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  1. My dog likes to sit on my lap when I play games - but at the moment he's got a cone on so this is how I spend half my time playing.
  2. Where should I go after Godrick? I've been edging out everywhere but like main quest wise where should I aim for?
  3. Retroid


    Oh my G the twists in the Ranking of Kings are phenomenal, some have actually made me gasp. It's like Game of Thrones but in a One Piece universe. Amazing.
  4. Retroid


    The Ranking of Kings is amazing and the first Anime I've seen with a realistically deaf main character. It's heart-warming and action-packed, I gave up on it halfway through the first episode originally and that was a big mistake. It's great, go watch it!
  5. You've probably already beaten him, he's in the first Castle.
  6. Just fancied going back to Stormveil castle and mopping up some of the enemies that I cowardly hid from on the first visit. There are just so many amazing design elements to this place - it might be my favourite dungeon in any game tbh.
  7. Got anti-cheat warning preventing me from opening the game, restarted, still not working, did a load of things, nothing. Left it, tried it a couple of times out of frustration - started working. Not sure what's worse; the anti-cheat not letting me play or just how inconsistent it is.
  8. My character's feels like a damage God atm, no HP or shield - most attacks kill me in one or two hits, but when I apply all the buffs I have lined up, combined with the bleed and speed of the claws I can get in there and really mess creatures up. It took a few attempts but it probably took less than 30 seconds to beat Godrick. It's really a glass canon but it feels really good.
  9. I can't wait to complete this and watch some of the crazy runs people are going to come up with, there's got to be a whole bunch of people trying to do this Maidenless/level 1. I can see it "The Forever Alone" run.
  10. Holy shit, that is not on! (Godrik bug)
  11. Loving my new shiny claws. Time to take on Godrick!
  12. Ah same! Glad someone's around the same as me - I was starting to worry that I was complete ass.
  13. Oh my word so early game spoilers.
  14. Spent the whole day playing and I still want to play it. That's not happened since I was a kid.
  15. I had the horse an hour and a half before finding out. I was in a battle and I needed to evade, went to buffer the jump (well frantically mash it in panic) and it ruddy double-jumped! There was an audible "Noooooooooo".
  16. So things went from bad to worse, I did something ambitious and probably got down a ridge I shouldn't have, then went searching for a way back home... I saw many horrible things that instantly killed me, even went into a vortex that looked pretty epic and had tornado's and such. This is where I got to before figuring out you can fast travel. Almost as embarrassing as the hour or two it took me to find out the steed had a double-jump.
  17. You know what this game really reminds me of; Morrowind. I've honestly not felt that same rush from being outclassed and cheesing stuff in area's you probably shouldn't be in until now.
  18. I just spent an hour and a half Yoshi-ing from one mountain to another for what I was certain was a secret. The trail just vanished and I felt like an idiot. Not really a spoiler but this was the start.
  19. An hour and a bit in, just had my first "real" death in a dungeon which was filled with little enemies and lots of fire, still, I think I survived a *load* of the traps - felt good, my favorite moment so far was just running the little shits in the fire when I realized I was overwhelmed; which is probably intended but still made me feel smart. Got chased a lot on the over-world and was surprised by how far and what these big enemies can traverse and still be effective. Having fun!
  20. The Greatest Shownan Nanny McNan Conan the Barbarinan Nan Helsing
  21. Just looking to Yarr this as my CPU doesn't *quite* hit the recommended and I didn't want to throw money away- but I just remembered Steam's 2-hour refund policy so it's all good! I can continue to be a upstanding citizen.
  22. More DAW related (maybe just a FLS problem) but something that I found crazy revolutionary - you can download something called Virtual Audio Cable which when set up and plugged into your mixer can let you play audio through your DAW. So you can record samples really quickly from any source. Something else - this allows you to add effects and change the pitch in real-time so you can mess around with people's voices when you're getting bored in a tutorial. https://vb-audio.com/Cable/
  23. I've met Frazer Clarke and trained around the bloke a couple of times so it'd just be cool (and a bit weird) to be able to play as him. He's debuting as a Pro tomorrow so there's hope that they might pick him up for the game.
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