the knowledge you gain in the future somehow adds on to the enjoyment in a way I didn't expect.
  13. It's good, loved the first episode but it dropped a little too much exposition in the second. Felt like unnatural signposting. I wish it kept a few secrets from us; Wanda dipped once we knew everything and I hope this doesn't do the same. It could even be a good thing and they've established it so they get to focus on the story of the arc more - only time will tell.
  14. After I finish Elden Ring, this is the game I'm most excited to get next! Can't believe this thread is only 7 pages - it's ruddy FeZelda ffs!
  15. I quite like it animated but otherwise it's just not good. This minimalist trend of logos was what put me off going into logo design; I was going through some tutorials and then I'd watch the teacher critique his students and he'd just completely shit on some awesome work for not conforming to this modern style.
  16. Alright Retroid I think you had a little too much to drink, let's not be hasty now. *heads up the Volcano*
  17. Retroid


    I thought I had a couple of episodes to catch up on Ranking of Kings but it was just the one... Still I fucking bawled my eyes out throughout. Such a good Anime!
  18. I'm going to take a break until next weekend, I'm falling behind with a million real-world tasks and it's hurting my enjoyment of this game.
  19. It was enjoyable, I thought some of the cuts were amazing and despite the accents Steven seemed like a fun character. I'm a bit worried that was the strongest episode, but it was definitely good and I hope it'll keep the quality coming.
  20. Seemed to get awfully framey and that's them showing this - chances are that no normal high-end PC will be able to run it well for another generation of Graphics Cards
  21. I'm getting there, had a lot of frustrations trying to get through the side-quests, I think that's one thing they could do better definitely. I know there's this idea of free-flowing storytelling but it feels pretty jank tbh but maybe that's just my experience.
  22. Well a lot of people have been catching Covid from in-person events and I don't think they add enough value to justify online so it makes sense. Hopefully it'll come back next year!
  23. Spent £100s on TF2 hats back in the day, once I stopped playing it I realized how silly it was and have never bothered with anything like that since. Well, except Hearthstone to a point, they started retiring sets and bumped the prices of the bundles up way to high and I was out - just too many updates for my wallet.
  24. This game is so up my alley but I can't justify buying a PS5 for it. It's literally everything I like in one.
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