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  1. I've met Frazer Clarke and trained around the bloke a couple of times so it'd just be cool (and a bit weird) to be able to play as him. He's debuting as a Pro tomorrow so there's hope that they might pick him up for the game.
  2. Retroid


    The Promised Neverland - really fucked up and not what I was expecting. Seems good so far though!
  3. ...With the hardware. There's usually a half dozen versions by now. But yeah just because something is successful it doesn't mean it couldn't be more so.
  4. They Joycon's never really worked very well for me so I'll stay away, still too expensive to replace as well when there's no guarantee they're going to fair any better. By now I thought there'd be a pro-version but I think Nintendo have just dropped the ball with this generation.
  5. This is so good, still on Amazon, still years behind but honestly the funniest shit I've ever seen. There's a few copycats but there's just something about this which separates it from the others. Maybe it's the buy in and the odd sense of honour - I don't know but it's fucking amazing!
  6. On Android I have to tap month by month back in order to verify my age what madness is this? Edit: you can tap on the year at the top - man Sony is shit with UI
  7. Retroid


    Well that was a cliffhanger. (Demon Slayer). Be interesting to see where they go from now, I'd like to see something a bit unexpected but we'll see.
  8. They more or less had a good poster already there, excuse the lazy crop/blur - just add a Batman mask falling out of his left hand and whatever blurb at the top. Done.
  9. It's good so far but it really is Mandalorian minus bay Yoda. Instead we just have the Zippy Cyborgs, with their Zips... *shakes fist*
  10. Sonic 1 Binding of Isaac Zelda: A Link to the Past Jet Set Radio Future Smash Bros Melee. (was 3'rd Strike but I probably did have more fun with Melee.)
  11. Although it has modern animation the first series is an accurate portrayal of an 80s Manga. I don't know if it's a parody but it's certainly a homage to stuff like FotNS and I can see can see completely why the first episodes can put people off. It took me a while before I picked up the series after initially dropping it - but I now have a lot of fondness for the first series. The characters aren't written well and the the story is cliché but there's an ernest charm to it and it has so many memorable moments that will stick with you. The action's pretty good as well and there's some very 80s fights in there. The second season is much better Imo and has a really, really spectacular ending but is still very much In that 80s vibe with some ropey dialogue and strange moments. 3 retcons the story/power system and is the best straight action season, the quality levels up again and there's a lot hilarious moments and strategic fights. The last 3 series are a lot more modern and experimental, varying quite a lot in a number of ways. It's definitely worth sticking with anywho!
  12. This is exactly what I imagined JoJo could be before I ever watched it. This is by far my favourite season - I hope it continues to stay at the high calibre it's set. Joylene is definitively the best JoJo.
  13. Pipe/Hacking Puzzles, especially the shit ones, like Octavius's lab puzzles. It's just there for content.
  14. This game's basically this year's Undertale. Amazing.
  15. Season 5 felt ace and different, took the spotlight off Dexter a little which was needed. Never got the hate for it tbh.
  16. Retroid


    I can imagine some value here - Willy Wonka does just throw up question after question of you try and logic it out. A series would be better though; detailing the harsh business dealings, creative challenges and adventures that Wonka had to experience in order to create the Chocolate factory.
  17. I really struggled with a few of the SMB1 levels that I used to fly-through on the GC - had to give up on Choice and just take the easy route - where previously I used to get the end tightrope fairly consistently.
  18. Retroid

    Squid Game

    It's not on UK but honestly they're a world apart. It's not a terrible movie but it's not great either. It's definitely worth investing the time into the series!
  19. Retroid

    Squid Game

    Enjoyed this a lot, the games had strategy and it got me invested in a lot of the characters. Guessed a lot of the over-arching twists and storyline - but that's honestly a good thing as it means it laid those breadcrumbs out. Anyway if you like this I strongly suggest watching Kaiji - incredibly similar premise (to the point where I wouldn't have been surprised if this was an adaption) and it's absolutely fantastic! There's even a quirky little spin-off series showing the struggles of the people who run the games trying to appease their bloodthirsty boss. https://www.crunchyroll.com/en-gb/kaiji Edit: (Start with ultimate survivor - it's probably not clear if you don't know but that's season 1)
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