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  1. That's shocking! How the hell can you lose on The Incredibles?
  2. Did you play Bishi Bashi special on the PS1? Now there was a good party game! I also remember playing this one game about a really unlucky Japanese guy, I remember that you had to bash the elevator stop button as fast as you could. What was it called?
  3. "Ms. Frizzle, where do babies come from?" "Let's go back in time to see what your parents did, now hold on tight whilst we enter the shaft..."
  4. If it does indeed end up looking like this, then I'll be happy.
  5. Retroid

    Tekken 5

    Despite being more of a VF fan I did pick Tekken 5 up today. It's ok, just a bit of fun I suppose - the AI is annoying sometimes especially when they repeat the same move over and over again. And why are there so many rounds in Arcade mode?
  6. Happy Birthday you blue fuzz ball, I shall go and play Sonic one to remember when Sonic was good.
  7. Retroid

    Tekken 5

    Almost picked it up in Woolworths today, it's only £32. But I've got lots of work to do and I'll only get distracted. Can't wait.
  8. I really can't wait for this, I think it will be another one of my "hell, yeah" games. Mmm... Decapitation...
  9. I hope you're joking!
  10. Wow, that's virtually rape... It's a shame not many people will get to play your masterpiece, if it's only coming out on the Gizmondo.
  11. RPG's don't have variety at all - they're (with exceptions) the most linier games around. That's why you didn't want to play another RPG for a long time, there all roughly the same concept - despite being good.
  12. Basically what everybody's saying is that games should be shorter because you don't complete them. You know what, that's either yours or the development teams fault. We're gamers and we buy too many games, most of these games don't really appeal to us. But we buy them because we know they're supposed to be good. Basically you're not completing games because they don’t give you enough variety in game play, don't have a good storyline or don't even appeal to you. The length is just an easy excuse, those are the real reasons you don't complete them.
  13. That's why you add a little thing called variety, games are not chocolate they can change. I don't expect a mini-game no matter how addictive it is to cost £30, especially when there are better classic games out there.
  14. With Nintendo selling Mario Bros classic for £15 - I really doubt there will be a difference in price. It's just a way of lowering development costs whilst giving fanboys an excuse.
  15. But it would have been even better if it was longer. And if it did get a bit crappy, then it shows the talent of the development team...
  16. I think the point was: Add a high score table and bump up the difficulty so people will repeatedly play it and then they will feel that they got a bit of value for money.
  17. Yes it is true, I loved Mario Kart for its easy difficulty and 2 hour long lifespan... Also paying £10 per level for Yoshi's Touch and go was really worth it.
  18. Well his games for the revolution are going to be shorter according to his latest interview: http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/06/03/news_6126957.html Because we don't like games with depth, apparently.
  19. Retroid

    Put Here

    Yes I know, and they're a natural white unlike most people's wings today... Always remember: condition your wings at least twice a day, and don't forget to rinse.
  20. Retroid

    Put Here

    I did this to annoy someone on a different forum. Not quite brilliant - but still, it's me in a sig.
  21. Retroid

    Put Here

    That's amazing Fargal, very imaginative work pulled of very well. And it's original! Well done.
  22. Kind of messed up when I saved it as a gif, if you want it I'll clean it up later.
  23. I'll have a go at it, although I'm not very talented.
  24. Retroid

    Put Here

    Made this quite a while ago, but it's still one of my favorites.
  25. Hang on! If lesley has shown her breasts after the first night then what will happen tomorrow? And even more importantly what about in a couple of week's time? "Oh go on, I'll quickly flash my intestines."
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