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  1. @Garibaldi I think I understand why it happened that way. Anyway, I enjoyed this. It's essentially R18 Justice League with teen drama intertwined and they handled both sides well. Don't think it deserves the IMDB 9.8 but it is good.
  2. https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2021/04/28/russian-youtuber-jailed-for-abused-girlfriends-live-streamed-death-a73762 Might have found the worst, Streamer accidentally kills girlfriend for donations.
  3. I got half way through this and had to stop.
  4. 1 £70 game or supporting 7 different games (maybe even small Indies) for £10 each... I know where my money goes and I'll rarely pay top money unless it's a once in a generation game like Zelda or whatever.
  5. Mega-Satan down! Tbh normal isn't too hard if you don't take rubbish items. Still got so much to do before unlocking the new levels but I'm making progress and that's what counts. Also had an ace run where I fired exploding bomb lasers and killed myself because a bomb would randomly drop behind me... It was cool though and I managed to get the damage up to 50 which is crazy!
  6. This looks exactly like Quantum League, I know genres are iterated on but this is pretty damn similar and it's a big studio aping an a very decent little Indie. Doesn't sit right with me. Edit: Just had a look when development started and it seems to have been worked on for quite some time; so I guess I can give it the benefit of the doubt and look forward to Dr Who shooty shenanigans!
  7. Jackie Chan, the sheer number of top of the line action films he's been in is incredible, as well as some decent comedies as well. There's a lot to appreciate with his stunts.
  8. You can watch most Drama's and you'll gain an insight into somebody's life or a situation that you previously knew very little about and it'll be interesting - then after it's over you can think "wow, thank god it's not me". This on the other hand probably hits too close to home for most; I know I don't want to be depressed and thinking about worst parts of my Grandparent's lives and I'm sure a lot of people are in the same boat. I'll watch this eventually but it's not exactly casual Saturday night viewing.
  9. Well it's been too damn long but I've finally got Golden God, sure I've done it in the past but maybe that was before Cloud saves were a thing? Or it might have been on console. Anyway, I feel like I'm progressing a lot -time to get the Negative I think!
  10. Kind of reminds me of the Watchmen series in how the pacing and story seem really spread out but then the odd episode makes it seem really worth while. Yeah a great episode this week.
  11. Just realized Tracer's a flag shagger, I don't know I can keep maining her...
  12. Loki looks ace, got a MiB vibe going on and decent actors that I think will make it work.
  13. Ah ok, I think it's a failed gag that's meant to be ironic but I dunno. It's failed either way I guess.
  14. Genuinely like how can anyone want to skip a cutscene for an Oddworld game? I haven't felt this disappointed in society since Brexit.
  15. Using the PS4 app, after some investigation it will do it but not from your continue watching or recommended.
  16. It's the App's themselves that get me, Now TV's isn't great and it's clunky to find shows on (similar level to Disney), Netflix is just light-years ahead in usability. Don't even bother with Funimation - 1 in 10 attempts to load something would work with the odd episode just never loading. Crunchyroll is a tiny bit better but still inconsistant. Oh and I hate Disney's lack of continuing onto the next episode, boils my piss.
  17. Retroid


    Honestly thought that may be Ippo when said 8 year break. I need more Ippo
  18. Retroid

    Knockout City

    Despite looking quite well polished there's something about the art-style that's just off and a bit mobile-esque. Can't really put my finger on it, might be the big-heads but genuinely there's just something unappealing despite it being something I'd love.
  19. Bad Trip - in short it's a feel good Borat film. I enjoyed it a lot, kind of wasn't sure about what was real but a surprising amount is. I'd love to see a special edition with all the failed takes. 5/5
  20. Oh my word, first time I've taken on Hush and even though I had the perfect build and dodged really ruddy well - still only got him to 50% health. How much health!?
  21. Every character is kind of one dimensional though, it's sort of part of the not-quite-real universe it occupies, I kind of see it as being very tongue in cheek about it all but I may be wrong. Anyway, apologies for the low quality vid, but I too share a love for Crabman and this scene is amazing.
  22. Gonna give this a shot later, can't wait!
  23. Gives me a real Justice League cartoon vibe (but not *quite* to that quality) and the 18+ content is a big contrast to the Saturday morning cartoon feel; which actually manages to shock. I like it!
  24. Big budget AAA 2D games, don't get me wrong - there's the odd one and AAA studios do make 2D games - but they're usually exploitative cash grabs or low budget, almost Indie like affairs. I'd love to see the industry's best - all competing over who can make the biggest 2D action game, giving them CoD like budgets and the latest tech.
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