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  1. It's got that weird stickiness from the looks of it, you see when Sonic runs off a platform he's just suddenly there on the platform below. It's like they're terrified of using real physics and so you're probably not going to get much genuine momentum.

    It's a shame how serious this feels as well, I'd love a similar open-world with giant Bee Bot's and Motobugs, scale them up and you could have some really interesting encounters. The world theme being a mishmash of this and the classic tiles could really work as well. This though just looks charmless.

  2. It's probably due to having a family now, they were on about returning to the office in the podcast so I can imagine that'd be a massive strain when you have 2 small kids.

  3. 2 hours ago, Junker said:

    Wonder if Kojima’s new game will be announced?

     Hopefully SilkSong.

    Looking forward to news on Playdead’s new game

    Nostalgia time…

      Reveal hidden contents

    Ridge Racer anthology.

    DICE announce they’ve  given up on Battlefield and are making Rallisport Challenge 3



    So Reedus said something that more or less confirmed Death Stranding 2, Kojima posted this image in response.



  4. I've watched Giantbomb from years and years ago and recently I started listening to the podcasts - seems pretty good to me. Gerst was always the favorite but I like a lot of the others like Tamoor, Bakalar and Lucy.


    JeffJeff's Bizarre Adventure is amazing and all I look forward to nowadays.


    Gerst will be missed but I wouldn't kill off GB just yet.

  5. 1 hour ago, Qazimod said:

    The free-roam bit looks mad. Please let us find Capcom characters hanging out and give us Yakuza/Persona style social interactions. :P 


    Yakuza with SF combat is something I'm definitely down for!


    The commentary thing made me wtf - but actually I've warmed to it and if they provide enough voicelines so that it doesn't get repetitive; it will really add to your games and let you feel like a top level player without the need to devote your life.


    I don't know if they're using it but there's *very* good tech to simulate people's voice out there now; so they could potentially get some big names signed up for it for relatively little recording work and still provide a crazy amount of lines. Surprisingly hyped!





  6. I think for entertaining me for over a decade. Easy to take for granted but it's a humongous effort to create a game that's challenging but has an infinite amount of options.


    Edit: Binding of Isaac



  7. I must have a dozen different versions of the originals throughout the years.


    For me the real value that catches my eye is the bonuses that're locked away. Because it's a cheap DLC too - gives the impression that there's not much to it.


    They've kind of unsold themselves, greed has just done nothing but made the product less appetising as a whole.


    Even ignoring my hatred for this style of nickel and diming, separating the extras has taken away the Illusion that this is a definitive edition and instead shows it to be what it is; some nice little additions.


    Would have been more sold if they just had the top tier version.



  8. Episode 44 is where I've started enjoying it again.



    When Historia calls Erin a little bitch and goes all "You wanna save humanity? Cash me outside! I'm a bad motherfucker"


    That was worth the horrific set up episodes to all this! :lol:




  9. Completely understand why I gave up on season 3, the opening episodes felt very contrived with heavy exposition about stuff we weren't really too interested in. And not organic in any way.


    They could have done a lot better with what they had. Gonna carry on but man they wasted the introduction what could have been a very cool character.

  10. Re-watching AoT and season 1 is still amazing, but season 2 is also a banger which definitely wasn't what I took away originally.


    I gave up in season 3 but now I reckon I might enjoy it more now. It's strange how the more you know - the better the show seems to be on repeat viewings. 




  11. The Dectus medallion... Not useful if you've been to the destination a million times. I kind of thought it'd take me somewhere new, I was so disappointed although I bet it's pretty epic if you've not been there before.


  12. I get the feeling this guard may have a bad day.*





    *My new favorite thing to do, launch boulders as high as possible in the air and watch them come down and squash the unfortunate soul that's standing under it. :lol:


    It's actually addictive!




  13. Re-watching Attack on Titan, dropped it during the 2nd season (maybe the beginning of season 3) but I'm gonna give it a good try this time. Season 1 is just so good though, up to the Trost battle and badass Erin is amazing to see.


    Plus the knowledge you gain in the future somehow adds on to the enjoyment in a way I didn't expect.

  14. It's good, loved the first episode but it dropped a little too much exposition in the second. Felt like unnatural signposting.  I wish it kept a few secrets from us; Wanda dipped once we knew everything and I hope this doesn't do the same.


    It could even be a good thing and they've established it so they get to focus on the story of the arc more - only time will tell.



  15. After I finish Elden Ring, this is the game I'm most excited to get next! Can't believe this thread is only 7 pages - it's ruddy FeZelda ffs!



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